Level K Reading Assessment - Map Tools

4/4/2019 8:43:00 PM
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Map Tools

Maps help us find places when we travel. They show us how many miles one place is from another place. They show how land areas look from above.

Markings on a map stand for real things in the world. Many maps have a tool called a key. The key tells us what the markings mean. For example, blue lines might show rivers.

Most maps have a tool called a compass rose. This tool shows a map’s directions: north, east, south, and west.

Reading a map may seem difficult. But a map’s tools make it easier to use.

What is the passage mostly about?

  • what blue lines on a map show
  • how difficult it is to read a map
  • tools that people can use to make maps
  • tools on maps and how they help people

According to the passage, a map’s key is __________.

  • a piece of metal that will open treasure chests found on maps
  • a tool on a map that shows where different directions are
  • a tool on a map that shows what different markings mean
  • a piece of metal that can fit into a lock used to protect a map

According to the passage, what is one thing a compass rose shows?

  • how far apart things are
  • how to find south on a map
  • where to find the nearest flower shop
  • where rivers are on a map

What is the author’s purpose for writing the passage?

  • to persuade you to go on a trip so you can use a map
  • to tell how maps and map tools can help you
  • to entertain you with a story of how a family used a map as a tool
  • to describe a place that you will find if you use a map

Which of the following would you find a symbol for on a compass rose?

  • city
  • forest
  • north
  • water