Toefl Primary Step 2 - Mock Test - Reading

9/28/2019 3:44:00 PM
Đề thi thử phần Reading của Toefl Primary Step 2 gồm 36 câu theo đúng cấu trúc đề thi chuẩn.

When you make a cake, you mix the batter and heat it in an oven. You are _____.

  • baking
  • frying
  • boiling

It is a type of food that consists of small white or brown grains. It becomes soft after boiling and steaming in water. What is it?

  • Cheese
  • Rice
  • Noodle

It is an event where people donate money to help other people or organizations. What is it?

  • Birthday party
  • Graduation party
  • Fundraiser

You get a wound on your body from an accident. Sometimes you can neither walk nor use your arm if the damage is serious.
You are _____.

  • cured
  • injured
  • treated

You do this to someone when you have done something wrong and feel sorry about it. What do you have to do?

  • Forgive
  • Apologize
  • Miss

You do this to make something look more attractive. You can do this to your room or entire home. What are you doing?

  • Breaking
  • Removing
  • Decorating

People who work at stores give their products to their customers and receive money in exchange. What are they doing?

  • Selling
  • Borrowing
  • Picking

You apply this liquid mixture on your skin to smoothen or protect it. What is it?

  • Flour
  • Lotion
  • Toothpaste

It is the mixture of gases that we breathe. It surrounds the Earth and doesn't have any shape of color. What is it?

  • Air
  • Water
  • Soil

Read the table. Answer the questions.


What I want to be Reasons
Thomas Dunham Police officer or Firefighter

I like helping people.

I want to provide a safe environment in my neighborhood.

Katherine Young Math teacher I like math, and my dad is a math teacher, too.
Julia Parsons Web designer

I am creative, I like using computers, too.

Robert Lee Singer I like singing and dancing.


What does Thomas want to be?

  • A math teacher
  • A singer
  • A police officer

What subject does Katherine like?

  • English
  • Math
  • Science

What kind of person is Julia?

  • Creative
  • Shy
  • Lazy

What does Robert Lee NOT like?

  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Working

Read the letter. Then answer the questions.

Dear Sandra, 

Hi, how are you? I hope things are well with you. A week has passed since our summer camp ended, and I still miss the fun I had there. One of the wonderful things that I loved about attending summer camp was making new friends like you. I had so much fun playing in a band with you. We will get busy once school starts next month, but let's keep in touch. I hope I can see you again at summer camp next year.

Write me back! 

Your friend,


Where did Jessica meet Sandra?

  • At school
  • At summer camp
  • At a birthday party

What does Jessica want to do with Sandra?

  • She wants to keep in touch with Sandra
  • She wants Sandra to visit her home
  • She wants to study together for the test

Read the letter. Answer the questions.

Dear Officer Keep, 

I just want to say thank you very much for catching the thief who stole my purse. I always knew that police officers did many things to keep our community safe and help the people in the community. However, I never thought my purse could get stolen at a coffee shop, and that I could actually use your help to find it. I don't know how to thank you enough for all your help. Thank you again for everything. 


Lydia Williams 

Why did Lydia write a letter?

  • To thank the police officer for getting her purse back
  • To ask the police officer to find her purse
  • To report a lost wallet that she found at a coffee shop

Where was Lydia's purse stolen?

  • At the community center
  • On the street
  • At a coffee shop

Read about the fire drill. Answer the questions.

School Fire Drills

A fire drill is a practice for learning how to escape from fire or other emergency situations. You will basically learn how to leave the building as a group under the teacher's instruction.

1. When the fire alarm rings, stop what you are doing.

2. Listen to the teacher and follow instructions.

3. Line up and quietly leave the room.

4. Cover your mouth while you are leaving the room, and remain calm.

5. Do not push others or run when you leave the building. Stay in line.

6. Stay with your teacher and classmates at all times so your teacher knows where you are.

7. Do not talk until the alarm stops.

8. When the alarm stops, slowly walk back to the classroom.

9. Make sure you remember where to go when there's an actual fire in the building. 

When you hear the fire alarm, you _____.

  • must run to the restroom
  • must stop what you are doing
  • must act alone

How must we behave when we leave the building?

  • We must talk loudly, so the teacher can hear us.
  • We must stay in line.
  • We must race outside.

What do we learn in a fire drill?

  • How to start a fire
  • How to turn off the fire alarm
  • How to escape from fire

Read a story about Leona. Answer questions

Spring came, and Leona saw flowers blooming in her backyard. "There are more flowers and trees in the park, and they look prettier than the ones in my backyard now," she thought to herself. "I should ask Jasmine to go on a picnic with me." Leona picked up the phone and called her friend, Jasmine.

     "Hello?" Jasmine answered.

     "Hi, this is Jasmine's friend Leona. May I speak to Jasmine, please?" Leona asked.

     "Hi, Leona. What's up?" said Jasmine. "

     "Hi, Jasmine. Do you want to go on a picnic in the park with me tomorrow?" asked Leona.

     "Sure, we can have sandwiches and fruit salad for lunch and play with my puppy," answered Jasmine.

     The next morning, Leona was very excited. When she was almost finished packing her bag, the phone rang.

    "Hi, Leona. I am really sorry, but I don't think I can go to a picnic with you. I have come down with a cold."

     "Oh, OK. Well, take care then." Leona was disappointed, but she did not tell her friend that. While she was unpacking her bag in the kitchen, she had an idea. "I should make chicken soup for Jasmine." With her mother's help, Leona made a hot and yummy chicken soup and took it with a get-well card to Jasmine's house.

     The next day in school, Jasmine was all better. 

     "Thank you very much for the chicken soup. It was very delicious."

     "You're welcome. Are you all better now?" Leona asked.

     "Yes, do you want to go to the park with me this Sunday? My mom will make enough sandwiches and fruit salad for us," asked Jamine.

     "Wow. That's nice. I can't wait!" Leona almost shouted with happiness. It was not only Jasmine who felt much better. 

What did Leona want to do with Jasmine?

  • Eat sandwiches for lunch at school
  • Go to the park together
  • Plant some flowers

Why did Jasmine cancel the picnic?

  • She had to study for the test.
  • She had a birthday party to attend.
  • She caught a cold.

What did Leona do for Jasmine?

  • She wrote a card for her.
  • She sold her chicken soup.
  • She did homework for her.

Why did Leona become happy again?

  • She can go to the park with Jasmine on Sunday.
  • She got a perfect score on the math test.
  • Her family likes her chicken soup very much.

Read a story about Jason and Henry. Answer the questions.

     "I will race you!" Jason said. Jason and Henry were riding their bicycles in the park.

     "OK. I'm sure I will win!" Henry shouted and pedaled as fast as he could.

     "Uh oh!" Henry felt something was wrong. He realized he was going so fast that he lost his balance on his bicycle. Soon, Henry lost his balance completely and fell off the bicycle.

     Jason was following behind Henry and saw Henry fall down on the ground. Jason got off his bicycle and ran to Henry.

     Are you OK?" Jason said with a worried look.

     "I think I hurt my ankle. It hurts a lot," Henry replied.

     "Wait here. I will go and ask for help." Jason ran back to find the park rangers. Fifteen minutes later, Jason came back with the park ranger and paramedics. The paramedics checked Henry's ankle and some scratches on his body.

     "I think you've sprained your ankle. We will get you to the hospital. Why don't I call your mom, and your friend can watch your bicycle?" One of the paramedics said.

     A few hours later, Henry was brought home with a cast around his ankle. He promised his mom he wouldn't do such thing to worry her anymore.

     "How are you feeling? I'm sorry I caused you such trouble," Jason told Henry that night.

     "That's OK. It was my fault. I was pedaling too fast around the corner. Thank you for bringing help to me though," Henry answered.

     Jason and Henry promised not to ride their bicycles too fast in the park anymore. 

Where were Henry and Jason?

  • In school
  • On the playground
  • In the park

Why did Henry fall off his bicycle?

  • He was riding too fast.
  • The bicycle was too heavy to carry.
  • He did not see the step in front of him.

What happened to Henry?

  • He broke his arm.
  • He sprained his wrist.
  • He sprained his ankle.

Why did Jason apologize to Henry?

  • Jason felt that he was responsible for Henry's accident.
  • Jason was the one who broke Henry's bicycle.
  • Jason did not help Henry when he was in trouble.

Read about a day in an art class. Answer the questions.

     "We are going to do some watercolor painting today. Please draw a sketch of your favorite animal first. Then wet your paintbrush with water and color the animal any color you like," the art teacher said"I'm going to draw my pet dog, Lily." Christina drew her dog on her sketchbook. Then she started to color her pet dog.

     A few minutes later, Christina realized that something had gone wrong. "Oh no, what's happening to my picture?" The paints seemed to be spreading all over her sketchbook. She could not clearly see the face of her pet dog anymore. "My sketchbook is wet now. What should I do?" Christina mumbled to herself.

     Then her teacher came. "You were supposed to give some time for the paper to dry before you painted with another color," the teacher explained. "I didn't realize that I was using too much water on my sketchbook. Can I try it again? Mrs. Weaver?" Christina asked her teacher, so she could draw a new one.

     "Yes, you may try as many times as you want," the teacher said. "I will not make the same mistake again. I will make sure my sketchbook gets all dried this time." Then Christina began drawing her pet dog again. 

What do you need in order to do watercolor painting?

  • oil
  • clay
  • water

What happens if you don't dry the sketchbook enough?

  • The page will get dried automatically.
  • You will get a vivid color.
  • The colors will mix together.

What did Christina want to draw?

  • Her pet kitten
  • Her pet hamster
  • Her pet dog

Why did Christina have to redo her work?

  • Her drawing was ruined because her sketchbook wasn't dried enough.
  • Her teacher didn't like her drawing at all.
  • Her friend was drawing the same dog.

Read the text. Answer the questions.

Do you know the hot and dry country located in the Southern Hemisphere, and known as the fourth largest country in the world? If you don't know the answer, think about the country that is famous for kangaroos and koalas. The answer is Australia. There are over 20 million people living in Australia. The capital city is Canberra, and people use the Australian dollar there. One unique thing about Australia is its climate. The center of the country is mainly desert, so most Australians live along the coast because it is tropical in the north, temperate in the south, but hot and dry in the central deserts.

What is true about Australia?

  • Polar bears are famous there.
  • The capital city is Washington, D.C.
  • It is known as a hot and dry country.

What does climate mean?

  • Weather
  • Location
  • Currency

Read the text. Answer the questions.

Life on a farm is pretty busy and hard. It takes a lot of responsibility to take care of farm animals and crops. Farmers usually work from early morning until late at night. They get milk from cows so we can get fresh milk every day. They clean the barn and feed the animals. They check the animals to see whether they are healthy or not. They also plant and harvest the crops so we can have fresh and delicious food on the table. 

What's it like to work on a farm?

  • Easy
  • Difficult
  • Simple

What is true about farmers?

  • They work in officers from early morning.
  • They spend most of their time at sea.
  • They take care of farm animals.