FCE Test 11 - Listening (có giải thích đáp án chi tiết)

6/16/2021 3:38:11 PM

You hear a man talking on the telephone.

Who is he talking to?

  • His boss
  • His doctor
  • His teacher

You hear part of an interview on the radio.

Who is being interviewed?

  • A writer
  • A detective
  • A lawyer

You hear two people discussing a friend.

What has happened to their friend?

  • He has broken his arm.
  • He fell while out walking.
  • He had a skiing accident.

You hear a woman recommending a hotel.

Why does she recommend the Dorian Hotel?

  • It is close to tourist attractions.
  • There are good views to enjoy.
  • The rooms are very comfortable.

You are watching a television chat show.

Why has Margaret agreed to take part?

  • To give her expert opinion
  • To criticise the government
  • To ask for help

You hear part of a weather forecast on the radio.

What does the forecast warn about?

  • The danger of storms
  • Low cloud and fog
  • The risk of floods

You hear an athlete talking about some Olympic trials he took part in.

How does he feel about his performance? 

  • He realises that he did not concentrate enough.
  • He accepts that he had no chance against top athletes.
  • He regrets that he was not in better physical condition.

You overhear a conversation between two teachers.

What are they planning? 

  • An educational trip
  • A sports event
  • A musical event

You will hear an interviewer about a survey on the kind of entertainment students prefer. Listen and complete the sentences. Then listen a second time to check and complete your answers.

The students were interviewed on Thursday, 25th of March.

The interviewers managed to find who were willing to take part in the survey.

The most popular activity was .

Students also spend at least fifteen hours a week .

Going to the cinema, and shopping were also popular kinds of entertainment.

The least popular activity was .

For a lot of students, money can be .

Most students spend about £20 to £35 a week .

Students don't go to the theatre in town because there is .

Most students spend at least each week in the games room.

You will hear part of a radio programme called Morning Market. Five listeners have telephoned the programme because they have something to sell. For each gap, choose from the list (A - F) the reason each of the people gives for selling their possession. Use the letters only once. There is one extra letter which you do not need to use.

A. I didn't enjoy using it.

B. I made a mistake.

C. It's an unwanted prize.

D. It takes up too much space.

E. I've got something better.

F. I have health problems.

Speaker 1:

Speaker 2:

Speaker 3:

Speaker 4:

Speaker 5:


You will hear an interview with a tour leader who works for an adventure company in Africa.

For each question, choose the correct answer.

Don says that most of his passengers _____

  • are not students.
  • are looking for jobs.
  • work in conservation.

When Don first meets a group, he _____

  • gives them blankets for the overnight trip.
  • shows them where to sit on the truck.
  • checks they have the right equipment.

Don remembers one trip when _____

  • he failed to take enough food.
  • someone made a mistake with the food.
  • someone complained about the food.

Don oversees the domestic work because _____

  • he doesn't like to lose things.
  • it has to be done within an hour.
  • people complain If things are dirty.

If people argue, Don says that he _____

  • prefers not to get involved.
  • separates the people concerned.
  • asks the group for a solution.

Don says that he sometimes _____

  • needs to get to sleep early.
  • has to camp in a noisy area.
  • tells people when to go to bed.

What does Don say about getting up?

  • He ignores any complaints about the time.
  • He varies his schedule according to the group.
  • He forces everyone to be quick about it.