Amslink Cambridge Challenge 9th - FCE - Listening

9/18/2019 2:49:00 PM

Đề thi thử được cung cấp bởi Amslink English Centre – Trung tâm đào tạo Tiếng Anh cho trẻ từ 5 đến 15 tuổi - được chứng nhận bởi Hội đồng khảo thí Cambridge English UK. Amslink là đơn vị tổ chức cuộc thi Amslink Cambridge Challenge hàng năm, và thường cung cấp đề thi cho CTH Edu đưa lên TiengAnhK12 sau mỗi lần tổ chức.

You will hear people talking in eight different situations. For each question, choose the best answer.

You hear two friends talking about attending a motor-racing event.

They agree that the best thing about it was ____

  • the race.
  • the facilities.
  • the atmosphere.

You hear a football coach talking about a match.

He thinks that the team lost because _____.

  • they lacked concentration.
  • they hadn't practiced enough.
  • they weren't very fit.

You hear two people talking about a computer game.

Why does the boy dislike it?

  • It's boring.
  • It's expensive.
  • It's complicated.

You hear a woman talking about judging a poetry competition.

What surprised her?

  • how nature was seen in the poems
  • how many poems some people wrote
  • how humorous the poems were

You hear a young man talking about traveling alone for the first time.

How did his parents react to the idea?

  • They were helpful.
  • They were angry.
  • They were worried

You hear part of a talk by a nurse.

What is she doing?

  • giving instructions to a new colleague
  • explaining how patients should be treated
  • outlining the good and bad points of the job

You hear a man talking about a long-distance journey he made.

How did he travel?

  • by bus
  • by motorbike
  • by car

You hear two friends talking about listening to the radio.

What did the girl like about the program she mentions?

  • lt was amusing.
  • She learned something.
  • The presenter was good.

You will hear a singer called Tim Tanner, who sings with his twin brother Sam Tanner, talking about their lives and career. For questions 1-10, complete the sentences with a word or short phrase.

Singing twins: Tim and Sam Tanner

1. The name of the talent competition which the twins won is

2. Tim is exactly older than Sam.

3. The twins were born in the month of

4. The main physical difference between Tim and Sam is their .

5. Tim has a list personality than Sam.

6. At school, both Tim and Sam were good at .

7. Sam started taking lessons when he was thirteen.

8. The fact that the twins share the same sometimes leads to arguments.

9. Tim says a key part of the twins' image is the .

10. The title of the twins' next album is .

You will hear five short extracts in which people are talking about classical music. For questions 1-5, choose from the list (A-H) the reason each person gives for starting to play classical music. Use the letters only once. There are three extra letters which you do not need to use.

A. following a family tradition

B. being introduced to a range of good music

C. the experience of attending a concert

D. the encouragement of a teacher

E. hearing it in an everyday situation

F. realizing the importance of starting young

G. the influence of someone famous

H. finding other types of music unexciting

  • Speaker 1
  • Speaker 2
  • Speaker 3
  • Speaker 4
  • Speaker 5

You will hear an interview with a professional athlete called Ann Brown. For questions 1-7, choose the best answer.

What does Ann say about her performance in the world championships?

  • She was disappointed not to win.
  • She wishes she'd been more prepared.
  • She did better than she'd been expecting to.

How does Ann feel about the place where she trains?

  • She finds it quite boring.
  • She enjoys looking at the scenery.
  • She pays little attention to where she is.

What does Ann think of the idea of taking a “day off” from training?

  • She thinks all athletes need one sometimes.
  • She would like to have more of them.
  • She doesn't find them necessary.

What is Ann's attitude towards the other competitors in races?

  • She avoids close social contact with them.
  • She's made a few good friends amongst them.
  • She finds it easy to talk to them when she has to.

In her free time, Ann enjoys _____.

  • kite flying.
  • skiing.
  • reading.

How does Ann feel about being recognized in public?

  • She's relaxed about it.
  • She finds the attention exciting.
  • She dislikes signing autographs.

When thinking about the future, Ann

  • plans for around five years in advance.
  • admits to worrying about getting injured.
  • remains focused on winning important races.