Cambridge Movers Test 24 - Reading & Writing

7/1/2021 9:37:58 AM

Look and read. Choose the correct words and write them on the lines. There is one example.

Children play with this in the park when it is windy. a kite 


1. Hair on a man's face between his nose and mouth.

2. Horses and cows like eating this. It is green.

3. You can get this when you listen to loud music.

4. People hold this and wave it when they are hot.

5. You can find this on a plant or a tree.

Read the text and choose the best answer.

Clare: Hi, Jane! Is this your new tablet?
A. Yes, me too.
          B. Yes, it is.
          C. Yes, it was

Clare: When did you get it? 

Jane: _____

  • Last week, on my birthday.
  • Every morning.
  • At the shopping centre.

Clare: It'brilliant! Who gave it to you?

Jane: _____

  • My aunt's very happy.
  • I gave it to my dad.
  • My grandmother did.

Clare: But why do you look sad?

Jane: _____

  • Because I can't do it.
  • Because it was dangerous.
  • Because I don't know how it works.

Clare: Would you like me to help you with it? 

Jane: _____

  • Yes, I can.
  • Yes, please.
  • Yes, so do I.

Clare: Look - it's got a camera. How about taking a photo?

Jane: _____

  • Don't worry.
  • OK, let's take one.
  • Yes, that's right.

Clare: Let's ask my brother to show you how the apps work. 

Jane: _____

  • Yes! Great idea!
  • See you!
  • OK, that's my brother.

Read the story. Choose a word from the box. Write the correct word next to numbers 1-5. There is one example.

Mr Lime loved his work at the zoo. Every day he ...washed... the elephants and gave the and tigers their food, but his favourite animals were two kangaroos. Every morning, he put some fruit in a big yellow bowl and took it to them. The kangaroos always saw him and to their bowl and ate it all very quickly. They enjoyed it! One fine morning, Mr Lime put two big apples in the kangaroos' bowl for them to eat. He waited and waited but they didn't come. "I don't understand this," Mr Lime "I can't find the kangaroos!" he told the woman who worked in the zoo . "Oh! They had a new baby yesterday," she said. "Look! They're all sleeping outside. They're enjoying the hot . Now you've got three favourite animals, Mr Lime, not two!" she laughed.

Now choose the best name for the story.

  • Mr Lime enjoys his breakfast
  • A new baby at the zoo
  • All the animals have a bath

Read the text and choose the best answer to fill in the blanks.

How are donkeys different ...from... horses? Donkeys move slowly than horses, they don't do dangerous things like jumping and they can't swim. Horses can. donkey is frightened, it doesn't move. But a horse runs! Donkeys and horses have different ears and tails, too. A donkey has ears than a horse, and a tail which is like a cow's. Most horses enjoy eating grass and live in places where it grows. Donkeys can live in hot, dry places where there is grass. But colours aren't very different. Most horses and donkeys are white, black, brown or grey.

Look at the pictures and read the story. Write some words to complete the sentences about the story. You can use 1, 2 or 3 words.

Where's our car?

Dad and Zoe live in the city. Last Saturday, they drove into the big car park under the shopping centre. Then they walked to the sports shop. Zoe needed a new swimsuit and she found one that was really pretty. Dad bought a new tennis racket there, too.
Then they had lunch in a nice café.

Zoe and her father's home is in the

Zoe and Dad went to the centre... by car.


1. Zoe found a pretty in the sports shop.

2. They went to a for their lunch.

They had pasta with tomato sauce. Then they bought lots of vegetables from the supermarket, and got some new books from the library. They walked around the pet shop, too. When Zoe smiled at a blue parrot, it said 'Hello!' to her.
At the end of the day, they had lots of bags to carry back to the car park.

3. Zoe had some with her pasta.

4. After they went to the supermarket and the , Zoe and Dad went into a pet shop.

5. Zoe and Dad had to carry back to the car park.

'Where's our car?' Zoe asked. 'I don't know!' said Dad. 'There are hundreds and hundreds of cars here now!' Zoe and Dad walked up and down the car park but they couldn't find it. 'Look! There's the blue parrot again! It's on the top of one of the cars!' Zoe said. 'That's OUR car. Hooray!' Dad answered. 'What a clever parrot!' 'Happy to help!' said the parrot and then it flew off 'Did the parrot really say that?' Mum asked when they got home. 'Yes!' Zoe laughed.
6. Zoe and Dad their car because there were lots of cars in the car park.
7. The was on the roof of Dad's car and said 'Happy to help!' when they found it!

Look and read and write.


The girl in the red hair is playing with a toy dolphin.

What kind of shop is this? a clothes shop


Complete the sentences.

1. The man is holding .

2. The woman looking at the sweaters is wearing blue .

Answer the questions. 

3. Where is the girl in the orange coat standing? =>

4. What does the woman in the grey coat want to buy? =>

Now write two sentences about the picture.
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6. ________________