Amslink Cambridge Challenge 9th - Movers - Reading and Writing

9/16/2019 10:45:00 AM

Đề thi thử được cung cấp bởi Amslink English Centre – Trung tâm đào tạo Tiếng Anh cho trẻ từ 5 đến 15 tuổi - được chứng nhận bởi Hội đồng khảo thí Cambridge English UK. Amslink là đơn vị tổ chức cuộc thi Amslink Cambridge Challenge hàng năm, và thường cung cấp đề thi cho CTH Edu đưa lên TiengAnhK12 sau mỗi lần tổ chức.

Part 1
— 5 questions —

Look and read. Choose the correct words. There is one example.


1. This is a small animal with eight legs. Some people are afraid of it.

2. You put this around your neck on cold days.

3. You can see many of these in the sky at night.

4. This is a big yellow animal that eats meat.

5. You can buy food and drinks here. You can sit outside to eat and drink.

Part 2
— 6 questions —

Read the dialogue and choose the best answer. 

Sue: lt's very nice. l like it.

Jack: _____

  • So do I.
  • But you do.
  • I don't know.

Sue: Where did you buy the bike?

Jack: _____ 

  • I go to school.
  • At the cinema.
  • At a shop in the village.

Sue: I've got a bike, too. Do you want to ride to town?

Jack: _____

  • Yes, l did.
  • Yes, l do.
  • Yes, I have.

Sue: What do you do after school?

Jack: _____

  • By bus.
  • I play badminton in the park.
  • At the train station.

Sue: Shall we go there after school?

Jack: _____ 

  • Yes, I would like that.
  • Yes, l like my bike.
  • Yes, let's go to school.

Sue: We can play after we go to town.

Jack: _____

  • OK, you're playing.
  • Yes, we did.
  • OK. That would be nice.

Part 3
— 6 questions —

Read the story. Choose a word from the box. Write the correct word next to numbers 1-5. There is one example.

On Sunday, Paul's mother asked him, What do you want to do today?”

Paul said, "Let's drive to the countryside and have a picnic."

They made sandwiches and they put them in a bag. They put fruit and a of apple juice in the bag, too.

Paul and his mother drove down the road. There were big next to the road with cows and sheep. Paul and his mother found a nice place for their picnic near a lake. There were to sit on and beautiful trees. After they ate, Paul saw a horse which was next to the lake. "Look, Mum! A horse! Can I it?" he asked.

“No, Paul, it's not our horse," his mum said. “Well, can I give the horse some of my apples?" he asked. His mum said "OK". Then Paul walked around the lake with his mother.

It was very "Do you want to get your coat from the car?” his mum asked. “Yes, please. It's not hot now," said Paul.

Now choose the best name for the story

  • Paul's new horse
  • Paul's picnic in the countryside
  • Paul's favorite food

Part 4
— 5 questions —


Every city needs a good hospital. People go to the hospital when they need help.

There are of doctors and nurses in hospitals. They say, "What's the matter?" and then you tell them where it . When you have a stomach-ache or temperature, the doctors tell you to sleep. When you have a problem with your arms or legs, the doctors tell you not to them. Sometimes, the hospital is busy and you have to wait a long time to see a doctor.

The doctors and nurses  work at the hospital wear long, white coats and white trousers.

Look at the pictures and read the story. Write some words to complete the sentences about the story. You can use 1, 2 or 3 words.

On Thursday morning, Fred went to the supermarket with his father. They bought grape juice and a cake for the school party. Fred's dad said, "Do you want to buy some vegetables too?" But Fred said, "No, Dad, the children don't want to eat vegetables at a party. Let's buy bread and cheese to make sandwiches." Fred's dad said, "No, I think your teacher bought some burgers for the party."

1. Fred doesn't think the children want to eat .

2. Fred wanted to make sandwiches.

On Thursday evening, Fred's father drove him to school. "How funny it is to be in school at night!" Fred said. His father carried the cake into the classroom. Fred went to talk to his friends. Then his teacher came in. But she didn't have burgers. She had a big bowl of pasta. "What's this?" one of the girls asked. The teacher said, "The cafe didn't have twenty burgers. But I made pasta for you!"

3. Fred went to his at night.

4. Fred's father the cake.

5. The cafe didn't have for everyone.

After they ate the pasta and the cake, the class played some games. One boy brought his CD player and the children listened to music and danced. Fred asked the teacher, "Can we go outside and play basketball?" She said “Yes" and the children went and played. When they looked up, they saw the moon and stars. "What a great party!" they said.

6. The children listened to music on a boy's .

7. The children went outside to

Part 6
— 6 questions —

Look and read and write.


Complete the sentences.

1. The brown is bigger than the white one.

2. There are two black and white on the grass.

Answer these questions:

3. Where is the lorry?


4. What is the weather like?


Now write two sentences about the picture.
(Đây là câu hỏi yêu cầu viết tự do, TiengAnhK12 không thiết kế chỗ để bạn nhập vào câu trả lời và được chấm điểm tự động. Bạn hãy tự viết trên giấy và nhờ giáo viên/người thân kiểm tra nhé.)
5 _______________
6 _______________