FCE Test 8 - Listening (có giải thích đáp án chi tiết)

5/21/2021 5:21:00 PM

You hear some information about a country on a travel programme.

Where do most people spend the summer months?

  • At the seaside
  • In the capital city
  • In the mountains

You hear a radio announcement about a dance company.

What are listeners being invited to? 

  • A show
  • A talk
  • A party

On the radio, you hear a woman talking about her house.

What has she recently done?

  • Decided to move to another area
  • Solved a problem that she had
  • Made improvements to her house

You overhear a couple talking about keeping fit.

What do they agree about?

  • The need to be more active
  • The benefits of joining a gym
  • The dangers of too much exercise

You overhear a man and a woman talking about holidays.

How did the woman feel about her holiday on a cruise ship? 

  • She regretted that the stops had been so short.
  • She thought the accommodation was inadequate.
  • She found the other passengers uninteresting.

You overhear a man talking about the competitions that he and his wife enter.

What did his favourite prize allow him to do? 

  • Go on an interesting flight
  • Stay in a luxurious place
  • Own a prestigious car

You hear a woman talking to a friend on the phone. 

What is she doing?

  • Refusing an invitation
  • Denying an accusation
  • Apologizing for a mistake

You turn on the radio and hear a woman giving advice to business people. 

What advice does she give about dealing with customers?

  • Don't let them force you to agree to something.
  • Don't be too sympathetic towards them.
  • Don't allow them to stay on the phone too long.

You will hear part of a radio programme about bags for walkers. Complete the sentences with a word or short phrase.

Bags for walkers 

Rod's shop sells bags and other equipment.

A backpack could spoil your holiday if it doesn't .

A 35-litre bag is good for .

An upright bag is recommended for people who are going to .

To protect breakable items choose a bag with a .

A bag with inside will allow you to separate your belongings. 

External pockets can be used to carry tools that are or dirty.

It is important that shoulder straps are .

A horizontal bar will prevent shoulder straps from .

Padded parts of the bag should have plenty of so that sweat can escape.

You will hear five different employees talking about what makes a good boss. For each gap, choose from the list (A - F) which statement applies to which speaker. 

Use the letters only once. There is one extra letter which you do not need to use.

A good boss should

A. allow staff to take decisions.

B. encourage staff to work in teams.

C. listen to complaints from staff. 

D. give information on individual progress.

E. have good qualifications.

F. set an example of hard work.

Speaker 1:

Speaker 2:

Speaker 3:

Speaker 4:

Speaker 5:


You will hear a radio interview with a young tennis player, Alice Winters and her coach, Bruce Gray. 

For each question, choose the correct answer.

What does Bruce say about getting financial help?

  • He is surprised by how hard it is to get any.
  • He expects that they will get some soon.
  • He thinks they can succeed without it.

What is Alice's attitude towards training?

  • She enjoys organising it herself.
  • She wishes she had more time for other things.
  • She sometimes finds it hard to make the effort.

What is Alice's attitude towards her schoolwork?

  • She is determined to do well in it.
  • It is not the most important thing.
  • She is confident of her ability.

How does Alice feel about competitions?

  • The result is the most important thing.
  • Losing weakens her confidence.
  • She always expects to win.

According to Bruce, what makes Alice exceptional?

  • Her natural talent for the game
  • The amount of effort she puts in
  • The way she reacts to other players

How does Alice feel about becoming a professional player?

  • She is looking forward to the glamorous lifestyle.
  • She realises she may not be successful.
  • She is worried about getting on with the other players.

How does Bruce describe Alice's character?

  • She's a very sociable person.
  • She tends to be rather moody.
  • She is surprisingly mature.