Cambridge Flyers 2020 Test 16 - Reading & Writing

3/10/2020 10:01:00 PM

Look and read. Choose the correct words from the box and fill in the blank.

a butterfly glass biscuits
coffee whales slivers
dinosaurs gold jam
insects chocolate salad
an octopus flour paper

Example: This food is usually brown. You can eat or drink it. chocolate

You cook fruit with sugar to make this. You can eat it with bread and butter.

This is white or brown and you use it when you make cakes or pasta, for example.

Books and newspapers are made from this. It comes from wood.

These big animals lived a long time ago but now they are extinct.

This beautiful yellow metal is very expensive.

This animal lives in the sea and has got eight legs. Some people eat it.

Mirrors and windows are made from this. You can usually see through it and it is easy to break it.

You can make this with tomatoes, for example. You don't usually cook it.

These small animals have got six legs and some of them can fly.

Some people have these for a snack with a drink. They are called cookies in some places.

Emma is talking to her friend, Helen, at the airport. What does Helen say to Emma? Read the conversation and choose the best answer. Write a letter (A-H) for each question. You do not need to use all the letters.

A. Hello! I've just come home from our holiday. (Example)

B. If you like. Good idea!

C. Yes, lots.

D. No! I fell over a lot at first, but I love it now. It's exciting.

E. Yes, in a big old house in the mountains.

F. Lots of different things but I liked skating best.

G. Yes, he does, but only in the holidays.

H. ls that him? The man who's waving?

Emma: Hello, Helen! What are you doing here?

Helen: A

Emma: Where did you stay? Somewhere exciting?


Emma: Did you have fun there?


Emma: What did you do there?


Emma: Wow! I've never done that! Was it easy?


Emma: It sounds great. Well, I'm here to meet my uncle.


Emma: Oh, yes! Bye, Helen. I'll phone you later.

Read the text. Choose the correct word from the box for each blank.

key | moon | turned | cold | pocket | brave | closed | dream | excited | pulled

Mum and Michael arrived home at midnight after a visit to Grandmother's. There was no moon and there were no stars in the sky, so it was a dark night, and there were no lights on in the house. Mum looked in her bag for her to open the door, but it wasn't there. And it wasn't in the of her coat.

But Michael had a small torch in his bag. He it on and they looked everywhere again. 'What are we going to do?', whispered Mum. 'Dad is at Uncle John's house tonight and all the windows downstairs are . I don't want to camp outside all night!'.

Suddenly, they heard a man. He opened the door. 'Who's there?', he asked. It was Dad! 'It's only us!', laughed Mum. 'Oh,' said Dad. 'I came home early from Uncle John's. I was in bed. Come in. It's and dark outside'. 'We will', said Michael and laughed.

Now choose the best name for this story: .

Read the text and choose the best answer for each blank.

Whales are sea animals that look like very big fish. But whales are different from fish because their babies stay with their mothers and drink their mother's milk a year or more. Whales are also different from fish because they to swim up to the top of the water take air in every 30 or 40 minutes.

are two different kinds of whales - whales with teeth and whales without teeth. One kind of whale that have teeth is the Blue Whale. Blue Whales are the animals in the world, but they only eat very small sea animals. These are "krill".

Dolphins are a kind of whale with teeth. They eat fish and live in family groups. They learn quickly and people swim with dolphins never them because they are very clever, friendly and beautiful. Whales have strange songs which they whistle or sing under the water. These songs are very loud. The whale is noisier all other animals.

Look at the picture and read the text. Write some words to complete the sentences about the story, You can use 1, 2, 3, or 4 words.

Ben finds his dinner!

Last summer, Emma went for a walk in the forest with her dog, Ben. It was a lovely day. She was throwing a ball and Ben was running after it when, suddenly, he saw a rabbit. The rabbit ran behind some trees and Ben followed it. Emma was afraid because there was a waterfall near the trees. She could hear it. ‘Don't be naughty, Ben!’ she shouted. ‘Come back!’

But Ben didn’t, and Emma couldn't find him anywhere. She ran to the waterfall. It was very noisy and there were lots of dangerous rocks in the river there, ‘Oh no!’ she thought. ‘Ben has fallen in,’ She looked into the water but she couldn't see him. Then someone whistled. ‘Who's there?’ Emma shouted.

‘Emma! It's me!’ a boy answered. ‘Who?’ shouted Emma. ‘It's Robert! Your best friend!’ he laughed. ‘I'm making lunch in a cave that I've found. Come and see!’ Emma walked over the big rocks behind the waterfall very slowly and carefully and saw a big dark cave there. She went inside and saw Robert and Ben there. Robert was cooking on a fire and Ben was eating lots of sausages when she walked in.

‘Now I understand!” laughed Emma. ‘Mmm. Those look good. Have you got enough for me too?’ ‘Of course!’ said Robert.


Emma and Ben were in the forest.

Ben ran behind some trees after the rabbit.

Emma felt because of the waterfall.

When Emma called Ben, he did back.

Emma thought, 'Oh no! might be in the water.'

The waterfall sounded .

It was Emma's , Robert, who called her name from the cave.

Emma had to climb over some to get to the cave.

When Emma went inside the cave, Ben was lots of sausages!

Read the letter and write the missing words. Write one word on each blank.


I had a great time in the snow today with my friends. We took our sledges to the of the hill and raced them down to the bottom. After a few hours, it was too dangerous go up there because the snow on the hill was like ice. But it will snow again tonight, Mum says, so we are to do it again tomorrow.
This , when I came home for my dinner, my fingers blue, so I've got some warmer gloves for tomorrow.

Look at three pictures. Write the story shown in the pictures. Write 20 words or more.

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