Amslink Cambridge Challenge 9th - KET - Reading & Writing

9/16/2019 9:41:00 PM
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For each question, choose the correct letter A – H.

Example: 0. This is not a place to take pictures.  Answer: A

  • 1. You can look at and buy cars here.
  • 2. Only certain people may leave their car here.
  • 3. This helps prevent crimes.
  • 4. You need to show respect to other users.
  • 5. Visit here if you want a quick bite to eat.

Part 2

Read the sentences about buying a house. Choose the best answer for each space.

Choose the best answer to complete this sentence

They wanted to buy their own house since they got ______.

  • coupled
  • divorced
  • married

Choose the best answer to complete this sentence

They bought a newspaper which _______ houses for sale.

  • signed
  • advertised
  • informed

Choose the best answer to complete this sentence

Cindy saw the ______ house and it was in the countryside.

  • perfect
  • good
  • bad

Choose the best answer to complete this sentence.

But Mark didn’t want to _______ in the countryside.

  • stay
  • live
  • walk

Choose the best answer to complete this sentence

Finally, they found a house which suited them both, it was in the city next to a(n) ______.

  • space
  • park
  • amusement

Part 3

Complete the five conversations.


Complete the five conversations.

Is the cake cooked yet?

  • I’ll eat some too when it’s ready.
  • It was delicious.
  • Not yet, it’ll be ready soon.

Complete the five conversations.

I’ll call you later.

  • Great. I’ll wait for the post.
  • That will be nice.
  • It’s not arrived yet.

"Let’s have fish and chips." - "_____"

  • Not tonight.
  • Yummy. I like sweet things.
  • Not at all.

Complete the five conversations.

How do I get to the supermarket?

  • Easy, turn left at the corner.
  • Good idea, we need some food.
  • Ok, I’ll order a takeaway.

Complete the five conversations.

I prefer chocolate to caramel.

  • I can’t stand her.
  • I do too.
  • I can’t stand sweets either.

Complete the conversation between two friends. What does Hester say to Athena? Choose from A to H.

Athena: I know. I’m really looking forward to it too.


Athena: Well, I’m trying to save two hundred pounds of spending money.


Athena: No, everything is included in the practice, just bring enough money for shopping.


Athena: Yes, my sister went to Paris last year, she brought loads of nice things back.


Athena: Who’s it for? Your dad?


Read the article about a rescue center for dogs. Choose correct answer for each question below.


The mystery of the unlocked cages at a rescue center for dogs had the staff scratching their heads as much as the dogs scratch themselves.

Just how were up to nine dogs at a time getting out of their locked cages at night and helping themselves to food and treats from the kitchen?

Some of the staff even wondered if they had a ghost living at the rescue centre who was letting the dogs out. To solve the mystery they placed a camera in the building to see what went on at night. An hour after the staff had left, a friendly, wily dog of mainly greyhound descent named Red, was caught on camera opening his cage, then going to the other dogs’ cages and opening them.

Red was a very clever dog, after watching the staff unlock and open his cage each day to take him for walks and to feed him, he soon worked out how to open it himself. It wasn’t long before Red was able to open the cages of his ‘friends’ so that each night they could all feast and play together while the staff was at home asleep.


0. The dog lived at a rescue center.

A. Right      B. Wrong     C. Doesn’t say             

Answer: A

There were ten dogs escaping each night.

  • Right
  • Wrong
  • Doesn’t say

The dogs ate lots of food when they escaped.

  • Right
  • Wrong
  • Doesn’t say

The workers thought a burglar let the dogs out.

  • Right
  • Wrong
  • Doesn’t say

The staff hid and watched the dogs escape.

  • Right
  • Wrong
  • Doesn’t say

The dog that helped others escape is called Red.

  • Right
  • Wrong
  • Doesn’t say

The dog quickly learned how to open his cage.

  • Right
  • Wrong
  • Doesn’t say

The staff punished Red.

  • Right
  • Wrong
  • Doesn’t say

Read the text about Olympic Games. Choose the best answer for each space.


Every four years, 120 or more countries send their best athletes to compete the Olympic Games. Thousands of men and women part in more than twenty different sports. Millions of people from all around the world the Olympic Games on television.

The Olympic Games in Ancient Greece, more than 2000 years ago. modern Olympics began in Athens, Greece in 1896.

Individual and team achievement is the theme of the Olympics, not competition between nations. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) a city, not a country to host the Olympics.

There is prize money. Instead individuals and teams compete gold, silver and bronze medals.

Read the descriptions of the different objects you would find in a kitchen. What is the word for each one? The first letter is already there. There is one space for each other letter in the word.

This keeps food cold.

f _ _ _ _ _

=> f

You can store bowls in this.

c _ _ _ _ _ _ _

=> c

You can bake a cake in here.

o _ _ _

=> o

You can serve food on it.

p _ _ _ _

=> p

You can use this to drink water.

g _ _ _ _

=> g


 Complete this postcard. Write ONE word for each space.

Dear Richard,

It is very cold here. It has been snowing for two days. The weather is perfect  skiing. We are going to skiing this afternoon. It is very nice here, the hotel is nice and the food great! There are of things to do, there is even a cinema in the town.

Tomorrow I will on a dog sledge ride through mountains. On Saturday I go to the cinema. I wish were here, you really like it. See you .



Read this note to Jack from his friend Barney. Complete the information on the bookshop's order form.

Borders Bookshop



Name of book: 


Price: £

Date of collection:


 You are planning a fancy dress party. Write an invitation to your friend. Say:

  • Where the party will be and the date
  • What you will wear and suggest a costume for your friend

Write 25 – 35 words.

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