Level L Reading Assessment - Home for Lunch

5/28/2019 10:56:55 PM
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Home for Lunch
“What’s that?” asked Ana.
“Dad said to make lunch while he’s working,” said Juan.
“Are you calling that lunch?” she asked. She pointed at
something that looked like a pile of mush.
“I’m trying to build a banana house, but the banana slices are too slippery,” said Juan.
“I can help,” Ana said, pulling a jar from the refrigerator
so that it could warm up.
When Dad walked in, he found a surprise. Ana and Juan had built a house of food. Banana slabs held up a corn-chip roof. Peanut butter held everything together like glue.
Ana and Juan knew they would have to eat this mess.
But the look on Dad’s face was worth it!

What is the story mostly about?

  • a dad who does not have time to eat lunch
  • a dad who brings lunch home to his children
  • two children who build a house from food
  • two children who go to work with their dad

In the story, Juan said that the bananas were too slippery. Which word means almost the same as slippery?

  • simple
  • slimy
  • small
  • solid

What do the children use for the roof of their house of food?

  • oatmeal jars
  • banana slices
  • corn chips
  • peanut butter cookies

Which event happened last?

  • Ana pulled a jar from the refrigerator.
  • Ana asked Juan what he was doing.
  • Dad walked in.
  • Juan tried to make lunch by himself.

What will likely happen next in the story?

  • Dad will take a nap after his day at work.
  • Ana and Juan will eat the house of food.
  • Dad will throw the house of food away.
  • Ana and Juan will go to work with Dad.