Cambridge Movers Test 1 - Reading & Writing

4/16/2021 5:58:00 PM

Look and read. Choose the correct words and write them on the lines. There is one example.

This person works in a hospital and helps people who are ill. ..a doctor..


1. You can sit and read books in this place.

2. This takes people up or down to different floors in a building.

3. Go and see this person if your teeth hurt.

4. You can buy all kinds of food here.

5. This is part of a building that is under the ground.

Read the dialogue and choose the best answer.

Jill: How are you today, Peter? 
A. It's very good.
           B. Fine thanks, Jill.
           C. I'm ten.

Bill: Here are your books, then.

Pat: _____

  • Oh yes, they are.
  • Oh yes, please.
  • Oh yes, thanks.

Paul: What did you do on your birthday?

Shally: _____

  • It was on Saturday.
  • I had a party at home.
  • Yes, I did.

Jill: Oh, I must go home now.

Peter: _____

  • Good evening.
  • OK, bye.
  • Well, hello.

Jack: I’d love to ride a horse, too.

Vicky: _____

  • I went riding, too.
  • Well, come with me.
  • It’s where I go.

Bill: Why are you stopping here?

Pat: _____ 

  • I don't live here.
  • This is my house.
  • I'm not waiting.

Mary: Is it very difficult to play the piano?

Dan: _____

  • Yes, but I enjoy it.
  • Yes, it’s easy.
  • Yes, I’m playing it.


Read the story. Choose a word from the box. Write the correct word next to numbers 1–5. There is one example.

Peter loved going for long ..walks.. with his father. Last week, they went to a small lake.

'Can we swim here?' Peter asked.

'Sorry, Peter. The water’s too ,' his father said.

There was a loud noise, which came from the opposite the lake. 'What’s that, Dad?' Peter asked.

'Is it a waterfall, Peter? It’s very noisy,' Peter’s father said.

'Yes, Dad! I think it is. Come on! Let’s go and find it.' And they did!

Peter and his father onto the rocks, took off their boots and socks and put their feet into the water. 'We can swim in this pool,' Peter’s father said. 'The water’s great! And well done! You are the one who found this brilliant place. Let’s Mum a quick message.'

Peter smiled. 'OK. Let’s have our here, too, Dad,' he said. 'Where are the sandwiches?'

Now choose the best name for the story.

  • Dad’s funny message
  • An exciting new place
  • Peter swims in the lake

Read the text. Choose the right words in the blanks.


Bats are small animals that live in different countries of the world. There are hundreds of different kinds but kind of bat can fly. Many bats live in trees or roofs, but some live inside mountains. Most bats sleep in the day and look for their food night. Some bats eat fruit, but eat spiders and flies. Some bigger bats eat mice.
When bats flying, they have to listen very carefully with their ears because they don’t see very with their eyes. 

Look at the pictures and read the story. Write some words to complete the sentences about the story. You can use 1, 2 or 3 words.
LiLy's busy morning

Lily really enjoyed learning and loved school. Last Thursday evening she carefully chose the things she needed for all of her lessons and took her school clothes out of the cupboard and put them on her chair.
On Friday morning, Lily woke up at six o’clock. She went quietly to the bathroom and had a shower. Then she put on her school shirt and skirt and went downstairs to make her breakfast. She liked doing that. She found some bread and grapes and made some hot chocolate to drink.

On ..Thursday.. evening Lily found everything she needed for school.
Lily woke up at six o’clock on ..friday morning..   


1. After her , Lily got dressed and went downstairs.
2. For her breakfast, Lily ate some and drank some hot chocolate.

Lily put her books and pens and pencils in her bag at seven o’clock and then washed her cup and plate. Then she gave the cat its food. Then she read the answers to some homework questions carefully. There were no mistakes! Then she read about her favourite animals, polar bears, on her father’s laptop.
At eight o’clock, her parents came downstairs. They were surprised. Lily had her school clothes on.

3. Lily fed the
4. Lily looked at the to some questions and read about some polar bears.
5. When Lily’s parents saw their daughter in her school clothes, they were .

'There’s no school today!’ her father said. Lily’s mother quickly had an idea. ‘We can go to the library this morning. You can learn lots of new things there!’ she said. Lily smiled. Mum was right.

6. Lily’s had a good idea!
7. Lily was happy. She could learn a hundred new things at the

Look and read and write.

How many islands are there? ..two..

What’s the weather like? ..sunny and windy..

Complete the sentences
1. There is some in an old box under the sea.

2. The dolphins are grey, pink and .

Answer the questions.
3. Where are the three shells?

4. Who is jumping into the sea?

Now write two sentences about the picture.
(Đây là câu hỏi yêu cầu viết tự do, TiengAnhK12 không thiết kế chỗ để bạn nhập vào câu trả lời và được chấm điểm tự động. Bạn hãy tự viết trên giấy)
. __________________
. __________________