Amslink Cambridge Challenge 7th - Flyers - Reading and Writing

3/18/2019 10:28:00 PM

Đề thi thử được cung cấp bởi Amslink English Centre – Trung tâm đào tạo Tiếng Anh cho trẻ từ 5 đến 15 tuổi - được chứng nhận bởi Hội đồng khảo thí Cambridge English UK. Amslink là đơn vị tổ chức cuộc thi Amslink Cambridge Challenge hàng năm, và thường cung cấp đề thi cho CTH Edu đưa lên TiengAnhK12 sau mỗi lần tổ chức.

Look and read. Choose the correct words and write them in the blank. There is one example.

0. This tastes good, and sweets and chocolate are made of it. sugar

1. People make things like bicycles, computers and televisions in this place. 

2. Go and see this person if you have problems with your teeth. 

3. You use these to cut food and they are usually made of metal. 

4. This person is an important woman and in stories she usually lives in a castle. 

5. People use this when they want to have tidy hair. 

6. If you want to get on a plane and fly to another place, you need to go to this place. 

7. This person works in a restaurant and takes food to people who want to have a meal. 

8. Most people eat two or three of these every day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all examples of these. 

9. You need this if your hands are dirty and you want to wash them. 

10. You go to this big place to play or watch football or baseball games. 

Michael is talking to Betty. What does Betty say?

Read the conversation and choose the best answer. 

You do not need to use all the letters. There is one example.


1. Michael: What did you buy? Anything interesting?


2. Michael: Which CD did you want to buy?


3. Michael: Oh, I like that one, too. Who did you go shopping with?


4. Michael: Did you go anywhere else in town?


5. Michael: I need to buy some things. Will you come with me one day?


Read the story. Choose a correct word. There is one example.

Helen's parents bought a new house a few months ago. In their last week at their old house, the family put all their pictures, lamps and other things into big boxes. Then on their last day in the old house, two men came and took all the  things, like the beds, out of the rooms, down the , out of the house and into a big lorry outside. Then the family stood for a minute in their old house and said goodbye to it.

After that, they  behind the lorry to their new house. It wasn't far because it was in the same .

When they arrived, the men opened the doors of the lorry and Helen's dad walked up to the house.

He put his hand in his pocket and said, "Oh no! I've  the key! It's by the window in our old house!"

Helen laughed. "You always put your keys there!"

"Yes!" Helen's Dad answered, "but now I must find a new place for them!"

Now choose the best name for the story:  

Read the text. Choose the right words in the blank.


It is difficult to think of a world without colour, but try for a minute! There aren't  beautiful rainbows to look at. You can't choose  wear a yellow T-shirt or a blue T-shirt. You can't see the beautiful pink, purple, orange and red colours  the sky when the sun down every evening. What a different world!

The colours of light are different from the colours of paint.  you mix red, green and yellow light together, they make white light.  you get brown when you mix red, green and yellow paint together.

Colour is very important to of us. Red can make people and animals think is “dangerous”. Drivers stop when they see a red light and hungry birds don't eat insects with red wings. Different colours can make you like or hate food too. 

 you like to eat blue potatoes or drink black milk? People have different favourite colours too. 

is yours?

Look at the picture and read the story. Write some words to complete the sentences about the story. You can use 1, 2, 3 or 4 words.

What a surprise!

Last October, Fred and his parents decided to go and stay in the mountains for a week. They wanted to go on long walks there, so they put good walking shoes, maps and all the other things they needed in three big blue rucksacks, which they put on their backs. Then, they caught a bus to go to the station.

They were very excited when their train arrived in the mountain village. It was a cold but sunny day. The grass was very green and the mountains looked beautiful.

That night, they ate in the hotel and went to bed early. The next morning Fred woke up, jumped out of bed and ran to the window. The houses were all white!

'Quick!' he shouted. 'Come and look at the snow!'

Fred's parents were very surprised. 'Snow in October! That's very strange!' they said.

'What are we going to do?' Fred asked.

'Well,' Fred's Dad said. 'Let's get some skis and learn to ski at the ski school here!'

So they did, and Fred loved it. He fell over lots of times in his first lesson but he didn't mind. At the end of the week, he was very good at skiing. His mum and dad were too! It was a great holiday for all of them!


Fred and his parents went on holiday in the month of October.

The family wanted to go on long walks in the mountains.


1. The family carried all their things in  on their backs.

2. Fred and his parents went to the station by .

3. When the train got to the , the family were very excited.

4. They had dinner in  on the first night of the holiday.

5. When Fred got up and looked at , he saw lots of snow.

6. Fred's mum and dad thought snow in October was very  weather.

7. Fred and his parents learnt well in the week.

Read the diary and write the missing words. Write one word in the blank.

Tuesday, 5th March

There's a new teacher at school and we had our first science lesson with him today.

His name is Mr Hill and makes science very interesting.

Emma and Sophia didn't enjoy the lesson because Mr. Hill  ten questions on the board and they didn't know any of the answers. But I think he's nice!

He told us lots things about the planets and about our moon and sun.

We watched a short DVD in his class too. It was about the first rocket  flew in space.

I think I'd to be an astronaut one day.

Look at the three pictures. Write about this story. Write 20 or more words.

(Với câu hỏi tự luận này, TiengAnhK12 không thiết kế chỗ để bạn nhập vào câu trả lời và chấm điểm tự động được. Sau khi tự viết theo yêu cầu của bài, bạn có thể tham khảo đáp án mẫu sau)

e.g. The children brought pets to school. A girl brought a spider. The teacher jumped when she saw the spider on her chair.

e.g. All the children in Betty's class brought their pets to school. Betty brought her spider. Michael brought his lizard. In the classroom Betty couldn't find her spider. Suddenly the teacher jumped. She was afraid of Betty's spider, which was on her chair. All the children laughed.