Cambridge Starters Test 16 - Reading & Writing

6/18/2021 8:35:26 AM

Look and read. Choose True or False. There are two examples.

This is a mouse.

This is a sofa.

This is a helicoper.

This is a horse.

This is a clock.

Look at the picture and read sentences. Choose Yes or No. There are two examples.


The monster has got 2 heads. Yes

The woman is wearing a pink skirt. No


1. The cat is in front of the tree.

2. A boy is riding a horse.

3. Three children are talking.

4. The boy is riding a lizard.

5. The spiders are next to the house.

Look at the pictures. Look at the letters. Write the words.

Read the passage. Choose a word from the box. Write the correct word next to numbers 1-5. There is one example.

A television

I am on a small table in the living room in Mr and Mrs Bird's . The family sits on chairs or on their and watches me. They can watch sports like  or basketball or watch their favorite animals like on me. They watch me at but not in the day.  What am I? I am a television.

(Adapted from Tests Starters 1)

Look at the pictures and read the questions. Write one-word answers.


How many bags are there? four

What is the man eating? a banana


1. What is the boy playing with? a

2. Where are they now? in a

3. How many people can you see?

4. What are they doing?

5. What is on the man's head? a