Cambridge Movers Test 14 - Reading & Writing

6/17/2021 8:21:46 AM

Look and read. Choose the correct words and write them on the lines. There is one example.

This person helps people who aren't well in the hospital. ...a nurse...

1. This has lots of green vegetables in it, but you don't cook it.

2. You stand under this when you want to wash.

3. This person works outside in the fields.

4. Some people put milk in this brown drink.

5. This person helps people when their teeth hurt.

Read the text and choose the best answer.


Nick: Hello, Jane.
Jane: A. Hello, Nick.
          B. Goodbye, Nick.
          C. Thank you, Nick.

Nick: Where did you go at the weekend?

Jane: _____

  • I go to see Kim in her new house.
  • I went to see Kim in her new house.
  • I can see Kim in her new house.

Nick: Where does she live now?

Jane: _____

  • In your house.
  • In the lake.
  • In a village.

Nick: Does she like her new home?

Jane: _____

  • Yes, we did.
  • Yes, she does.
  • Yes, you do.

Nick: How's her brother, Ben?

Jane: _____

  • He's fine.
  • He's tall with brown hair.
  • He's eight.

Nick: What did you do with Kim on Saturday?

Jane: _____

  • You sailed a boat with her.
  • She went fishing with you.
  • We swam in the sea.

Nick: Great! Can I go with you to see Kim and Ben one day?

Jane: _____

  • OK.
  • So do I.
  • Yes, I can.

Read the story. Choose a word from the box. Write the correct word next to numbers 1–5. There is one example.

My mum and dad are very different. Mum, has got straight, black, but my dad's is . Mum works at a zoo and likes it when the weather is and hot because she likes being outside. Dad works inside, in a shop. He loves it when it ! He doesn't like being hot. At weekends, Mum likes going to the lake to swim in the water there with me and my sister. But Dad likes on the lake in very cold weather better! Our family has lots of good holidays, because we go to the in hot weather because Mum likes it there, and we go to the mountains in cold weather because Dad likes that best! It's great!.

Now choose the best name for this story.

  • My favourite holiday.
  • My parents
  • Me and the weather.

Read the text and the example. Choose the right words and write them on the lines. 


Different maps tell us different things. A map of the world can teach us about different places. A road map shows us how we can go from one place to another. also shows the towns and villages where people live. You can see where the station is a town and where the mountains are. Lakes and rivers are coloured blue and you see green on a map, which means you can find trees there. Then you can learn to draw maps. They can tell your friends your house is. Or you could hide in the house or garden and make a treasure map. Maps can be very exciting! 

Look at the pictures and read the story. Write some words to complete the sentences about the story. You can use 1, 2 or 3 words.

A funny day at the beach

Last Sunday, Bill and his brother Nick went to the beach. They played tennis on the sand there, then Nick said, 'I'm too hot now. Can we go swimming?' Bill said, 'Yes! Good idea!' They took off their clothes and put them on a big rock with their towels.


Bill and Nick went to the beach ...last Sunday...
The two boys played a game of on the sand.


1. Nick wanted to go swimming because he was very .

2. The boys put their clothes and towels on on the beach.

Bill and Nick took the ball with them because they wanted to play with it in the water. But it was difficult because they couldn't stand up very well. Then they tried to find sea animals at the bottom of the sea. Nick pointed at something near a big shell. Bill picked it up and they swam back to the beach. 'It's your T-shirt, Nick,' Bill shouted. They looked at the big rock but their clothes weren't there! Then they saw their red towels in the water too!

3. The boys tried to play with their in the water.

4. They wanted to find some in the water.

5. Next to a big shell, picked up the T-shirt.

They found all their in the sea and got dressed again. They waited for a bus but it didn't come. In the end, they phoned their mum and she came in the car and drove them home. They were very cold and wet but their mum gave them a hot drink and then they talked and laughed about their day.

6. Their gave them something hot to drink.

7. When the boys were OK again, they about the day at the beach.

Look and read and write.


These three pirates are on an island.

What is the blond pirate holding? an old map


Complete the sentences.

1. Someone is sleeping between the .

2. The sun is behind the .

Answer the questions.

3. What colour are the sails? =>

4. What is the man in purple T-shirt looking at? =>

Now write two sentences about the picture.
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6. ________________