Đề số 11 Toefl Primary vòng 2 - Reading (có giải thích đáp án chi tiết)

7/16/2020 5:05:00 PM

It's not an opinion. When you know something is true or correct, you use this word. It is _____.

  • frame
  • fact
  • debate

It is a terrible feeling. When you are in danger, you feel this. It makes you not want to move. What is it?

  • Peace
  • Happiness
  • Fear

You go to school for it. Your parents care a lot about it. You need it to get a good job later. What is it?

  • Excitement
  • Exercise
  • Education

Friends need to show it to each other. They will fight if they break it. When you have it, you believe the person. It is _____.

  • problem
  • pride
  • trust

The ocean has it. Swimming pools have it. It is the distance between the upper and lower surface. What is it?

  • Depth
  • Height
  • Width

Farmers do this in the spring. People do it to seeds in the garden. They are _____ seeds.

  • drinking
  • digging
  • planting

People tell it to you when you look sad and it makes you feel better. They tell you to _____.

  • cheer up
  • get up
  • live long

You do this when you are cold. You move quickly from side to side or up and down. You are _____.

  • sliding
  • sitting
  • shaking

People do this before they give a speech. They do this before performing. People are not ready until they do it. What are they doing?

  • Practicing
  • Judging
  • Crying

Read the email. Then answer the questions.

Hello, Billy.

This is your teacher, Mrs. Long. Tomorrow's school schedule has changed because of the school play. Tomorrow the drama club will be performing the play during our math class. So you don't need to study for the test. The math test will be next week. I think everyone will enjoy watching the play a lot more than taking the test. 

See you then,

Mrs. Long

Why does Mrs. Long write the email?

  • to announce the change in the school schedule
  • to tell students to enjoy watching the play
  • to tell students to prepare for the math class

When will students take the math test?

  • tomorrow
  • during the play
  • next week

Read the email. Then answer the questions.

Dear class,

I have an announcement about the school buses. Instead of picking you up on the south side of the school as usual, the buses will go to the north side. The bad roads on the south side are being fixed by workers. There are too many workers and not enough room for the buses. So please, remember to go to the other side after class to get on the bus. 


Teacher Jamie

Where do students usually get on the bus?

  • on the north side of the school
  • on the south side of the school
  • in front of the school

Why do students have to go to another side to take the bus?

  • Because of the fixed road on the north side.
  • Because there are not enough seats on the bus on the south side.
  • Because of having many people fixing the road on the south side.

Read the table. Then answer the questions.

Top Computer Activities for Children Ages 7 - 12

What does the table show?

  • What students do on the computer
  • How students use computers at school
  • What parents do on the computer

Who is the table about?

  • Teachers
  • Parents
  • Children

What do students use the computer for most?

  • Doing homework
  • Talking with friends
  • Watching TV

What do students use the computer for least?

  • Searching information
  • Reading online articles
  • Watching TV

Read the instruction. Then answer the questions.

Popcorn is a great snack. People eat popcorn a lot. Many people eat popcorn when they go camping. Also, everyone likes to eat it at a movie theater. You can even have it for a night-time snack! Making popcorn is easy. Here is how:

Things you need:  

- Corn seeds
- Oil
- A pot with a cover
- Bowls


1. Put a little bit of oil in the pot. You don't want too much oil. Two spoonfuls of oil is enough. Use healthy oil. Olive oil is a good oil for popcorn. It is very healthy.

2. Put the corn seeds in the pot. Make sure the pot is covered.

3. Turn the stove on. You need low heat. It will burn if it is too hot.

4. Wait for the seeds to pop. Shake the pot while you wait. This will stop the popcorn from burning.

5. Turn off the stove when the pot is full of popcorn. Now it is time to eat! Put the popcorn in bowls and share with others. 

What do you do right after you put oil in the pot?

  • Put the corn seeds in the pot
  • Shake the pot
  • Cover the pot

When do people eat popcorn?

  • When people do exercise
  • In the morning
  • When people go camping

Why do you have to shake the pot?

  • Because popcorn could burn.
  • Because popcorn will taste better.
  • Because popcorn will get hard.

Read the story. Then answer the questions.

On Wednesday, Mrs. Smith wrote two addition problems on the board and was calling on students to solve them. She called on Susan first. Susan couldn't solve the problem and put her head down on the desk. Timothy noticed that Susan looked sad for the rest of the day.

"What's wrong with you?" asked Timothy. "You don't seem to hate math. I always see you working on math problems during recess."

"I can't see the problems on the board anymore and I don't know why," cried Susan.

"Maybe you just need to get glasses. My friend Sam had the same problem last year and his parents took him to the eye doctor. With glasses he could see the board again!"

"Really?" said Susan. "Maybe I'll tell my mom to take me to the eye doctor."

Two days later, Susan got her glasses and enjoyed math class once again. 

Where does the story take place?

  • At home
  • At school
  • At the gym

What is the problem in the story?

  • Susan doesn't like math.
  • Susan lies to Timothy.
  • Susan can't see words on the board.

What did Timothy advise Susan?

  • to get glasses
  • to tell the teacher
  • to sit near the board

What sentence is true?

  • Susan went to have her eyes checked by herself.
  • Susan cried when she told Timothy about her problem.
  • Susan wasn't interested in math anymore.

Read the story. Then answer the questions. 

Mark and Tom were playing baseball in Tom's backyard. Usually they only played catch with the ball, but this time they really wanted to try to hit it. Mark just got a new bat for his birthday, so he was excited to use it. It was late in the afternoon and the sun was going down. Tom grabbed the baseball and he threw it to Mark. Mark took his bat and swung as hard as he could. The ball struck his bat and went flying into the air. It went so far that it was headed for the neighbor's house. It kept going and going until finally it smashed right into the window. "Uh oh," Tom and Mark thought they were going to get into trouble. Mark and Tom were afraid, so they ran into Tom's house.

The next day, Tom's neighbor came by and showed Tom's parents the baseball and some broken glass. His parents asked him what had happened and Tom explained to them that it was an accident. His parents made him apologize to the neighbor. As a punishment, Tom and Mark had to clean the neighbor's garage and pick up all the broken glass. They were always really careful when playing baseball after that. 

What is the story mainly about?

  • Two boys like baseball.
  • Two boys play in a yard.
  • Two boys caused an accident.

Why did the boys want to hit the ball?

  • The boys didn't like playing catch.
  • The boys only had one glove.
  • Mark just got a new bat.

What was the punishment for the boys?

  • They had to say sorry.
  • They had to clean the neighbor's garage.
  • They couldn't play baseball again.

What is probably true?

  • The boys will not hit the ball toward the neighbor's yard again.
  • The boys will not play baseball again.
  • The boys will not talk to the neighbor again.

Read the story. Then answer the questions. 

James was very interested in space. His second grade class just started to learn about the solar system in science. The class first learned about the Moon. He learned lots about the Moon in school. He learned about how it isn't like the other planets in the solar system.

"Dad, how far away from the Earth is the Moon?"

"It is closer to the Earth than the Sun is," answered his father.

James was really confused. He couldn't figure out how the Sun was so far away from the Earth. When he looked at the Sun in the sky, it was usually bigger than the Moon. He really wanted to know but his father was busy reading the newspaper. James waited a few moments but he couldn't wait for his father to finish reading.


"Yes, son."

"How far away is the Sun from the Earth?"

"Well, I don't know exactly. Maybe we can look this up on the Internet," answered his father.

James learned about how to search things on the Internet in computer class, so he was really excited now. James and his father searched all about the Moon and the Sun. They learned just how far away both were from the Earth. Now he knows clearly that the Sun is farther away from the Earth than the Moon. 

Why did James want to know more about space?

  • He was learning about it in school.
  • He saw something about it on the Internet.
  • His father was teaching him about space.

What best describes the solar system?

  • A place on the Sun
  • A place where the Sun and planets are
  • A place on the Moon

Which word best describes James?

  • Funny
  • Curious
  • Shy

Why did James think the Sun is closer to the Earth than the Moon?

  • Because it looked bigger in the sky.
  • Because it was brighter than the Moon.
  • Because he learned that in school.

Read the text. Then answer the questions.

There have been many great writers around the world, but none were better than Naguib Mahfouz. Mahfouz was born into a poor family in Egypt in 1911. Mahfouz liked detective and history novels when he was in primary school and moved onto Arabic fiction in secondary school. He read many books at a young age and learned many things, and he decided to become a writer. Mahfouz wrote over 30 novels, 350 short stories and dozens of movie scripts. Lots of his work was made into movies that became very popular throughout Egypt. He died in 2006 and will be remembered as one of the greatest writers in Egyptian history. 

What is true about Naguib Mahfouz?

  • He wrote movie scripts.
  • He wrote only novels.
  • He never made much money.

How old was Naguib Mahfouz?

  • 70
  • 2006
  • 95

Read the text. Then answer the questions.

One of the most important survival skills in the wild is making a fire. There are a number of things to consider when building a fire. First of all, there are four things needed to start a fire. They are a spark, tinder, wood, and oxygen. It is important to find small pieces of dry wood before trying to burn larger pieces. It is also necessary to choose a good location because too much wind can make starting a fire difficult. Lastly, the pieces of wood should be carefully placed to let the fire get enough oxygen to burn well. 

Which is NOT needed to start a fire?

  • Oxygen
  • Wind
  • A spark

What do you first need to start a fire?

  • Small pieces of wood
  • Big pieces of wood
  • Moist pieces of wood