Cambridge Flyers 2020 Test 40 - Reading & Writing

11/12/2020 3:26:00 PM

Look and read. Choose the correct words from the box.

channels swings a suitcase
medicine a view a motorway
an exit a tour a score
a stream a festival fire
a bandage pyjamas a tune

Example: Children sit on these special seats in the playground while their parents push to make them move. swings

This is what the doctor puts around your knee if you fall over and hurt it.

This is amazing when you are on top of a mountain.

This is like a small river.

This is a special event in a place. People often dance and wear special costumes in it.

People can go on this when they visit a museum or many places in a city.

You take this when you are not feeling well or when something hurts.

There are many of these on TV and on the radio.

This is what we call the number of goals in a football match.

You use this to put your clothes in when you go on a trip.

You can leave a place through this.

Sue's uncle, Richard, is a journalist. Sue is asking Richard questions about his work. What does Richard say?

Read the conversation and choose the best answer. Write a letter (A-H) for each question. You do not need to use all the letters.

A. About what has happened in the world - anything important or interesting.

B. Oh, I've been around the world!

C. In a minute! It's that easy.

D. We travel a lot and listen carefully to what people say.

E. Well you can, if you want to.

F. Well, our job is to write stories. (example)

G. No problem! I can tell you a story.

H. Yes, I have. Last week I met Kid Stone, the pop star. 

Sue: Tell me about your work, Uncle Richard. What does a journalist do?

Richard: F

Sue: What do you mean? What kind of stories?


Sue: How do you find out these things?


Sue: Where have you traveled?


Sue: Have you ever talked to a famous person?


Sue: That's amazing! Now I want to be a journalist, too!


Read the text. Choose the correct word from the box to fill in each blank.

house | early | into | told | trees | caves | tired | outside | hours | dark

Last Saturday, my dad took my brother and me to a campsite in the forest. We left our house after lunch. After a few hours, we knew we were on the wrong road because we couldn’t see any ! We stopped at a café and asked someone where the forest was. The man in the café said, “You are three away from the forest!” When we arrived at the campsite it was already but my dad had a torch in his car. We put the tent up and went to bed. In the middle of the night, it started to rain. It rained a lot and it was very windy. Suddenly the tent fell down and water started to come the tent. We were very wet and we quickly ran to the car. The next morning we all woke up in the car feeling and cold. We looked at our broken tent. “I don’t think we’ll be sleeping in that tent again!” said my dad, and we all started to laugh.

Now choose the best name for this story: .

(Adapted from A2 Flyer Plus)

Read the text and choose the best answer to fill in the blanks.

Winter sports

Winter sports are the sports people do only when there is snow and ice on the ground. The most popular ones are that need snow, like skiing, snowboarding and sledging.

Ice skating needs ice, but it's not always safe to skate on a lake, so people often special places for that. These are ice rinks, and they are very popular.

Sledging is popular with children, and it's than ice skating because you can do it on any small hill with very snow.

For the winter sports, most people travel to the mountains to do them. They stay in places have special lifts that can take people to the top of the mountain. Then they can ski or snowboard down.

Some people like to competitions for these sports, and the winners are those who move the on their skis or snowboards. They are very exciting to watch, but it can be dangerous so there is always an waiting to help anyone who may break an arm or leg.

(Adapted from Skills Builder Flyers 1 (2018) - SB)

Read the story. Write some words to complete the sentences about the story. You can use 1, 2, 3 or 4 words.

Trip to the museum

My name's Harry. Last week my teacher took our class to The Museum of History in the city. We went by bus because it was cheaper than the train. Before we went inside, the teacher gave us a map of the museum and said "It's half past nine now. You're free to look round but you must meet me here at half past eleven. Don't be late!" I didn't have a watch but my friend, Sam, did. We walked in!

There were clothes and things people used in the old days everywhere. It was very interesting. You could read people’s old diaries too. But Sam said they were boring. He looked at his map and saw there were some pyramids in the basement so we went to find them. They were great! Then we went into the museum shop to buy some things. There were pens, pencils, and books about the museum. We couldn't decide what to buy! In the end I bought a ruler for my brother and Sam got a fan with a picture of the museum on it for his little sister.

Then Sam looked at his watch. We were very late! We ran up the stairs to the front of the museum and looked for our teacher. He wasn't there. Suddenly a bus went past. All our friends from class were looking through the window and laughing and waving at us. But our teacher wasn't laughing!

(Adapted from YLE Tests Flyers)

The teacher told the children to come back again at .

Sam said that the were boring.

The boys went to to find some pyramids.

Next the boys decided to from the museum shop.

Sam bought a fan for .

The boys went to the front of the museum but their teacher .

The boys saw that their were already on the bus!

Read the letter and write the missing words. Write ONE word on each blank.

Hi Helen,

I hope you are OK. I'm writing to tell you all about my weekend. I went to an amazing concert in the park. favorite band was there as well as lots of great bands and singers. It started at 6 o'clock in the afternoon and it lasted midnight. There were people selling food and drinks and everyone a great time. It was great fun for people of all ages and that is why they are thinking of doing it again year. You should come!

Bye for now,


(Adapted from Skills Builder Flyers 1 - 2018)

Look at the three pictures. Write about this story. Write 20 or more words.

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