Đề thi thử số 6 Toefl Primary Challenge vòng 2 - Reading (có giải thích đáp án chi tiết)

11/30/2019 12:51:00 PM
Bài thi thử phần Reading của vòng 2 Toefl Primary Challenge 2019, được biên soạn theo đúng cấu trúc chuẩn của bài thi Reading trong Toefl Primary Step 2

I love fried chicken because it is so _____. When I bite it, it is hard enough to be broken easily.

  • Crispy
  • Spicy
  • Creamy

It's a piece of kitchen equipment. It uses electricity to preserve food at a cold temperature. What is it?

  • An elevator
  • A refrigerator
  • An air-conditioner

I would like to go to a building to watch movies when I have free time. It contains many comfortable seats and huge screens. Where is this?

  • gallery
  • museum
  • movie theater

It is a part of a plant. It is under the ground. It takes water and sends it to the rest of the plant. It is ____.

  • A root
  • A leaf
  • A branch

I am so tired of my puppy. He never listens to me. He often bites my shoes and my clothes. He is so _____.

  • Gentle
  • Naughty
  • Energetic

My uncle is an artist. He is making a picture with his pencil but he doesn’t color it. What is he doing?

  • Writing
  • Painting
  • Drawing

My mom is making my favorite drink. She puts milk, chocolate, and strawberry flavor into a glass. Then, she shakes it until it is full of bubbles. My favorite drink is _____.

  • strawberry juice
  • strawberry milkshake
  • strawberry milk

This is a large bag. I put my school things inside it. I carry it on my back when I walk to school. What is it?

  • A pocket
  • A backpack
  • A sleeping bag

We go to the beach today. My son likes swimming under the water while he breathes air through a tube. What is he doing?

  • snorkeling
  • scuba-diving
  • surfing

Read the letters and answer the questions.

Dear Emma, 

I have a problem, and I need your help. My parents are really strict and never let me do anything! For example, when I go out with my friends, my mom always asks, "Where are you going? Who are you going with?" My parents want to control everything I do. But I'm 18 years old! I try to talk to my mom and dad, but they don't listen. Why is it so hard for them to understand me? 



Dear Josh, 

You asked, "Why is it so hard for them to understand me?". That's a good question. You're growing up, but often it's hard for your parents to see this. To them, you are still a child and they want to protect you. Sometimes, it's hard to talk to your parents. Here's an idea: Write to your mother and father a letter. Explain your feelings calmly. Tell your parents about your life, too. Then maybe they will understand you better. 


(Adapted from Active Skills for Reading Intro by Neil J Anderson)


What is Josh's biggest problem with his parents?

  • They want to know where he goes.
  • They are too strict.
  • They don't like his earrings.

Emma tells Josh to _____ his parents first.

  • write a letter
  • talk
  • listen

Read an email and answer the questions.

Dear Jacquie, 

Hello from Hong Kong! My class trip is almost over, and this city is the last stop on our tour. I'm having a lot of fun. 

On Saturday, we visited the top of Victoria Peak. The view of the city was incredible! I could see all of Hong Kong. There were also some nature trails on the Peak. We went for a short walk and then had lunch in the afternoon. 

In the evening, I went to Temple Street Night Market. The streets were full of people selling food, clothes, jewelry, and lots of other things. I bought some souvenirs to bring home. 

Yesterday, our group went to Disneyland. We were there all day. The park was crowded, and the lines for rides were long. I waited an hour to go on Space Mountain (the roller coaster). That was my favorite part of the trip! 

We return home to Vancouver tomorrow. 

See you soon! 


(Adapted from Active Skills for Reading Intro by Neil J Anderson)


Natalie thinks Hong Kong is _____.

  • boring
  • expensive
  • enjoyable

What did Natalie buy at the Temple Street Night Market?

  • jewelry
  • food
  • souvenirs

Read the announcement of The learning center

Some of this month's workshops: 

1. Get good grades!

Do you forget information and do poorly on tests? 

In this workshop, you can learn how to

  • remember more (95 percent of what you read)
  • think quickly and read fast (400 words per minute!)
  • do well on tests and get a high score

2. Find true love ... today!

Are you single and shy? Is it hard for you to talk to people? In this workshop, you can learn how to

  • talk to people: start a conversation with anyone
  • be more friendly and outgoing
  • understand a person's body language

3. You're on TV!

Many actors get their start in television and radio commercials You can too! 

In this workshop, you can learn how to

  • act in TV ads
  • use your voice on the radio.
  • get TV or radio jobs

4. See the world for free!

Traveling is expensive. But you can see the world for very little money! In this workshop, you can learn how to

  • get discounts (50-80 percent) on plane tickets
  • travel with your friends for free

You can also take this course online at http://tic.heinle.com.

(Adapted from Active Skills for Reading Intro by Neil J Anderson)

Workshop 1 does NOT teach students _____.

  • how to read faster
  • how to think faster
  • how to write better

After you take Workshop 2, you will be able to ____.

  • talk to people more easily
  • get married
  • find someone who is shy

If you want to _____, take Workshop 3.

  • be a school teacher
  • travel around the world
  • act in TV and radio ads

At the end of Workshop 4, you will be able to _____.

  • work for an airline
  • travel for little or no money
  • always travel for free

Read the instruction and answer the questions.

How to Make Jams and Jellies From Fruit

Do you like jams and jellies? 

Jams and jellies are fruit and sugar mixed together. These treats are fun to make!

You can even do it at home. Make sure an adult is there to help you cook. You can use your favorite fruit for your jams and jellies. Jams and jellies are similar, but they are also different. 


Jams are made of mashed fruit and sugar. Making a jam is easy.

First, mash the fruit with a fork.

Next, mix the mashed fruit and sugar. Then, put it in a jar.

Finally, boil the jar in water. The mashed fruit and sugar become jam.


Jellies are made of fruit juice and sugar. Jellies are also easy.

Mash the fruit with a fork until it’s soft.

Then cook the fruit. The cooked fruit makes juice. Drain the juice from the fruit.

Then, add sugar to the juice. Put the juice and sugar in a jar.

Use your jelly to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Finally, put the jar in water and boil it like you did to make a jam.

The fruit juice and sugar become yummy jelly. Now you know how to make jams and jellies from fruit!

(Adapted from How to Make Jams and Jellies From Fruit by Michelle S.)


Why was this article written?

  • to convince people to eat more jams and jellies
  • to explain the difference between jam and jelly
  • to teach people how to make jams and jellies

What is the main ingredient in both jams and jellies?

  • fruit and sugar
  • vegetables
  • eggs

What is the difference between jams and jellies?

  • You put jam in the freezer for three hours after you boil it.
  • You use the fruit juice to make jelly.
  • You do not boil jelly, you bake it in the oven.

Read the passage and answer the questions.

After graduating from college, Sean Aiken knew he would need to find a job soon. The problem was that he wasn't sure what kind of work he wanted to do. 

At the dinner table, his father said he had worked his whole life doing a job he didn't really enjoy. He encouraged him to do what he liked most. Aiken wanted a different future. He promised himself that he would find something that he was passionate about. 

Aiken set a goal to work a new job each week for a year. That's 52 occupations in one year. And he did it! One week, as a dairy farmer, he milked cows every morning. Then, in another week, he was an astronomer studying the night sky. Aiken's favorite job, though, was teaching. He learned he was happiest when he was helping others. 

Aiken also learned that it's OK to not know what you want to do right away. After all, Aiken found his message “You'll find your perfect job one day!”

(Adapted from Active Skills for Reading Intro by Neil J Anderson)

What did Sean Aiken want to do after graduating from college?

  • He wanted to be a teacher.
  • He didn't know what to do.
  • He wanted to travel to Europe.

What did Aiken's father encourage him to do?

  • Get a job he enjoyed doing
  • Work one job his whole life
  • Work for his father for one year

Which of these jobs is NOT talked about in the passage?

  • astronomer
  • dairy farmer
  • pilot

What did Aiken learn by working so many different jobs?

  • that working is very difficult and not fun
  • that it is okay to take your time finding a job
  • that people should get a job right after college

Read the story and then answer the questions.

My Homestay Diary 

June 13

It's my first week in the United States and my first time in another country. So much is new and unusual (to me). It's great to be here. I hope I do well! 

June 25 

I live with an American host family: Valerie and Tim and their daughter, Megan. They're really nice. Every day learns something new. For example, this morning Valerie said, "I work late, and I can't cook tonight. Help yourself to anything for dinner.” I didn't understand. I thought Valerie wanted help with dinner. So I bought a takeout for everyone. When Valerie came home, she said, "Daniela, why did you buy food?" I explained. She said, "Help yourself means eat anything you want.” I was confused! We laughed and ate Chinese food anyway.

July 1

My best friend from Brazil called today. I was really happy to talk to her, but after, I felt kind of down. Everything here is so different from home - the food, the people, even the weather (It gets cold here even in the summer sometimes).

July 5 

Yesterday was Independence Day. It's a big holiday here. My host family had a barbecue in their yard. Their friends and neighbors came. Everyone was very friendly and warm. Then we went dancing. It was fun!

(Adapted from Active Skills for Reading Intro by Neil J Anderson)


Where does Daniela live in the United States?

  • In a hotel
  • At school
  • With a family

Why did Daniela buy takeout?

  • She didn't understand Valerie.
  • There was no food in the house.
  • Valerie wanted to eat Chinese food.

On July 1, Daniela felt sad. Why?

  • She was sick.
  • Her friend was going home.
  • Things in the United States felt different.

On Independence Day, Daniela and her host family _____.

  • went to a parade
  • went to see the fireworks
  • had a barbeque at their house

Read a story about Japanese folktale and answer the questions.

Once upon a time, in a Japanese mountain inn, there was a greedy innkeeper who was always thinking about money. 

One day, a rich man stopped at the inn and requested the most luxurious room at the inn. The innkeeper looked at the guest's fat money belt and thought, "Oh, if only all that money could be mine!" 

Now, all around the inn there grew Japanese ginger plants. Eating too many ginger buds may make you stupid and forgetful. This gave the innkeeper an idea. 

"This evening for dinner I'll serve ginger bud tempura!" she thought. "Then, the rich man will be forgetful and leave his money belt behind!" 

Later that evening, the rich man came down the stairs and requested dinner. The innkeeper served him the dish of ginger buds. "Delicious!" said the rich man. After he finished his dinner, he went to bed happy, full of ginger buds.

The next morning, the innkeeper said goodbye to the rich man. As soon as he was out of sight, she raced up to his room. She looked all over the room for the money belt, but she couldn't find it. Suddenly, she noticed the rich man's bill. He had forgotten to pay for it! She ran after him until she was out of breath, but the rich man was already far, far away.

(Adapted from Active Skills for Reading 1 by Neil J Anderson)


What lesson does the author want us to learn from this story?

  • Innkeepers are always thinking about money.
  • Trying to take things that belong to others is wrong.
  • If you ever stay at a country inn, be careful about your money.

After the rich man left, the innkeeper raced up to the room to _____.

  • check if he paid his bill
  • look for his money belt
  • clean the room

After he left the inn, the rich man was probably _____.

  • very angry at the innkeeper
  • feeling lucky that he didn't lose his money
  • not aware that anything had happened

Who ended up losing in the end?

  • The innkeeper
  • The rich man
  • Both of them

Read the passage and answer the questions.

Smartphone Apps for Travelers

Traveling soon? Smartphone apps make traveling easier than ever. However, with thousands of new travel apps to choose from each month, it can take a long time to figure out which applications are truly helpful. Here are two apps that will make your next trip abroad a little easier.

Talk to Me

Say au revoir to language phrasebooks after downloading the Talk to Me smartphone app. This is a great tool for anyone visiting a foreign country - it works like a translator in your pocket! When you speak into the phone in English, it translates what you are saying into the language you select. You can choose between English, Chinese, French, Spanish, German, and Italian. This app is useful for the everyday needs of tourists and business travelers. It's also great for frequent travelers and language learners.


Imagine being able to find whatever you need, no matter where you are! A map easily becomes outdated, and a guidebook typically helps you only in places the average tourist goes. What you need on your trip is an app that will tell you where the locals go. Want to find a great sushi place in Singapore? Morning coffee in Barcelona? A tailor in Mexico City? The Cityseeker app helps you find these places. It uses information created by Singaporeans, Spanish, Mexicans, and people from other popular tourist cities, to give advice on restaurants, gas stations, shops, landmarks, and more.

(Adapted from Active Skills for Reading 1 by Neil J Anderson)


Why can it take a long time to find a good travel app?

  • There are so many to choose from.
  • Many of them are hard to use.
  • They are only available for one month.

The word "Locals" in paragraph 3 refers to people who ____.

  • live and work in area
  • create maps and guidebooks
  • created the Cityseeker app

Read the passage and answer the questions.

Want to study abroad!

Choose TraveLingua!

Every year, thousands of students choose to study abroad for the summer- whether it's for six months, a year, or even longer. Many people find the experience of studying abroad very exciting, but also very scary. Let TraveLingua give you some advice.

Why do it?

Living in another country will help you learn a language and learn about another. You will see the world in a new way. Studying abroad is also training for the working world. Many companies want employees who speak a second language or who have experienced living or working in another country.

Making the right choice

To choose the right country or school, ask yourself these questions: For how long do I want to study abroad? Do I want to live with a host family, with roommates, or alone? How much can I afford to pay? If you aren't sure how to answer these questions, our experienced staff can help!

Getting ready to go

Based on our experience, it's best to get your passport and visa early! Before you go, learn as much of the language as you can and read about the customs of your host country. Make sure to bring some local money and a credit card.

Once you are there

Be curious and open to meeting new people. Don't expect to always be comfortable. After the first few weeks, it's usual to feel a little homesick. You'll miss your family and friends. Talk to your new friends and write about your feelings. Try to keep in touch with the people back home. TraveLingua helps you get started on your journey by doing all this, and more. 

(Adapted from Active Skills for Reading 1 by Neil J Anderson)

Travelingua is a company that helps students _____.

  • get into a school
  • meet people abroad
  • prepare to go abroad

Many students will feel ____ after a few weeks.

  • afraid
  • happy
  • homesick