Cambridge KET Test 10 - Reading & Writing

3/31/2020 11:18:00 AM

Choose the correct answer that goes with the text

You should choose this shop because _____

  • it has lower prices than the other shops near to it.
  • it sell many different styles of watches.
  • it is near to your town.

Choose the correct answer that goes with the text

  • Harry wants to know if Josh can pay him back today.
  • Harry thinks Josh should look on the cinema website.
  • Harry hopes that Josh will be able to come with him.

Choose the correct answer that goes with the text

Computers will be ________ cheaper from 5th to 10th January.

  • £300
  • £550
  • £850

Choose the correct answer that goes with the text.

  • Jack and Will are both going to the meeting in the evening.
  • Jack doesn't need to bring anything to the meeting.
  • Will wanted to remind Jack about the time for the meeting.

Choose the correct answer that goes with the text

Where is the announcement?

  • In a library
  • In a clothing shop
  • In a café

Choose the correct answer that goes with the text.

  • You can get more information about the park by giving them a call.
  • You can go to the Safari Wildlife Park in the Summer Holidays.
  • The Wildlife Safari Park is open all year round.

Read the passage. Then answer the questions.

Different people, different jobs.

Jay Mense, Policeman

Jay Mansen has been a policeman for eight years now. 'I worked here and there after leaving school, but nothing was permanent so I applied to the police force, had the interview and got the job. I like the work very much although sometimes it’s a bit of a shock. As a policeman, I see some of the worst things that happen in our society and it can change the way you look at the world. If you're not careful, it can have very negative effects. You have to remember that criminals are only a tiny part of society and that the majority of people are honest. My wife and daughters are always there to remind me that the world is actually quite a nice place.'

Sarah Tomkinson, Teacher

'Being a teacher of children that have learning difficulties can be very exhausting, but also incredibly rewarding,' explains Sarah Tomkinson. 'I have been doing voluntary work for the past seven years. I work as a schoolteacher during the week and at the weekends I work with children at a local center. It can be very tiring and you need to be very patient. I find it challenging work and it’s incredibly rewarding to see these children develop. It makes all the hours of very hard work seem worthwhile. I love it and now I’ve applied for a full-time job there.'

Julie Cunningham, Hairstylist

From the first day at work, Julie Cunningham knew that she was going to love it. Julie says, 'lt was my first job. I got on with everyone straight away and we became quite close. It's very creative work because it’s important to make people happy with what you do with their hair. The salon is very busy every day of the week and now that I have been working here for four years, I have got to know most of my customers very well. Of course, there have been some accidents over the years, but thankfully not often! I'll never forget when one woman's hair turned green! When things like that happen it’s very embarrassing and upsetting for everybody at the time, but then you look back and find them quite funny!'

Who says it can change your attitude to things?

  • Jay Mansen
  • Sarah Tomkinson
  • Julie Cunningham

Who says they make sure people enjoy themselves?

  • Jay Mansen
  • Sarah Tomkinson
  • Julie Cunningham

Who says things can sometimes go wrong?

  • Jay Mansen
  • Sarah Tomkinson
  • Julie Cunningham

Who says they are hoping for a permanent position?

  • Jay Mansen
  • Sarah Tomkinson
  • Julie Cunningham

Who says she/ he works in two places during a week?

  • Jay Mansen
  • Sarah Tomkinson
  • Julie Cunningham

Who says the job can change his/ her view of the world?

  • Jay Mansen
  • Sarah Tomkinson
  • Julie Cunningham

Who says he/ she likes his/ her job from the first time?

  • Jay Mansen
  • Sarah Tomkinson
  • Julie Cunningham

Read the passage. Then answer the questions.

An amazing stay at the Ocean View Hotel

I'm usually sad to say goodbye to my cousins after visiting them in Australia. But last June I wasn't. We had to change planes in the Middle East on the way back and had to stay overnight. I just couldn't wait to get to our hotel.

The first thing I noticed in the hotel was all the glass. It was really bright, so I don't know why all the lights were on in the building! There was also loud rock music playing, which I loved (but my parents didn't)! There weren't many people waiting at the reception, so we were soon in our rooms.

The garden wasn't what I expected. "Dad? I said, “you told me there was a pool!” He took me back into the reception area and then up in the lift to the 39th floor and out onto the top of the building. “Here it is,” he said. lt was amazing! Swimming under the clouds was awesome. I've stayed in some great hotels around the world, but nothing as cool as that one! I saw photographs of it before I went, but they don't really show how large the building is. I couldn't believe it. Everything is huge - the building, the pool, the meals (which were delicious, too, by the way)! There's so much to do and see there. I hope we can go back again and stay for longer!

The writer says that last June, she felt _____.

  • excited about where she was going
  • sad because she was leaving her cousins
  • angry because of the delay in her journey
What was the hotel like inside?
  • dark
  • noisy
  • busy
Where was the hotel's pool?
  • In the hotel garden
  • On the roof of the hotel
  • Close to the hotel's reception area
What do we learn about the writer in the last paragraph?
  • She hasn't visited many hotels in her life.
  • She didn't have time to see everything in the hotel.
  • She didn't know the hotel is so big.
Why has the writer written this text?
  • To describe what the hotel looks like
  • To say how the hotel could improve
  • To explain why she loved the hotel

Read the passage and choose the correct word to fill in the blank.

Most newspapers and other forms of the are available online these days. It’s become a popular choice for reading the news. are choosing to read the news online because it's easier than buying a of the paper from a newsagent's. It may be , but some newspaper companies don't newspapers on paper anymore. They are to make money from selling newspapers at a newsagent's.

For each question, write the correct answer. Write ONE word for each gap.

17 Green Street, Camden London

29th August 2002

Dear John,

Thank you for helping (0) me with my English. You are very good teacher. I enjoyed my stay near Cambridge.

Now I am staying at my brother’s flat. He is studying to be a doctor. I will stay him for two weeks and then go home to Greece.

I like London very . We to Regents Park by bus yesterday. It very sunny and we had a good time.

Tonight, I am to see a film with my brother and some of his friends.

I’ll write again from Greece.

Best wishes,


Read the note from your friend Richard. Write a postcard to tell him what he wants to know.

Write 25 words or more.

Look at three pictures. Write the story about the morning of an alien shown in the pictures. Write 35 words or more.