Cambridge Flyers 2020 Test 2 - Reading & Writing

1/20/2020 7:05:00 PM

Look and read. Choose the correct words from the box.

a present medicine station
interesting a suitcase year
weekend history geography
an umbrella a torch other
large a stamp a mechanic

Example: You wait here if you want to catch a train. station

This person can help if there is a problem with a car.

People use this when it rains.

People send this to their family and friends at Christmas.

You need to buy this if you want to send a postcard.

When it is dark outside, you can see with this.

We work or study five days a week and on these two days we play.

This subject teaches you about people who lived a long time ago.

If you've got a stomach ache, the doctor gives you this.

You can take your clothes in this if you go on a train.

This subject teaches you about the mountains, rivers, and lakes.

Complete the conversation. Write the correct letter from A - J in each blank. There are three letters you do not need to use.

A.    Why didn’t you tell me?

B.    That's good. He can give us some advice.

C.    How do you know? Have you seen him trying?

D.    Of course I am. I can’t wait!

E.    Does he do it very often?

F.    Really? Why do you say that?

G.    He was interested in it.

H.    I don’t believe it.

I.     He has tried it for a long time.

J.    I didn’t know he was interested in it.

Mark: Are you ready to go to the circus skills workshop this evening?


Mark: Me too. I forgot to tell you, Nick’s coming.


Mark: Actually, he’s done it before.


Mark: I don't think so.


Mark: Because he's not very good at juggling, or riding a unicycle!


Mark: His brother told me, but don't say anything!

Read the story. Choose a word from the box. 

airport | island | make | foggy | rocks | stayed | wait | low | noisy | excited

On his last holiday, Fred went to a beautiful island. His family swam and played a lot of tennis there and at the end of the holiday, Fred didn't want to go home. But they had to! They went to the to catch their plane. The plane was late and they had to there for twelve hours. It was very boring for Fred and the room there was and full of people. But at last, they could leave. When the plane was near London, the pilot said, "Sorry, everyone. The weather's too for the plane to stop here. We'll fly to another city and you can catch a train to London". But Fred and his family arrived too late to catch the last train so they in a hotel. They didn't get home until the next afternoon, so Fred had one more day of holiday from school. He was very happy!

Now choose the best name for this story: .

Read the text. Choose the correct word for each blank.

Last Saturday was a lovely day. Aunt Marry took Jill to the circus. It was a present for tenth birthday. Jill liked the clowns very and she laughed a lot. But there was a small problem evening. One of the clowns standing on a very tall elephant when suddenly he . Everybody was afraid of and Jill shouted out, "Be careful!" But was another small elephant which was standing the big elephant. It quickly the clown and then put him very down the floor. The people in the circus tent were very happy and the clown found a big box bananas and gave it to the small elephant.

Read the story. Write some words to complete the sentences about the story.

One day I decided to go fishing with my friends, Richard and David, because it was a lovely sunny day. 

Usually we went to a big lake not far from my home. But that day we thought it would be more fun to go to the beach and go fishing in the sea. My friend, Richard, brought some food with him and we put the food in our rucksacks before we left home. 

We had a lovely morning fishing, but we didn't catch any fish. In the afternoon, David said to me 'I'm bored, Peter. Let's go home!' Richard agreed with him but I still wanted to walk. I told them to go home and that I would come later. 

They said goodbye and then they left for home. After an hour, I also began to get bored and decided to leave the beach. But when I was walking back from the beach I saw a bottle in the sand. There was a piece of paper in it. “How exciting”, I thought. “It might be a message from pirates or someone who is living on an island!”. 

I picked up the bottle. Then I took the message out of the bottle and began to read it. It said: “See you at home, Peter. Your friends, Richard and David!”. 

They went to to catch some fish.

Richard took so they could have something to eat.

They didn't catch but they had a great time.

David wanted to because he was bored.

On the way back home, Peter found in the sand.

He thought the message was or someone who lives on an island.

Peter took out and the message, which was from his two friends. 

Read the letter and write the missing words. Write one word in each blank.

My friend May likes to camp in a tent in the forest. She goes to the forest every weekend. She carries her tent, clothes and food in her rucksack. There are a of birds and animals in the forest, and May likes to look at them. The rabbits are her favourite animals, but she always been afraid of bears. She knows they are dangerous because they are very big and strong. In the spring, May goes the river in the forest to see the baby ducks. They are lovely but sometimes they are noisy. If it’s too cold at night, May likes to sleep outside under the stars and not in her tent. But she always brings the tent to sleep in, she doesn't want to get wet in the rain. This weekend I'll go camping with her for the first time!