FCE Test 20 - Listening (có giải thích đáp án chi tiết)

8/30/2021 9:26:33 AM

In a radio play, you hear this discussion about jigsaw puzzles.

Why does the man like jigsaw puzzles?

  • They help him to concentrate.
  • They help him to relax.
  • They help him to pass the time.

You hear this woman talking about something she has bought.

What does she like about it?

  • It is modern.
  • It is cheap.
  • It works well.

You hear a woman talking about being a pianist.

What does she dislike most about her career?

  • The loneliness
  • The hours of practice
  • The traveling

You hear two women talking about magazines.

What is their attitude towards the magazines?

  • They refuse to buy them.
  • They like the free offers.
  • They disapprove of them.

You hear a man leaving a voicemail message for a friend.

Why is he calling?

  • To give some advice
  • To answer a question
  • To ask for clarification

You switch on the radio during a programme.

What is the programme about?

  • Wildlife
  • History
  • Farming

You hear this extract from a radio programme. 

What is the caller's question about? 

  • Losing weight
  • Stopping smoking
  • Alternative medicine

You hear part of a radio interview with a writer. 

What does she say about her education?

  • It was expensive.
  • It was unpleasant.
  • It was interrupted.

You will hear part of a radio talk about Sydney, Australia.

Complete the sentences with a word or short phrase. You can listen to the audio twice.

To see the harbour, you should from Circular Quay.

The bridge connects North Sydney and Sydney.

You get the best view from the bridge by crossing .

Some people say that the Opera House was designed to look like a .

You can get in for less if you are .

The Botanical Gardens have plants from all over .

In Sydney, there are people who come from .

From Sydney, Bondi Beach is located .

Swimmers on Bondi Beach are watched by .

Because of the view, Taronga Zoo is a good place for .

You will hear five short extracts in which people are talking about being a judge in a talent show.

For each gap, choose from the list (A - F) what each speaker feels about the experience. Use the letters only once. There is one extra letter which you do not need to use.

A. Keen to be invited back

B. Sorry for upsetting one contestant 

C. Unsure whether the best act won 

D. Surprised by the other judges' dedication

E. Critical of the way it was organized

F. Pleased to have identified the winner early on 

Speaker 1:

Speaker 2:

Speaker 3:

Speaker 4:

Speaker 5:

You will hear an interview with Sophie Morrison, a translator. 

For each question, choose the correct answer.

Why did Sophie take up translating?
  • She had studied modern languages at university.
  • She sometimes used to do translations for friends.
  • She enjoyed reading texts in other languages.
At present, which subject is she specialising in as a translator?
  • Medicine
  • Law
  • Business
Which, according to Sophie, are the most difficult things to translate?
  • Cultural references
  • Informal expressions
  • Scientific and technical words
Where does Sophie get most of her work?
  • Directly from official organisations
  • Through translation agencies
  • From contacts in private companies
How does she feel about her daily working hours?
  • They are always too long.
  • They shouldn't include evenings.
  • They vary too much.
What does she say about money?
  • She earns less now than she used to.
  • She thinks she pays too much tax.
  • She seldom gets paid on time.

Sophie believes that in the future ____

  • translating will all be done by machines.
  • more languages will need to be translated.
  • translators will have to be better trained.