Đề thi thử số 1 Toefl Primary Challenge 2019 vòng 2 - Listening

7/21/2019 1:42:00 AM
Bài thi thử phần Listening của vòng 2 Toefl Primary Challenge 2019, được biên soạn theo đúng cấu trúc chuẩn của bài thi Listening trong Toefl Primary Step 2

Listen to several talks and choose the correct picture (A or B or C). (Source: Step by step listening 2)

What do Jessica and Mike do at the park?

  • A
  • B
  • C

What did John do last summer vacation?

  • A
  • B
  • C

What does Leanne like to do in the summer?

  • A
  • B
  • C

What does Joanne like to do in winter?

  • A
  • B
  • C

What does Bob want to do next year?


  • A
  • B
  • C

Why does Mike like the summer?

  • A
  • B
  • C

Listen to each conversation and answer the question. (Source: Reading starter 3)


What instruments do his mom and dad play?


  • The violin
  • The piano
  • The guitar

How often will the girl practice?

  • Every day, Monday to Friday
  • Seven days a week
  • Every Monday

Why did the boy go to the amusement park?

  • It was his birthday.
  • It was his sister’s birthday.
  • His friends wanted to go.

How often does she water the plant?

  • Once a day
  • A few times each week
  • Once a week

What makes penguins become a funny animal?

  • They are not birds.
  • They like to eat fish.
  • They can’t fly, although they are birds.

How does the boy feel about horses?

  • He loves them.
  • He is a bit scared.
  • He doesn’t like them.

Listen to several phone messages (source: Toefl Primary Step 2) and answer the questions.

Why did Louis’ grandmother call?

  • To invite Louis to lunch
  • To speak with Louis' mother
  • To ask Louis what kind of cake he wants

Why did Abby’s mom call?

  • To tell her she will be home late
  • To tell her to finish her homework early
  • To ask for help making dinner

Why did Ryan call?

  • To talk about his new clothes
  • To ask what to wear on a class trip
  • To invite Michael to the museum

Why did Ms. Brown call?

  • To remind Sylvia about a class project
  • To ask Sylvia to return a book
  • To give directions to the library

Why did Wei-Wei call?

  • To tell Lana about her trip to a different country
  • To invite Lana to join a group for history class
  • To ask Lana about the maps on the history homework

Why did the teacher call?

  • To ask a question
  • To tell some news
  • To explain the homework

Listen to a story about the worst fear of a girl
(source: English Listening on Youtube| Learn English via Listening Level 2 playlist).

What does the girl think about swimming?

  • It would be easier for her to swim from a young age.
  • She remembered a bad experience in water when swimming.
  • She is afraid of swimming because she always gets water up her nose

When does the girl start to panic?

  • When the water gets higher than her cheek
  • When the water gets higher than her nose
  • When the water gets higher than her chest

What does she always wear on a boat?

  • a bomber Jacket
  • a life jacket
  • a sweater

What is her decision?

  • She will face her fears and take swimming lessons
  • She will go out onto a boat instead of swimming.
  • She will not overcome her fears because she wants to be safe.

Listen to a story about a cat (source: English Listening on Youtube  | Learn English via Listening Level 2 playlist).

What does the cat like to drink?

  • tea
  • milk
  • water

Where was a centipede?

  • on the lap
  • on the floor
  • on the chair

What did the cat do after eating a centipede?

  • She drank a big drink of tea
  • She jumped back to her bed
  • She sat on a lap and drank milk

What does the boy guess at his cat?

  • The cat drank all of his tea
  • The cat will eat another centipede
  • The cat drank tea to wash her mouth

Listen to a discussion. (source: More step by step Listening 1)

Where is the Sahara Desert?
  • in Northern Africa
  • in Northern America
  • in the United States
Which plant does NOT live in the Sahara Desert?
  • cactuses
  • vine trees
  • olive trees
What is the highest temperature in the Sahara during the hot period?
  • over 30 degrees
  • 40 degrees
  • 50 degrees

Listen to a student's speech. (Source: More step by step Listening 1)

What is the topic of the presentation?
  • a new type of transportation
  • a new kind of clothe
  • a new game
What is Helen’s idea?
  • an automatic motorbike
  • an automatic train
  • an automatic flying car
Which can help the car go really fast and travel long distances?
  • a big TV
  • rockets
  • big windows

Listen to a lecture. (Source: More step by step listening 1)

Where was the Double seven day celebrated?

  • in Asia
  • in America
  • in Africa
The Double seven day always falls on_______ of the lunar calendar.
  • July 7th
  • July 17th
  • July 27th
Which do single women ask the goddess for in China?
  • happiness
  • beauty
  • money
How do Japanese people celebrate Double seven days?
  • by gathering with their families
  • by writing wishes on pieces of paper
  • by eating wheat-flour noodles