Cambridge Movers Test 2 - Reading & Writing

4/22/2021 5:42:00 PM

Look and read. Choose the correct words and pick them on the lines. There is one example.

This animal has four legs. Many people have one at home. ..a dog..

1. This is a part of your body above your legs. Food goes here.

2. You drink this in a cup. It is hot and brown.

3. This animal can fly and it often lives in the jungle.

4. This hair is on your face. It is above your mouth and under your nose.

5. People have this between their head and their shoulders.

Read the dialogue and choose the best answer.


Jack: What did you do yesterday, Vicky?
A. I’m riding a horse.
           B. I’m going riding.
           C. I had a riding lesson.

Jack: Did you wear a helmet?

Vicky: _____ 

  • No, it isn’t.
  • So do I.
  • Yes, I had to.

Jill: Can I come with you next weekend?

Peter: _____

  • No, I can't come.
  • Oh, ok then.
  • Yes, you do.

Mary: When do you practise?

Dan: _____ 

  • Last Tuesday.
  • Yes, I have to.
  • After school.

Paul: Oh, look, the lesson is starting.

Shally: _____

  • Oh, I must go.
  • Good morning.
  • It's mine.

Bill: Do you want to come and see my new kite?

Pat: _____

  • I've got to go home.
  • I want it.
  • I'm not coming.

Bill: Can you come tomorrow then?

Pat: _____

  • You can come.
  • I'll ask my mum.
  • It's today.

Read the story. Choose a word from the box. Pick out the correct word next to numbers 1–5. There is one example.

Lucy enjoyed reading stories to her ..little.. brother, Hugo. His favourite was about an old man who a clever monkey in the jungle to make banana cakes! The old man had a long beard and funny moustache.

Last Saturday, Hugo said, "Why can’t I have a beard and moustache, Lucy?". "Because only men can grow those." Hugo was when his big sister said that.

On Sunday, Lucy found her paint box. "I’ve got a great , Hugo," she said. Lucy carefully painted a black moustache and a beard on her brother’s face.

When she was happy with her work, Hugo looked at his face in the in the bathroom. "Wow!" he said. "I love my moustache and beard, but I can never clean my face again."

"Don’t your face now, Hugo," Lucy said. "But you must do that before you go to bed. Sorry!"

Now choose the best name for the story.

  • Hugo writes a story
  • Lucy helps her brother
  • An old man finds a monkey

Read the text and choose the best answer to fill in the blanks.

Dolphins live in the sea. ..They.. can swim very quickly catch a lot of fish. They are much smaller whales or sharks, but more beautiful. Dolphins come to the beach in hot weather and play the children who are swimming there.
They are not afraid of people.
You can often see dolphins zoos now.
They learn how to play games with balls and toys. Dolphins are a lot of people's favourite animal.

Look at the pictures and read the story. Write some words to complete the sentences about the story. You can use 1, 2 or 3 words.

Who takes the best photos

Nick and his older cousin, Alice, both enjoyed taking photos of different people. Nick took his with his camera. Alice took hers with her phone.
Last Monday, they went to the new shopping centre with Alice’s parents to buy some new clothes. In their favourite shop they saw May Night, a famous pop star! It was very exciting to see her and Nick and Alice wanted to take some photos of her.

Alice was ..older.. than her cousin, Nick.
One of their hobbies was taking photos ..of different people.. .


1. Last Monday, Alice’s parents took Alice and Nick to the new .
2. The children saw a called May Night in a clothes shop.

May laughed and said, ‘OK!’ when they asked her to stand and smile in different parts of the store.
When they got back home, Nick and Alice looked at their photos on Alice’s laptop.
‘Mine are fantastic!’ said Alice.
‘Yes, but mine are better than yours!’ said Nick.

3. Alice and Nick took photos of May in of the shop. 
4. The children looked at the pictures on Alice’s when they got home.
5. Nick thought his photos were than Alice's!

 Alice sent all their photos to a pop music comic that they both read every week. Nick was really happy when he saw three of his photos and three of Alice’s photos in the comic! He sent a text to Alice which said, ‘I showed our photos to all of my friends in school this morning. I think we BOTH take fantastic photos!’
‘Me too!’ Alice said. ‘Hooray! Well done, Nick, and well done me!’

6. Nick saw the photos of May in the .
7. Nick was really happy and texted to say all the photos were fantastic.

Look and read and write.


What are the chickens doing? ..eating.. .
Who is driving the tractor? ..the women..

Complete the sentences.

1. Two of the buildings have got a round .
2. The boy is wearing a pair of .

Answer the questions.
3. Where are the rabbits? => next to
4. Which animal is crossing the river? => a

Now write two sentences about the picture
(Đây là câu hỏi yêu cầu viết tự do, TiengAnhK12 không thiết kế chỗ để bạn nhập vào câu trả lời và được chấm điểm tự động. Bạn hãy tự viết trên giấy)
5. _________________ 
6. _________________