Đề thi thử số 7 Toefl Primary Challenge vòng 2 - Reading (có giải thích đáp án chi tiết)

12/10/2019 2:56:00 PM
Bài thi thử phần Reading của vòng 2 Toefl Primary Challenge 2019, được biên soạn theo đúng cấu trúc chuẩn của bài thi Reading trong Toefl Primary Step 2

An animal lived millions of years ago but it is now extinct. What is it?

  • a dinosaur
  • a hippopotamus
  • a crocodile

When someone has the ability to learn and understand things quickly and easily, she or he is _____.

  • clever
  • studious
  • foolish

It is a printed table. It shows all the days, weeks, and months of the year. Especially, you can hang it on a wall. What is it?

  • a sheet of paper
  • a calendar
  • a timetable

You often see these signals on a road. When they change to green, you can go. However, you must stop when they turn red. What are they?

  • traffic jams
  • traffic signals
  • traffic lights

James is _____ now. His camping has been canceled because of heavy rain.

  • nervous
  • upset
  • hungry

My uncle has a great job. His job is to put out fires. He saved many people's lives. Who is he?

  • a firefighter
  • a police
  • a doctor

It is a small soft creature. It has a hard round shell on its back. It moves very slowly and often eats garden plants. What is it?

  • a turtle
  • a snail
  • a clam

Children make it from snow for fun. It looks like a man but it often has no leg. What is it?

  • a snowflake
  • a snowball
  • a snowman

It is a printed notice with a picture on it. You stick or pin it to a wall or board. You can use it to advertise something. What is it?

  • a photo
  • a standee
  • a poster

Reading an email and answer the questions: 

Dear Toby,

I like your idea to have a School Winter Fair. You can use the school playground on that date: Saturday 19th December, between 3.00 p.m. and 6.00 p.m. We can sell hot chocolate, tea, coffee, cake, and biscuits. Tickets should be £3 each for adults and £1.50 for children. You need to organize the rides and make a poster. Let me know if you need more help.

Best wishes,

Mr. Watts

(Adapted from Close-up A2 Student book)


How long can Toby use the school playground for School Winter Fair?

  • 2 hours
  • 3 hours
  • 4 hours

What does Toby need to do?

  • To clean up the playground
  • To cook the food
  • To make a poster

Reading the letter and answer questions:

Thursday, 15th Sept

Hi Phoebe,

How are you? I'm writing to you from Anchorage in Alaska!

I told you I love holidays in cold places!! We arrived on Monday. On Tuesday morning we went to the Anchorage Museum, but unfortunately, it was raining all afternoon so we couldn’t go on the guided coastal walk. Yesterday it was sunny, so we went on a bike ride. It's so beautiful here, but I was exhausted at the end of the day. We've just visited the Alaska zoo. The brown bears were amazing!

Tomorrow we're driving south to a town called Whittier where we're going to get on a boat and start our 26-Glacier cruise. I can't wait! I’m going to take lots of photos!

I'll tell you more when we get back.



(Adapted from Close-up A2 Student book)

Where did Lucy go on Tuesday morning?

  • the Anchorage museum
  • the Alaska zoo
  • the Whittier town

Which animal did Lucy see at the zoo?

  • tigers
  • monkeys
  • bears

Read the passage and answer the questions.

Our favorite hobbies

In school, the students did a survey of their favorite hobbies. Each of the students wrote down their favorite activities. Most students picked playing soccer, while a number of the girls chose to go to the mall. Stamp collecting was also a favorite of some of the students. A few even picked swimming. The rest of the students chose a painting or drawing as their favorite activity. In the end, the students made this graph.

Adapted from Reading Starter 2


What is the reading about?

  • Girls going to the mall
  • Favorite things to do
  • School activities

Which was the most popular activity?

  • Shopping
  • A sport
  • Collecting something

How many students were surveyed?

  • 50
  • 100
  • We don't know.

What does "chose" mean in the story?

  • liked
  • made
  • picked

Reading the passage and answer the question:

Gabby' s Garden blog

It's very easy to grow plants in your garden. Just follow these tips:

  • First, you have to plant some seeds. Make sure sunlight can reach this area of the garden - it's not good for plants to be in dark places.
  • Then you must water the seeds, especially if the weather is warm.
  • In about a week, you will see the first small, green leaves coming up through the ground. You don't have to give the plants any special food. All they need is sunlight and water.

Your plants will attract insects and other small creatures:

  • Snails are slow, but they can eat your plants quickly.
  • Spiders are scary and they could bite you.
  • Bees can sting you, but they also make delicious honey.
  • Flies are annoying, especially in the summer if you want to eat outside.
  • Ants work hard. If you look closely, you can see them in a line as they carry food across your garden.
  • Butterflies look very pretty in a garden. Some of them have wonderful colors like blue and orange.

(Adapted from Close-up A2 Student book)

What do NOT the plants need to survive?

  • sunlight
  • water
  • special food

How long does it take to see the first green leaves?

  • Two weeks after growing
  • About 7 days after growing
  • About one and a half week after growing

Which animals are harmful to the plants?

  • Snails
  • Flies
  • Bees

Reading the passage. Answer the question:

The fifth runner

Eric was on his school's track team- kind of. He was the fifth-fastest runner. Only four runners could run on a relay team. Eric was the team's alternate. The alternate doesn't get to run in the race. He only fills in if another team member can't run.

Eric worked out with his teammates every day. He would practice at home, too. Eric wore the same uniform as the other runners, but he never felt like part of the team.

One Saturday morning, Eric's team attended a track meet. Eric went with them like he always did. As his team jogged toward the start line, Dan, the team's fastest runner, twisted his ankle. He cried out in pain. Coach looked at Dan's ankle. "Dan won't be able to run today. Eric will have to take his place," Coach said. Eric realized that he would finally get to run. He was ready. 

The race started out well. Eric ran. He ran as he had never run before. He passed the runner in front of him. He ran even faster. He passed another runner. Eric kept running faster. The leader was only a few feet in front of him. Eric ran with everything he had. He shot out across the finish line - finishing in the first place. His team had won! He had brought them victory.

He looked down at the cold metal baton in his hand. Then he looked around at his teammates. They carried him out on their shoulders.

 (Written by Lauren Tunnell)

Why was Eric only "kind of" on the track team?

  • He was on the junior varsity part of the track team.
  • As the fifth fastest runner, he was just an alternate for the relay team.
  • He had an ankle injury that kept him from running.

Why does Eric get the opportunity to run?

  • Another team member misses the bus to the meet.
  • Another team member is suspended for making fun of an opposing runner.
  • Another team member twists his ankle.

What happens when Eric finally gets an opportunity to run in a relay race?

  • He convinces his teammate to try to run with a broken ankle.
  • He refuses to participate out of nervousness.
  • He eagerly accepts the opportunity to run in the race.

How does the end of "The Fifth Runner" conclude the story?

  • Eric makes fun of an opposing runner that he beat in the last leg of the race.
  • Eric's teammates lift him on their shoulders for winning the race.
  • Eric's teammates ignore him for taking all of the glory.

Reading the passage and answer the questions:

Grandfather's Hugs 

Liam's grandfather always hugged him. When his grandfather hugged him, Liam felt like he was flying. He loved his grandfather and his dad very much. When his dad was working, Liam and his grandfather hammered nails. They sanded. They painted. When they were done, they would drink cocoa together. Liam felt safe. He felt happy and loved. 

One day, Liam's grandfather told him something very sad. He told Liam he had to move. "Your grandmother and I are old, " he said. "We need a smaller house. We need a quiet life." Liam's stomach hurt. He didn't want his grandfather to leave. Liam didn't understand. Why was a quiet life important? Why did they need a small house? Why did they have to go so far away?

One day, Liam and his dad visited his grandfather in his new house. Liam decided he was going to hate the small house and the quiet. He decided he was going to hate his grandfather.

When they arrived at the new house, Liam forgot to hate. His grandfather picked him up in his big arms. He squeezed all the anger right out of him. They hammered nails. They sanded. They painted. When they were done, they drank cocoa together. Liam felt safe. He felt happy and loved. "I love your small house," said Liam, "I love the quiet." 

His grandfather said, "I love the quiet, too, but I love you more."

(Written by Merridith Townsend)

Why does Liam decide to hate his grandfather?

  • He didn't want his grandfather to move.
  • His grandfather stopped hugging him.
  • His grandfather got sick and couldn't spend time with Liam.

Who says, "We need a smaller house. We need a quiet life"?

  • Liam's father
  • Liam's grandfather
  • Liam's grandmother

What happens when Liam gets to his grandfather's new home?

  • Liam forgot to hate his grandfather.
  • Liam told his grandfather that he hates him.
  • Liam's grandfather was too sick to see him.

How does Liam feel when he is with his father or grandfather?

  • Liam feels left out.
  • Liam feels angry.
  • Liam feels loved.

Reading the following passage and answer the question.

Sadie's Snorkel

For her birthday last month, Sadie got a snorkel, a mask, and a pair of fins. She loved to play in the sea. She loved to put on her snorkel gear and explore it with her mom. Sadie was always searching for new and exciting things. One day, Sadie and her mom found a shipwreck. A garden of coral sprouted from the deck. A school of angelfish swam through a hole in the wall. A seahorse peeked through the window.

Another day, Sadie and her mom saw a sea turtle swimming in the waves. They saw seaweed drift by. They saw a pod of dolphins jumping and playing. One dolphin noticed Sadie. He swam toward her. Sadie was scared. The dolphin swam around Sadie in circles. He splashed her with his tail. He nudged her with his nose. The dolphin rolled over onto his back. He let Sadie rub his belly. Sadie had a new friend. She called him Dolph.

Sometimes, Sadie liked to play in the shallow water. She liked to dig in the sandy ocean floor. She looked under rocks. She looked inside shells. She hoped to find a treasure chest or a pearl. One day, she found a blue glass bottle. Inside the bottle, she found a note. The note was from a girl. She was about Sadie's age. The girl had put a message into the bottle, hoping to find a friend. Sadie took the note home with her. She read about this young girl's life. The girl's name was Beth. She lived in a house on the beach. Maybe Beth's home was near Sadie's. Maybe she lived far away. Sadie decided to write to her. She wanted to learn more about Beth. Sadie's snorkel had brought her two new friends: Dolph and Beth.

(Written by Lauren Tunnell)

What did Sadie get for her birthday?

  • A Golden Retriever puppy
  • A shovel and a pail
  • A snorkel, a mask, and a pair of fins

What kind of animal is Dolph?

  • A dolphin
  • A sea turtle
  • A shark

What does the word "shallow" mean?

  • high
  • low
  • very high

Who wrote the letter in the bottle?

  • Leslie
  • Anna
  • Beth

Reading the passage and then answer the questions.

Where Does Cocoa Come From? 

Almost everyone loves chocolate. Chocolate comes from cocoa, so in a way, we also love cocoa. But what is cocoa? Where does it come from? Cocoa comes from the cocoa bean. The cocoa bean comes from the theobroma tree. This tree grows in Africa. It makes pods with a thick peel. The cocoa pods are filled with white seeds. People pick the pods off the tree. Then, they take the seeds out of the pod. Finally, they leave the seeds out to dry. When the seeds are dried, they are put into a machine. The machine is a press. The seeds are crushed into a fine powder. It is cocoa powder. It has a very bitter taste. When we add sugar and milk to cocoa powder, it creates the delicious chocolate that we love. This is how we get the cocoa powder that we use in our chocolate. The next time you eat chocolate cake or drink hot chocolate, remember that it came from a bean on a tree!

(Written by Elizabeth Baker)

What happens after people pick the pods from the tree?

  • They dry the pods.
  • They take out the seeds.
  • A machine crushes the pods.

Why does the author tell us that, in a way, we also love cocoa?

  • Chocolate makes cocoa, and we love chocolate.
  • We eat cocoa beans in all our favorite foods.
  • We love chocolate, and chocolate comes from cocoa.

Reading the following passage and answer the questions.

Why Do We Sweat? 

Have you ever noticed that you start to sweat when you get really hot? Your face might seem wet with water. Your shirt might be soaked. That means your body is doing what it is supposed to do. It is sweating to keep you cool! When your body gets hot, your brain tells it to make sweat. When we run, our bodies get hot, so we sweat.

Sweat comes out of tiny holes in your skin called pores. When the sweat on your skin evaporates or dries up in the air around you, it cools you down. It is like air conditioning for your body. 

Sometimes sweating can make you smelly. Sweat itself doesn’t smell, but when it mixes with dirt on your skin, it can really stink! Sometimes sweating can also make you thirsty. This is because sweat is taking water out of your body. You need to replenish it by drinking juice or water.

Next time you have fun in the sun, don’t worry about getting sweaty. Everybody sweats! It’s what our bodies are supposed to do!

(Written by Laura Kachelmeyer)

What are the tiny holes in your skin called?

  • dips
  • pores
  • glands

Why can sweating make you smelly?

  • Because it keeps you cool.
  • Because it takes water out of your body.
  • Because it mixes with dirt on your skin.