Level K Reading Assessment - Escape

4/4/2019 8:39:27 PM
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The Great Zoo Escape “I promised we would escape,” the old ostrich told her flock.

A younger ostrich said, “Yahoo, no more zoo!”

Each creature looked happy. The animals had run away on tiptoe past the zoo patrol.

“We’re free!” two donkeys shouted.

“But I’m hungry,” one of the amphibians said. 

“Who will feed us?”

The animals looked at each other.

“I’m tired,” said the mare, “and I miss my bed.”

Nobody knew what to say.

Then the gorilla made a speech. “This was fun,” he said.  

“Now, shall we tiptoe back inside?”

The animals cheered and shouted, 

“Let’s go home!”

Where did the animals escape from?

  • a jungle
  • a zoo
  • a circus
  • a forest

How did the feelings of the animals change during the story?

  • from calm to nervous to calm again
  • from bored to excited to bored again
  • from angry to joyful to angry again
  • from happy to sad to happy again

Read these sentences from the passage: The animals had run away. They had to tiptoe past the zoo patrol. What does "tiptoe" mean?

  • walk quietly
  • dance happily
  • race quickly
  • stomp loudly

Which of the animals solved the problem at the end of the story?

  • the old ostrich
  • one of the amphibians
  • the gorilla
  • one of the donkeys

Why did the rest of the animals not know what to say after the amphibian and the mare complained?

  • They realized they were not so happy outside the zoo.
  • They were shocked that the amphibian and mare had been so rude.
  • They did not understand what the amphibian and mare had said.
  • They did not agree with the amphibian and mare.