Cambridge Flyers 2020 Test 3 - Reading & Writing

1/20/2020 7:52:00 PM

Look and read. Choose the correct word from the box to fill in each blank.

an ambulance chemist's a comb
late an octopus heavy
butter next a soap
insects a dinosaur spaceship
a snack a swan chopsticks

Example: This shop sells things to make you well. chemist's

This often has a light on top and can take you to the hospital.

This is made from the milk of cows, sheep, and goats.

You can use this when your hair is untidy.

This has eight legs and lives in the sea.

This is often white with a long neck and can swim and fly.

These have many legs and some of them can fly.

When you are hungry you can eat this between meals.

This lived a long time ago and is now extinct.

You can use this for washing when you are dirty.

You can use these to eat a bowl of rice.

Complete the conversation. Write a letter from A-H to each blank. There are three letters you do not need to use.

A. I was also looking for something.

B. Absolutely. I heard it on the news today.

C. Hey, I'm glad you contacted me. I wanted to message you.

D. You'll never believe what happened!

E. Me too! But it's going to rain then.

F. Ask me again later.

G. Sort of. It's about go-karting on Saturday.

H. How about we watch a film at my house?

Zach: Hi, Natalie. It’s Zach.


Zach: Why? Has something happened?


Zach: Don’t tell me you can’t come. I was looking forward to it!


Zach: Oh, no! Are you sure about that?


Zach: So what do you want to do instead?


Zach: Yes, I suppose we could do that.

Read the story. Choose the right word for each blank.

space | castle | wished | quiet | began | finish | piece | swan | flew | brave

It was Roberts' birthday yesterday. He wanted a toy which could take him through space but that's very hard to find! He got up very early and ran downstairs to the kitchen. No one was there and the house was very . "This is strange", he thought. Then he saw an old mat on the table. He put it on the floor and stood on it carefully. Suddenly, it up into the air and took Robert through the clouds to a with lots of flags on top. It had a big door. Robert opened it and saw a lovely garden which was full of flowers. There was a lake there, too. A beautiful swam in the water. There was a picnic with a birthday cake on the grass, too. He looked at it and saw his name on it!

The mat stopped and Robert got off. He to eat the cake when, suddenly, he woke up! It was all a dream.

Now choose the best name of this story: .

Read and choose the correct word for each blank.

Last weekend, Mary and Harry were going by train to stay with their aunt and uncle in London. When the train stopped at a small station, a strange man got on. He was short and fat a white face and a big, red nose. was a clown. It was a way to London and the children very bored. So the clown told them stories the circus. Then he asked, "Would you like to see a nice pet?" and he pointed to pocket. The children said, "Yes!" because they he had a mouse or perhaps a little rabbit with him. they were very afraid when he pulled out a long, black snake! The clown said, "He's very friendly snake. He's called Fred", Fred decided to sleep on Mary's knee. When they got to London, the children told their aunt and uncle, "We want a pet snake ".

Read the story. Write some words to complete the sentences about the story.

One day Jack's family decided to have a picnic by the lake. It was a beautiful lake in the countryside full of fish and frogs. Jack's mother made lots of food and Jack's father put the children's kites and some towels in the car. Jack and his sister were excited about the picnic. 

The family's big red car was very old, so they drove slowly over the mountains to the lake. First the children wanted to swim in the lake. Jack jumped off the rocks and tried to catch frogs. His sister was very good at swimming and she swam quickly round the lake. The water was cold, so soon the children got out of the lake and got their towels. When the family sat down to eat their picnic, they saw some rabbits watching them. 

“Look!”, Jack's sister said, “Mum, can we give them some cheese?” But Jack's mum said that they mustn't give a rabbit cheese. She said that the children could give the rabbits some fruit. Jack held out half a pear to one of the rabbits, but the rabbit was afraid and hopped away. 

But one of the other rabbits was braver. It hopped close to Jack. Suddenly, it jumped up, took the pear, and hopped back. Jack's sister laughed. “What a funny rabbit!”, she said, “Dad, can we bring one home?”. Her dad told her that these were not pet rabbits. “OK!”, she said. “Let's fly our kites then”. The rabbits hopped away into the forest and the children flew their kites. 

They had to drive over to get to the lake.

Jack tried in the lake.

The children didn't want to stay in the lake long because was cold.

Jack's mum thinks it's bad to give to a rabbit.

Jack wanted to give half of his to the rabbit.

The rabbit that was took the pear.

After the picnic, the children .

Read the letter and write the missing words. Write one word on each blank.

Dear Emma, 

We've arrived at the hotel and it's very nice. My sister has spent all day in the pool at the hotel, but I have walked around the village and read my book. I'm reading the book which you me for Christmas and I'm enjoying it a lot, so thanks again. 

I like staying the hotel because I don't have to tidy my room - the people who work here do it. Tonight we're going to see a film. I think will be very good. All the children want to see this film. We will be here three more days. See you soon! 

Love from William