Listening: Tổng hợp các câu khó dạng bài nghe một câu chuyện

12/12/2019 12:04:00 AM
Phần nghe hiểu các story là phần khó vừa trong bài thi Toefl Primary Listening (khó nhất với phần lớn thí sinh là bài nghe đoạn bài giảng/thảo luận ở lớp học). Hãy thử luyện lại một số bài nghe hiểu story mà tỉ lệ đúng 100% là thấp nhất.

Listen to a story about a girl learning dancing. (Source: English Listening on Youtube)

Who taught the girl how to dance?

  • her mother
  • a man
  • a friend in a ballroom dancing

What did the man do when the girl stepped on his toes in the second time?

  • He was angry
  • He laughed at her
  • He was patient

What did her mother use to do?

  • Her mother used to manage a big fancy hotel
  • Her mother used to be a dancer in a band
  • Her mother used to be a singer

Why did the girl and her mother dance in different ways?

  • because they are in 2 different generations.
  • because the man taught the girl dancing  in a different way
  • because her mother never stepped on the man’s toes once

Listen to a story about the worst fear of a girl
(source: English Listening on Youtube| Learn English via Listening Level 2 playlist).

What does the girl think about swimming?

  • It would be easier for her to swim from a young age.
  • She remembered a bad experience in water when swimming.
  • She is afraid of swimming because she always gets water up her nose

When does the girl start to panic?

  • When the water gets higher than her cheek
  • When the water gets higher than her nose
  • When the water gets higher than her chest

What does she always wear on a boat?

  • a bomber Jacket
  • a life jacket
  • a sweater

What is her decision?

  • She will face her fears and take swimming lessons
  • She will go out onto a boat instead of swimming.
  • She will not overcome her fears because she wants to be safe.

Listen to the story about James and Peter, and answer the questions.

Where did James and Peter go?

  • To the garage
  • To the attic
  • To the backyard

What did James and Peter see in the attic?

  • A ghost
  • Water
  • Some boxes

Listen to the story about Jeff, and choose the correct answer.

Why is Jeff's family leaving for Vietnam?

  • For his father work
  • For Jeff's school
  • For his mother's dream

How did Jeff's family fell about living abroad in the end?

  • Excited
  • Horrible
  • Tired