Cambridge Flyers Sample Test #2 - Listening

3/21/2019 12:21:00 AM

Listen and draw lines. There is one example.

  • Emma
  • William
  • Oliver
  • Daisy
  • Jack

Listen and write. There is one example.

Dad, NEW HOMES office phoned today…

About a: house


1. Address: 12 Street

2. It’s near the:

3. Smaller bathroom is:

4. Garden has: a

5. There’s a music room in: the

Listen and write a letter in each box. There is one example.

  • Mrs Cook
  • Mrs West
  • Miss Richards
  • Mr Bridges
  • Mrs Hill

Listen and choose the correct answer. There is one example.

Which shirt does Frank want to take on holiday?

Where are the tickets?

What time do they have to arrive at the airport?

Who is going to look after their pets?

Where are they going to have lunch?

Listen and color and write. There is one example.

1. Colour penguin on top of rock waving wings .

2. Colour smaller of the two octopuses – .

3. Write on side of the boat above ‘of the Sea’.

4. Write in the square on the treasure box.

5. Colour striped fish – .