Cambridge Movers Test 12 - Reading & Writing

6/4/2021 5:10:46 PM

Look and read. Choose the correct words and pick them on the lines. There is one example.

In this game you hit the ball.


1. You can watch films on this.

2. This is small and round and you can listen to music on it.

3. You do not need a ball for this sport.

4. You run a lot and kick the ball in this game.

5. You can sit at this and play music on it.

Read the text and choose the best answer. There is one example.


Bill: Hi, May. How are you?
A. Not today.
         B. Not at all.
         C. Not very well.

Bill: What's the matter?

May: _____

  • I've got stomachache.
  • I had stomachache.
  • I got stomachache.

Bill: Are you going to the doctor's?

May: _____

  • Yes, it's the doctor's.
  • Yes, but not today.
  • Yes, you can go.

Bill: Can I help you with your homework?

May: _____

  • Yes, I can't help it.
  • Yes, I can't spell it.
  • Yes, I can't do it.

Bill: What homework have you got?

May: ____

  • Only English.
  • That's English.
  • The English.

Bill: OK, where's your book?

May: _____

  • But it is.
  • Here it is.
  • Yes it is.

Bill: Oh! This looks easy!

May: _____

  • No, it wasn't!
  • No, it doesn't!
  • No, it hasn't!

Read the story. Choose a word from the box. Write the correct word next to numbers 1–5. There is one example.
On my last ..birthday.., I went to Animal World. Animal World iskind of zoo. I don't always like zoos because sometimes the animals aren't happy therebut Animal World is different. There are big, green fields for the , which love to jump and eat grass. The hippos have a  to swim in and there are lots of trees for the parrots to fly in. There's a small farm with rabbits, goats and chickens. There are horses for the children to  in that part of Animal World, too. Children can learn a lot about the food that the animals like and the places they like to live in. My uncle  me and my sister there in his car. I had a great day. When I got home, I a picture of a tiger. I love it!

Now choose the best name for the story.

  • A picnic in the countryside
  • My picture of the zoo
  • A day at Animal World

Read the text and the example. Choose the right words and write them on the lines. 

Animal Families

Animals are all very different: an elephant is very big, a mouse is very small with a long tail and a giraffe is very tall with a long neck. 
There are different kinds of animal and we can put these animals into families. There are birds which come from eggs and can fly. And some animals have bodies with shells on backs. Animals eat a lot of different things. A lion likes meat, a panda loves plants and leaves and a monkey fruit
and vegetables. And they live in different places: bears like the mountains, tigers and snakes live in the jungle. Then there are lizards and frogs live in lakes and rivers when they are young come out of the water when they are . And there are fish that live in water all the time.

Look at the pictures and read the story. Write some words to complete the sentences about the story. You can use 1, 2 or 3 words.

The headache

Last Monday afternoon, John came home from school with a headache. He didn't want to watch TV. He wanted to go bed. But that night he didn't sleep very well, and in the morning he was tired and his head was hot. 'No school for you today!' his mother said. 'You can have breakfast in bed.' John wasn't very hungry. He only had some fruit and some orange juice. 'Now you must sleep,' his mum said.


After school on Monday, John had a ...headache...
John didn't want watch TV... that afternoon.


1. That night, slept badly.

2. John couldn't go to the next morning.

3. He drank some but only ate some fruit. 

In the afternoon, John woke up again and went downstairs to the kitchen. His grandmother was there. 'Hello, John. Are you better now?' she said. 'Yes, thank you, Grandma,' John said. 'Where's Mum?' 'She's at work,' his grandmother answered. 'I had pasta and chicken for lunch. Would you like some?' 'Yes, please!' John said.

4. John's was at work.

5. John had some and chicken to eat.

Then John had a shower, got dressed and took his favorite CDs from the cupboard in the living room and went back upstairs. Then his mother phoned. 'Is John OK now?' she asked. 'Is he sleeping?' 'Sleeping?' said his grandmother. 'No. He's playing music very loudly in his bedroom and now my head hurts!' 'Oh dear!' laughed John's mother.

6. John opened the cupboard and took out his .

7. John listened to his music in upstairs.

Look and read and write.


The baby is playing with a clown.

What's on the table next to the book? a small radio


Complete the sentences.

1. The boys are having a game of .

2. The dog is sitting on the ground near the .

Answer the questions.

3. Where is the cat? =>

4. What's the girl in the black skirt doing? =>

Now write two sentences about the picture.
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6. ________________