KET 2020 Test 45 - Reading & Writing

8/13/2021 11:05:00 AM

Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

  • The food at Bings is free.
  • Bings is having a competition.
  • You will like the burgers at Bings.

Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

  • Anna has invited both Sophia and her brother to her party.
  • Sophia will go to Anna's home in her brother's car.
  • Sophia's brother doesn’t want to go to Anna's party.

Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

  • There will be no trains on Saturday.
  • Trains may be late on Saturday because of repairs to the railway.
  • Repairs are being made to the trains this weekend.

Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

  • Ruth will come to the meeting after it starts.
  • Ruth wants Diana to wait for her before the meeting.
  • Ruth will start the meeting later than she planned to start it.

Choose the correct answer that goes with this text.

  • Library staff won't have much time to help you next week.
  • Arrive early at the library if you would like to book a school laptop.
  • The times when you can visit the library will change soon.

Terry wants Annie to _____

  • pay for the tennis court.
  • give him some money.
  • make a phone call.

Read the article. Then answer the questions.



Last November my parents gave me a camera for my birthday. I started taking photos of flowers, butterflies and cats and used some of them for a school project with the Art teacher. When she saw them, she told me I should take part in the school photo contest because this year's theme was 'Creatures'. I couldn't believe it when I found out my photo was chosen as the best of all! 


I often use my mobile to take photos when I see a beautiful landscape. My favourite subjects are sunsets, especially at sea. Last summer I took a photo of the sun going down when I was on holiday in Spain. It looked as if it was actually diving into the water! I decided to enter the school photo contest because all my friends loved it and said its colours were amazing. I didn't win any prize but the judges told me it was a lovely picture. 


My uncle is a magazine photographer and I'm his greatest fan. A few years ago he gave me an old camera he didn't need anymore. I had to learn how to turn film into photographs. It's not like printing them out as it takes a long time and you need a dark room and special equipment. Anyway, my father said I should enter the school photo contest with a picture I took of a spider web on a wet day. I'm glad I did because I got the second prize! 

Who took a photo in the evening?
  • Tanya
  • Gabriel
  • Alexander
Who took photos of pets?
  • Tanya
  • Gabriel
  • Alexander
Who took a photo in the rain?
  • Tanya
  • Gabriel
  • Alexander
Who didn't use a camera to take a photo?
  • Tanya
  • Gabriel
  • Alexander
Who won the first prize?
  • Tanya
  • Gabriel
  • Alexander
Who didn't understand how their camera worked?
  • Tanya
  • Gabriel
  • Alexander
Who took a photo in a different country?
  • Tanya
  • Gabriel
  • Alexander

Read the following passage then choose the best answer to each question below.

Running and blogging!

by Holy Parson

Everyone in my family enjoys running - including me! But it's sometimes hard for me to find someone to run with. My brother and I sometimes run together, but he's much faster than me. And my dad's too busy to come at the moment. So my best running partner these days is my cousin Mandy. We go almost every day - it's great! We don't go running when it's raining, but I still want to keep fit on those days, so I go to the gym, or I play badminton with Mum. And sometimes I swim in the local pool. That's what I like the most!

I also write a blog about running. I began writing it because I liked writing posts about where I go running, how I feel when I run, and the kinds of kit I like wearing. Now lots of people follow my blog, and they give me great advice! Some even say they started running after reading my blog, so that's great!

Of course, not all my friends are interested in running, so I don't ask them to come with me, and they always want to know about my latest runs, so that's nice.

I'd like to improve my running so I can enter more races. I've done some local races, but I've never won anything - but that doesn't matter. I'd really like to try a 25 km race soon. Everyone says it's hard - but we'll see!

Who does Holy usually go running with?
  • Her cousin
  • Her father
  • Her brother
What is Holly's favorite way to keep fit when the weather's bad?
  • Going to the gym
  • Swimming
  • Playing badminton
Why did Holly start writing a blog about running?
  • To share her experiences of running
  • To give advice to other runners
  • To help other teenagers to start running

Holly says that her friends _____

  • sometimes join her when she goes running.
  • like asking her about her running.
  • don't really understand why she runs.
What does Holly want to do next?
  • Win a competition
  • Enter her first competition
  • Run in a difficult competition

Read the text and choose the best answer to fill in the blanks.

The National Railway Museum

The National Railway Museum in York is of the Science Museum Group. The museum the story of rail transport in Britain.

It has a wonderful collection of important railway vehicles, such as Mallard and Duchess of Hamilton. There is also a big collection that furniture and other things from railway buildings, as well as jewellery worn by railway queens and models of planes and boats. There you can also find the Little Play Station which is a especially for children, where they can learn about railways play.

It is the largest museum of its type in Britain and thousands of people it every year. It is open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Entrance is free.

(Adapted from Succeed in A2 Key)

For each question, write the correct answer. Write ONE word for each gap.

From: Jade

To: Alex

Sorry I haven't written for such a long time! I've just moved into my new room at university and I only got my internet connection today. It's good be online again! My room is in large building and there are lots of other students here. I've already met a few of . The people here really friendly.

In my room, there's a bed, a wardrobe for my clothes, a chair a large desk for my computer. It's to the window, so I'll have good light when I'm studying.

I'll write again with more news soon!

(Adapted from COLLINS A2 KET 8 TESTS)

You want to visit your English friend Lucy in London next month.

Write an email to Lucy. In your email,

  • say when you will arrive
  • say how long you will be in London for
  • say what you want to do.

Write 25 words or more.

(TiengAnhK12 chưa thể tự động chấm dạng bài viết đoạn tự do này. Bạn hãy làm phần này trên giấy và nhờ bạn bè/người thân/GV góp ý nhé).

Bạn có thể tham khảo hướng dẫn chi tiết và các bài viết mẫu tại đây.

Look at three pictures. Write the story shown in the pictures. Write 35 words or more.

(TiengAnhK12 chưa thể tự động chấm dạng bài viết truyện như này. Bạn hãy làm phần này trên giấy và nhờ bạn bè/người thân/GV góp ý nhé).

Bạn có thể tham khảo hướng dẫn chi tiết và các bài viết mẫu tại đây.