Cambridge Key for Schools 2020 Sample Test 1 - Reading and Writing

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Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

Go to the first floor if you want to

  • buy a dress for a party.
  • pay less for something to read.
  • find a game for a teenager.

Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

  • Greta has forgotten when the next maths class is.
  • Greta hopes Fiona will help her find her maths notes.
  • Greta wants to know what the maths homework is.

Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

  • Students not going on the trip cannot have a day off school.
  • Students have to decide today if they would like to join the trip.
  • Students going on the trip must come to school first.

Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

  • Pay for tickets online before picking them up at school.
  • Check the website for information about when tickets will be available.
  • Let the office know soon if you are planning to buy tickets.

Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

What should Andy do?

  • Invite some friends to play football
  • Tell Jake if he can join him later
  • Show Tom where Woodside School is

Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

  • Swimmers at all levels can enter this competition.
  • This competition is for people who can swim over 200 metres.
  • The races in the competition will be 200 metres long.

Read the passage. Then answer the questions.

School gardens competition 

Amy: Our class has just won a prize for our school garden in a competition – and they’re going to make a TV film about it! The judges liked our garden because the flowers are all different colors – and we painted some more on the wall around it. My cousin gave us advice about what to grow – she’s learning about gardening at college. We’re planning to grow some vegetables next year. I just hope the insects don’t eat them all!

Flora:  We heard about the school garden competition on a TV programme. We decided to enter and won second prize! There’s a high wall in our garden where many red and yellow climbing flowers grow and it looks as pretty as a painting! Our prize is a visit to a special garden where there are lots of butterflies and other insects. My aunt works there and she says it’s amazing. 

Louisa: The garden our class entered in the competition is very special. The flowers we’ve grown are all yellow! They look lovely on the video we made of the garden. We also grew lots of carrots and potatoes, and everyone says they taste fantastic. It was an interesting project. Our teacher taught us lots of things about the butterflies in our garden. We also watched a TV programme about them and did some paintings to put on the classroom wall.

Whose class heard about the garden competition from a TV programme?

  • Amy
  • Flora
  • Louisa

Whose class grew some vegetables?

  • Amy
  • Flora
  • Louisa

Whose class won a trip in the school garden competition?

  • Amy
  • Flora
  • Louisa

Whose class painted flowers on their garden wall?

  • Amy
  • Flora
  • Louisa

Whose class learnt about the insects in their garden?

  • Amy
  • Flora
  • Louisa

Whose class got help from someone in a pupil’s family?

  • Amy
  • Flora
  • Louisa

Whose class chose flowers that were the same colour?

  • Amy
  • Flora
  • Louisa

Read the story. Then answer the questions. 

Starting at a new school 

 By Anna Gray, age 11 

I’ve just finished my first week at a new school and I’d like to tell you about it. Like other children in my country, I went to primary school until I was eleven and then I had to go to a different school for older children. I loved my primary school but I was excited to move to a new school. 

It was very strange on our first day. There were some kids from my primary school there, but most of the children in my year group were from different schools. But I soon started talking to the girl who was sitting beside me in maths. She lives near me so we walked home together. We're best friends now. 

When I saw our timetable there were lots of subjects, some were quite new to me! Lessons are harder now. They're longer and the subjects are more difficult, but the teachers help us a lot.  

At primary school, we had all our lessons in one classroom. Now each subject is taught in a different room. It was difficult to find the classrooms at first because the school is so big. But the teachers gave us each a map of the school, so it's getting easier now. 

The worst thing is that I have lots more homework to do now. Some of it is fun but I need to get better at remembering when I have to give different pieces of work to the teachers!

How did Anna feel about moving to a new school?

  • Worried about being with lots of older children
  • Happy about the idea of doing something different
  • Pleased because she was bored at her primary school

Who has become Anna’s best friend at her new school?

  • Someone from her primary school
  • Someone she knew from her home area
  • Someone she met in her new class

What does Anna say about the timetable at her new school?

  • It includes subjects she didn't do at primary school.
  • She has shorter lessons than she had at her old school.
  • It is quite difficult to understand.

Why couldn't Anna find her classrooms?

  • She couldn't read a map.
  • There was little time between lessons.
  • The school building was very large.

What does Anna say about the homework she has now?

  • She gets more help from some teachers than others.
  • She thinks it is the hardest part of school life.
  • She remembers everything she's told to do.

For each blank, choose the correct answer.

Wivenhoe hotel 

Wivenhoe is a beautiful hotel in the countryside, with many rooms and an excellent restaurant. However, there is a big between Wivenhoe and other hotels. Firstly, Wivenhoe is part of a university, and secondly, its staff is all teenagers. 

In fact, Wivenhoe is a hotel school for young people who are to get jobs in the hotel or restaurant . The students learn by helping staff in a real hotel, while their teachers them carefully. They do everything, from making beds and cleaning bathrooms to preparing menus and the telephone. 

Some British people may think that a hotel run by students is a rather strange idea, but many visitors say that Wivenhoe is the best hotel they have ever at.

For each question, write the correct answer. Write one word for each gap.

From: Anita

To: Sasha

Thank you (0) for your email. Living in Canada sounds really great! I’m glad that you like new house. What’s the weather like? it very cold in Canada? Does it snow every day?  

I heard that a of Canadians speak two languages – English and French. Are you having French lessons? Do you watch programmes TV in French too? 

How about the students in your new school? Are friendly? And send some photos too – I would like to know more about them. 

I’ve got go now, but I’ll write again soon.

You are going shopping with your English friend Pat tomorrow. Write an email to Pat. 


  • where you want to meet 
  • what time you want to meet 
  • what you want to buy.  

Write 25 words or more.  

Write the email on your answer sheet.

Look at the three pictures. Write the story shown in the pictures. Write 35 words or more. Write the story on your answer sheet.

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