Cambridge Flyers 2020 Test 53 - Reading & Writing

7/29/2021 10:33:57 AM

Look and read. Choose the correct words from the box.

hair programmes a postcard
a shelf necklaces keys
envelopes a comb a fridge
stamps a shower a cooker
a channel a toothbrush a blanket

Example: These are very pretty. Women wear them when they want to dress up. necklaces

You need these to open the door to your house.

You put things on this to keep your room tidy.

You use this to make your hair look tidy. You can keep it in the bathroom or bedroom, or put one in your bag when you go out.

This is something you have in a kitchen. You use it to make hot meals.

You can find this in the bathroom and you use it when you wash your teeth.

You put letters in these before you take them to the post office. They are usually brown or white.  

You find this in the kitchen. It’s cold inside.

There are many different kinds of these on television. Some are about sports and others are about the news.

These are small and usually square. You put them on your letters before you post them.

You put this on a bed so you can keep warm at night.

Helen is talking to George about a festival. What does George say?

Read the conversation and choose the best answer. Write a letter (A-H) for each answer. You do not need to use all the letters. There is one example.

A. That's a good idea. I'll do that now!

B. Most of them were great, but The Pond was perhaps my favorite.

C. Actually, they couldn't go this time. (Example)

D. I'm going to go back to school tomorrow.

E. Excellent! Really good fun.

F. I didn't see anyone I knew, actually, but I think Harry was there somewhere.

G. That's right, I felt really excited about having guitar lessons.

 H. My uncle had tickets, so I went with him and my cousins.

Helen: Hello, George. Did your parents take you to the music festival last week?

George: C

Helen: Who did you go to the festival with?


Helen: What was the festival like?


Helen: Which was the best band at the festival?


Helen: Were there any kids from our class at the festival?


Helen: Are you going to put some photos online?


Read the text. Choose the correct word from the box to fill in each blank.

room | naughty | quickly | caught | tents | decided | quietly | dangerous | towels | fell

Last August, my family went on holiday for two weeks. We stayed in a nice hotel near the sea. The room we stayed in was very big and had two beds. We went fishing in the sea, and we a lot of fish. The hotel had boats that we could use to sail to a little island.

One day, when my parents were lying on the grass and reading, my sister and I took one of the boats to the sea. It was very hot and sunny, so we to jump into the sea and swim. The water was very cold and we played round the boat, climbing into it and jumping into the water again. Suddenly, my sister shouted, 'There's something in the water!' She climbed back into the boat very and I did too. We looked into the dark water of the sea. There was an octopus!

I started laughing. 'It's only a small octopus,' I told my sister. 'It isn't .'

We didn't have our so we sat on the beach of the island until we were dry. Then we sailed the boat back to the beach and we told our parents about our meeting with the octopus.

Now choose the best name for this story: .

Read the text and choose the best answer to fill in the blanks.

Visiting London

London is a wonderful city with many things to see and do. North London is famous Camden Market. It's an excellent place to shop or to taste amazing food. Most people have eaten there believed the food was delicious! A great place to visit in South London is Crystal Palace Park. Visitors can take a photo with a dinosaur and learn interesting information about extinct creatures. 

In West London, you find many famous theatres. People from all around the world this area to see famous actors on stage.

East London is you can find Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. It's a great place to go for a walk or have a picnic a river.

There is something for in this wonderful city!


Read the story. Write some words to complete the sentences about the story. You can use 1, 2, 3 or 4 words.

Sports day at school

Hello! I'm Betty. I'm Holly and Harry's Mum and I had a very busy morning! It was sports day at the children's school. My other daughter, Emma, is only two, so she hasn't started school yet. I decided to take her with me to see the older children doing their sports. We were leaving the house when Emma remembered her new doll. She wanted to take it with her and she was crying. I put my keys down and went into Emma's bedroom. It was really untidy! I found the doll in the end. It was under a blanket. Emma smiled happily when I gave it to her.

We were ready to go. I looked for my keys but I couldn't find them anywhere. Then Emma pointed at the shelf in the dining room and there they were next to the envelopes. I don't know how they got there. We left the house and walked to the school quickly. When we arrived, we saw my daughter, Holly. She didn't say "Hello" to us and she was a bit unfriendly, actually. She told me I was really late.

I missed the children's race but I did see the volleyball match. That was very funny because during the game a dog went onto the field and ran away with the ball! All the children were trying to catch the dog! The dog was very excited and thought it was a wonderful game. Round and round the children ran! The headteacher looked very unhappy about it! "Whose dog is that?" he shouted angrily! And he didn't talk about the dog when he gave the children their prizes! But I thought it was a wonderful afternoon! Holly plays for a team called the Sharks and they won, so she was happy too in the end.

Emma wanted to take her to the school.

Betty found what Emma wanted to take in the bedroom.

Betty's keys were in the dining room on a shelf near the .

Holly wasn't happy with her mum because her mum got to school very .

During the volleyball match, a dog took the children's .

The headteacher was when the children ran after the dog.

Betty had a lovely .

Read the letter and write the missing words. Write ONE word in each blank.

Dear Betty,

I am writing to invite you to my birthday party!

The party is going to be next Saturday three o'clock. We're going to the cinema to see a new about whales and sharks. Then we're to eat in a restaurant. I'm going to have favourite dinner, which is pizza and ice cream.

Please tell me you can come! I hope you can.



(Adapted from A2 Flyers Three practice tests)

Look at the three pictures. Write about this story. Write 20 or more words.


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