FCE Sample Paper 2 - Listening

9/25/2019 7:43:00 AM
Bài thi mẫu phần Listening để các bạn làm quen với kỳ thi FCE. Nguồn: CambridgeEnglish.org

You hear a young man talking about his hobby of rock climbing. How does he feel about it?

  • satisfied with his level of expertise
  • concerned about doing a dangerous sport
  • proud when he copes with difficult conditions

You hear a public announcement at a family theme park. What does the announcement contain?

  • a change to a timetable
  • details of a new attraction
  • instructions about a location

You hear two people talking about a course they have attended. What was the topic of the course?

  • book illustration
  • journalism
  • publishing

You hear two people talking about a film they have both seen.
What do they agree about?

  • The story wasn’t very original.
  • Reviews of the film weren’t accurate.
  • The message wasn’t very positive.

You hear a man being interviewed about a new project he has set up in his hometown.
What is the purpose of the project?

  • to reduce the amount of litter on a town’s streets
  • to increase the inhabitants’ awareness of recycling
  • to stop shopkeepers using plastic bags for customers’ purchases

You hear a man talking on the radio about salespeople.
What does he say about them?

  • They take pride in forming good relationships with buyers.
  • They keep one objective in mind at all times.
  • They prefer people they think are easy to sell to.

You hear two friends talking about a student website.

What do they agree about it?

  • It is visually attractive.
  • It has a lot of useful advertisements.
  • It is easy to navigate round.

You hear a chef talking about taking part in a cookery competition.

What did he find surprising?

  • how nervous he felt
  • how rushed he felt
  • how tired he felt

You will hear a man called Chris Graham talking to a group of students about a vacation job he had in Australia.

Complete the sentences with a word or short phrase.

My Vacation Job in Australia

   Chris thinks the best place to find a job as he had is the . Chris is studying at university. For most of the time he was working for the travel company, Chris lived in a outside of the town. Chris was often asked to go to a   at the weekend. In the mornings, Chris had to drive tourists to see the in the desert. Many of the tourists were unaware of the need to keep their covered up when they were in the sun. The tourists particularly wanted to know how to tell the difference between the of the wild animals. In the afternoons, the tourists were able to see some that had more than one use. Chris says that the local government would like to have a larger to attract tourists. Chris advises other students to send off their job application forms in the month of at the latest.

You will hear five short extracts in which people are talking about happiness. Choose from the list (A – H) what each person says happiness means to them. Use the letters only once. There are three extra letters which you do not need to use.

A. Having a happy personality allows you to cope effectively with problems.

B. Happiness comes from having someone special to share your thoughts with.

C. Happiness is all about the experience of overcoming problems.

D. Happiness is a short escape from everyday routine.

E. True happiness lies in making others happy.

F. Older people are less happy than younger ones.

G. Happiness is being thankful for what you have.

H. Happiness comes from achieving your goals.


Speaker 1:

Speaker 2:

Speaker 3:

Speaker 4:

Speaker 5:

You will hear part of a radio interview with an author called Mickey Smith, who is talking about becoming excellent at sport. Choose the best answer.

When asked about his theory on talent, Mickey says that _______.
  • he is doing further research with other people.
  • he realises some people disagree with him.
  • he has not yet fully proved his ideas.
Mickey believes that outstanding football players __________.
  • have better levels of concentration than other players.
  • are aware of the positions of other players on the pitch.
  • are faster runners than other players.
How did Mickey feel when he first became successful at gymnastics?
  • convinced he had a natural aptitude for the sport
  • conscious that others in his area didn’t have the same chances
  • lucky to have had one of the best training routines
Mickey says that the motivation to continue training for long periods of time ______________.
  • develops at an early age in people who become experts.
  • depends on your personal attitude towards success.
  • does not come naturally to most people.
Mickey says that coaches working with young people need to understand that __________.
  • children and adults have different thought processes.
  • young people have a built-in drive to succeed in areas like sport.
  • it is important to focus on mental rather than physical techniques.
Mickey says that many people who play sport don’t bother to try hard because __________.
  • they feel incapable of reaching the same levels as sports stars.
  • they don’t have time to put in the necessary effort.
  • they are not confident in their ability to deal with success.
According to Mickey, what can cause some sports people to fail at important events?
  • They haven’t trained enough.
  • They are inexperienced at dealing with pressure.
  • They can become too aware of their actions.