Đề số 1 Toefl Primary Step 2 - Listening (có giải thích đáp án chi tiết)

8/15/2019 4:25:00 PM
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Listen and choose the correct picture.


The correct answer is picture B.

Listen to a conversation and answer the question.
Let’s do an example.

When is the girl's party?
(A) Tonight
(B) Next week
(C) This weekend
The answer is "C."

What will the girl do next?

  • Buy some new clothes
  • Quickly wash her clothes
  • Find different clothes to wear

What did the boy enjoy most during the class trip?

  • The video about dinosaurs
  • The pictures of ocean life
  • The room of rocks

What will the boy and girl do next ?

  • Go to the library
  • Draw a picture of a flower
  • Buy some colored pencils

Why does the girl write down her phone number?

  • Because she wants her friend to call her
  • Because she wants to know when a book arrives
  • Because she wants to find someone to play a game with

What does the boy want the girl to do?

  • Go to the library to get some books
  • Work on a project at his house
  • Stay after school to study for a test

What is the boy going to do on Saturday?

  • Ride his bike
  • Look at butterflies
  • Buy some flowers

Listen and answer the question.
Let’s do an example.

What did Mike call about?
(A) Homework
(B) A movie
(C) A library book
The answer is "B."

What will Carmen do tomorrow?

  • Give a book to Tracy
  • Look for a book at the library
  • Talk about a book with Tracy

Why did Colin call?

  • To invite him to work at his house
  • To ask what he needs to do for homework
  • To tell him what to buy at the store

What will Gabe do tomorrow?

  • Play a game with a friend
  • Clean his room
  • Visit his grandmother's house

What will the boy do on Saturday?

  • Go to a ball game
  • Help his parents move
  • Watch a movie

Why did Roger call?

  • To tell Shawn they are going to be on the baseball team
  • To ask Shawn to go to a baseball game after school
  • To remind Shawn to go to baseball practice

Why did Ms. Eng call?

  • To tell Nellie where the game is going to be
  • To tell Nellie to bring soccer balls tomorrow
  • To ask Nellie about the weather

Listen to a story about a cat named Max.

What is the story about?

  • A cat playing in the garden
  • A cat searching for some food
  • A cat looking for his friends

Where did Max go first?

  • The kitchen
  • The living room
  • The garden

What did Max think he would see at the table?

  • The family having dinner
  • The children doing homework
  • The children playing a game

What were the children doing during the story?

  • Building something
  • Cooking dinner
  • Watching television

Listen to a story about Ricky and Adam.

Who talks about leaving on time?

  • Ricky
  • Adam
  • The father

Why are Ricky and Adam hungry?

  • They ate breakfast early.
  • They smelled food in the basket.
  • They did not like the food at lunch.

What will Ricky and Adam do at the beach?

  • Play with their pails and kite
  • Swim in the water
  • Play with a beach ball

Who is Adam?

  • Ricky’s father
  • Ricky’s friend
  • Ricky’s brother

Listen to a teacher giving a science lesson.

What is special about the homing pigeon?

  • They like to live inside houses.
  • They build large homes for their young.
  • They can always find their way home.

What is true about these birds?

  • They carry heavy objects.
  • They fly very fast.
  • They make very loud noises.

How did these birds help people in the past?

  • They found important objects.
  • They built nests in safe places.
  • They carried letters.

Listen to a guide talking in an aquarium.

How are whales different from fish?

  • They breathe air.
  • They live in water.
  • They move their tails to swim.

What do whale songs sound like?

  • Other ocean animal sounds
  • People singing
  • Strange noises

Why do whales sing?

  • To frighten other animals
  • To find food
  • To play with their children

Listen to a teacher in a history class.

What is a good name for this lesson?

  • How to build new boats
  • Learning from an old boat
  • Why old boats are better than new boats

How did people find the old boat?

  • Divers swam to it.
  • Workers used computers.
  • People saw it from a boat.

How did the workers build the new boat?

  • They used parts of old boats.
  • They used wood and small machines.
  • They used computers and large machines

Where did the workers go on the new boat?

  • Oman
  • Africa
  • Singapore