Đề thi HSG tiếng Anh lớp 10 các trường THPT Chuyên khu vực Duyên hải và ĐBBB năm 2012

4/8/2019 10:06:27 PM
Đề thi Tiếng Anh lớp 10 hội thi HSG các trường THPT chuyên khu vực Duyên hải và Đồng bằng Bắc bộ năm học 2011-2012

His answer was so confused that I could hardly make any _____ of it at all.

  • interpretation
  • meaning
  • intelligibility
  • sense

The thought of living in another country has never _______ my mind.

  • crossed
  • entered
  • occurred to
  • come

I was passing their house, so I ______ Claire and Michael.

  • dropped in
  • came up with
  • got on with
  • run into

I don't really _____ winter sport very much.

  • deal with
  • face up to
  • go in for
  • get round to

Her mother's illness cast a cloud ______ her wedding day.

  • over
  • for
  • in
  • on

She did six hours' _____ studying a day for her exam.

  • solid
  • heavy
  • strong
  • big

No one liked the new lecturer, so there was a gradual _____ in the attendance of his lectures.

  • lectures
  • fall-out
  • fall-off
  • fall-in

I was talking to my aunt when suddenly my cousin George ______ in our conversation.

  • interrupted
  • broke
  • went
  • intervened

He has been unable to find a job ______ with his ability.

  • appropriate
  • suitable
  • commensurate
  • requistic

Don't count on him. He's liable to ______ out if things get too difficult.


  • let
  • be
  • opt
  • stop

In this assignment, we will _____ your work and then give you detailed feedback on how to improve your writing.

  • assess
  • judge
  • measure
  • test

In a seminar or tutorial, everyone should take part rather than allow one person to _____ the discussion.

  • overwhelm
  • dominate
  • oppress
  • empower

Many people were killed instantly at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but thousands more died from ______ radiation sickness.

  • succeeding
  • following
  • subsequent
  • afterwards

I'll move ______ to achieve my goal.

  • heaven and earth
  • mountain and sea
  • paradise and hell
  • milky way and horizon

The 5% wage increases they propose are ______.

  • all for one
  • by and large
  • top to borrow
  • across the board

- Sarah: "I want you to give me some money."

- Paul: "______"

  • Oh you want, do you?
  • Oh you'd like, would you?
  • Oh, you give, do you?
  • Oh you do, do you?

She often appears not to care about her work, but appearences can be ______.

  • cunning
  • deceiful
  • deceptive
  • insincere

As they watched the football match the huge crowd ______ in unison.

  • chanted
  • intoned
  • crowded
  • bellowed

Nothing you say will make a _______ of difference to my decision.

  • fragment
  • scrap
  • gram
  • grain

_____, Carol's very punctual, but she was late tonight.

  • For a rule
  • Like a rule
  • For a rule of thumb
  • As a rule

Fill in each blank in the sentences with a correct preposition or particle.

Jack didn't expect to come up such difficulties.

Make yourself a drink while I go and slip  something more comfortable.

The problem stems the government's lack of action.

We put a sum of money each month for the summer holiday.

- "She says she's going to become a medical student."            

- "Oh, don't believe her. She's having you ."

Don't worry, he only makes that he is such a strict teacher.

We were convinced Patrick would take the moment we met him.

- "I understand Diane lost her job."                                              

- "Yes, but she's actually better ."

The cottage is beautifully furnished and close proximity to the beach.

You look very terrible! What have you been getting to?

Read the passage and choose the correct answer for the following questions.
History books record that the first film with sound was 'The Jazz Singer' in 1927. But sounds like films, or "talkies", did not suddenly appear after years of silent screening. From the earliest public performance in 1896, films were accompanied by music and sound effects. These were produced by a single pianist, a small band, or a full-scale orchestra: large movie theatres could buy sound-effect machines. Research into sound that was reproduced at exactly the same time as the pictures called - "synchronized sounds" - began soon after the very first film were shown. With synchronized sound, characters on the movie screen could sing and speak. As early as 1896, the newly invented gramophone, which played a large disc carrying music and dialouge, was used as a sound system. The biggest disadvantage was that the sound and pictures could become unsynchronized if, for example, the gramophone needle jumped or if the speed of the projector changed. This system was only effective for a single song or dialouge sequence. In the "sound - on - film" system, sounds were recorded as a series of marks on celluloid which could be read by optical sensor. These signals would be placed on the film alongside the image, guaranteeing snchronization. Short feature films were produced in this way as early as 1922. This system eventually brought us "taking pictures".

The passage is mainly about the ______.

  • history of silent movies
  • disadvantages of synchronized sound 
  • development of sound with movies
  • researchinto sound production

According to the passage, films using sound effects were screened ______.

  • before 1896
  • as early as 1992
  • as early as 1896
  • in 1927

The world "screening" is closest meaning to ______.

  • revelations
  • projections
  • demonstrations
  • diversions

Which of the following is NOT mentioned as producer of sound to accompany movies?

  • a gramophone
  • a single pianist
  • a small band
  • a jazz singer

It can be inferred that ______.

  • gramophones were developed about the same time as moving pictures
  • sound-effects machines were not common because they were expensive
  • orchestras couldn't synchronize sound with pictures
  • most movie theatres had a pianist

According to the passage, gramophones were ineffective because they ______.

  • got out of synchronization with the pictures
  • were too large for most movie theatres
  • were newly invented and still had imperfection
  • changed speeds when the needle jumped

The world "sequence" is closest meaning to ______.

  • interpretation
  • progression
  • distribution
  • organization

The phrase "these signals" refers to ______.

  • sounds
  • series
  • marks
  • sensors

According to the passage, sound-on-film guaranteed synchronization because the signals were ______.

  • made during the filming of the pictures
  • read by an optical sensors
  • inserted beside the image on the film
  • marked on the gramophone

Short feature films produced as early as 1922 ______.

  • were recored by an optical sensor
  • preceded talking pictures
  • were only effective for dialouge sequences
  • put musicians out of work

Give the correct form of the word provided to fill each gap.

The school is upgrading its alarms and correcting other fire code . (VIOLATE)

Various by police officers were brought to light by the inquiry. (PRACTICE)

Jim is one of the most member of the committee. (SPEAK)

This is not an original, but it's a good . (PRODUCE)

The successful candicate will have superb skills. (LEAD)

Kapo, the gorilla was born and bred in . (CAPTIVE)

She may look fierce but the lioness has instincts like any other female animal. (MOTHER)

The river provides a supply of fish for the young bears. (ABOUND)

Nowadays only a of wild crocodiles remain here. (HAND)

Patrica's skill in playing the piano is quite . No other child in this group can play difficult pieces with similar mastery. (COMPARE)

Choose the best word(s) to fill in each blank in the following passage.

The first traffic signal was invented by a railway engineer. It was installed outside the House of Parliament in 1868. It like any railway signal of the time, and was operated by gas. , it explored and kill a policeman, and the accident  further development until cars became common.                     

Modern traffic lights are an American invention. Red-green systems were installed in Cleveland in 1914. Three-color signals, operated hand from a tower in the of the street, was installed in New York in 1918. The lights of this type to appear in Britain were in London, on the junction between St. Jam's Street and Piccadilly, in 1925. Automatic signals were installed year later. In the past, traffic lights were special. In New York, some lights had a statue on top. In Los Angeles, the lights did not just silently, but would ring bells to the sleeping motorists of the 1930s. These are gone and have been by standard models that are universally adopted. 

Fill in each blank with one best word. 

If all countries had the same monetary units, a difficult problem of international trade would be solved. One country's money is not usually good in , however, and it is necessary to have a system for the currency of the buyer into of the seller. Bankers handle this by doing is called buying or selling foreign exchange.  
When an exporter sells his goods to a merchant in a foreign country, he makes a bill of exchange for the merchandise. The bill of exchange looks a common bank check. The exporter sends this bill to his bank and receives his money. , the exporter receives payment in his own currency.
The exporter's bank sends the bill of exchange to branch bank which notifies the who pays the bill in his currency. The branch bank keeps his money and uses it to pay future of exchange presented by merchants in that country who have goods to export.