Đề số 25 Toefl Primary 2020 Step 2 - Reading (có giải thích đáp án chi tiết)

1/27/2021 11:48:00 AM

This is a kind of vegetable. They are small hard seeds of food plants such as wheat or rice, etc. Eating them is good for the health and people who are on diet. What is it?

  • cereal
  • grains
  • leaves

This is a flying insect. It bites humans and animals and drinks their blood. One type of this can spread the disease. What is it?

  • bee
  • butterfly
  • mosquito

You often eat this dish first when you have meals at a restaurant. When you finish it, you use your main dish. What is it?

  • beginner
  • starter
  • opener

Jack wants to drink water, he _____ water from the jug into the cup. When it has heavy rain, this means that the rain _____ down.

  • drops
  • falls
  • pours

This is a kitchen tool. It is the same as the tea pot. You use it to boil the water. What is it?

  • kettle
  • kitten
  • cattle

This is an outside place. Schools or apartment buildings have it. This place is specially made for children to run, have fun or make friends at break or on weekends. What is it?

  • swimming pool
  • playground
  • stadium

When you want to know the meaning and how to speak a new word correctly, you need to _____ it in the dictionary. You _____ to see kites in the sky.

  • look for
  • look after
  • look up

You do this when you are so happy or there is something funny. When you do this, you sometimes show your teeth. What is it?

  • laugh
  • cry
  • satisfy

It is the feeling of your skin when you use lotion. It is used for the road which is newly built. What is it?

  • tough
  • smooth
  • soft

Read the email. Then answer the questions.

Hi Wendy,

I'm having a great time here in Malaysia! My family goes abroad on holiday every summer, so I've visited lots of amazing places, but nothing compares to this country! I'm so glad we decided to come here! For the past week, we've been sightseeing around the country We would like to visit the traditional villages of Sarawak but it might not be possible.

Right now, I'm writing this email in our hotel room. I feel exhausted because we've just returned from Kuala Lumpur's Central Market. It's located in a beautiful building in the centre. A lot of craftsmen work there making wonderful handmade souvenirs. It's the perfect place to go shopping! The only problem is that it's very crowded and people are always bumping into you! Anyway, our day hasn't finished yet. Later, we're attending a shadow puppet. The performance starts at 7 pm, so I should get ready! My dad always makes us leave early for these things. By the way, thanks for lending me your camera! I look foward to showing you my photos when I get back!

Talk to you soon.


What is the email mainly about?

  • To tell Wendy about the trip to Malaysia
  • To introduce Kuala Lumpur Central's Market
  • To thank Wendy for the camera

What was the problem with Sandra in the market?

  • She could not see the traditional villages of Sarawak.
  • It was very crowded and people were always bumping into her.
  • Her dad always wanted to leave earlier to the shadow puppet play.

Read the letter. Then answer the questions.

Hi Fiona,

It's great to hear from you. Sorry, it took me a while to get back to you but I've been busy with end-of-term exams. Anyway, thanks so much for the invitation. I'd love to come.
The science camp sounds like a lot of fun. As you know, I love science, so it'll be great to do experiments at the camp and brush up on my English! We can even build our own robot. I've got a few questions about the camp, though. Where are we going to sleep? Also, is the camp going to provide us with our meals? Are they organising any trips to museums? How much will it cost? Let me know.
Thanks again for inviting me to the camp. I'm really looking forward to it. Have to go now!

Write back,


What is the letter mainly about?

  • To ask for more details about the camp
  • To feel sorry for not attending
  • To say thanks for the party invitation

How many questions does Brenda want to ask?

  • Two
  • Four
  • Six


What is the purpose of this poster?

  • To remind people of safety rules on roads
  • To guide people on how to cross the road
  • To tell people about the upcoming safety week

What should pedestrians do first when they cross the road?

  • Watch carefully before crossing
  • Know which way to go
  • Cross the road without seeing

To keep our safety, we should NOT _____.

  • Go across the street at marked crosswalks
  • Wear headphones and focus on phones
  • Make eye contact with drivers


How many calories are there in one cup?

  • 120
  • 140
  • 160

The total fat is 9 grams, accounting for _____.

  • 14%
  • 12%
  • 10%

The amount of protein in this milk bottle is _____.

  • 0 gram
  • 8 grams
  • 11 grams

What can we refer to about the ingredients?

  • They are totally natural.
  • They are nutritional water.
  • They are sugar-free.

Read the story. Then answer the questions.

Long ago, the Inuit lived in the darkness in the North. Crow often travelled between the South and the North and told them about daylight in the South. Only the children liked stories. 

"People can hunt for a longer time in daylight!" one said.

"And they can see wild animals before they attack them," another added.

After he heard the children, the Inuit chief asked Crow to bring them daylight. Crow flew for many miles. When he reached the South he decided to rest in a tree by a river. Suddenly a young girl appeared. She was the chief's daughter. Crow had an idea. He turned himself into a speck of dust and jumped onto her coat. 

The girl carried him back to her hut. There, Crow saw a glowing box on the floor. It's got daylight inside it. He saw a little boy playing on floor. He jumped inside the boy's ear and whispered. "You want to play with a ball of daylight." The little boy started crying and repeated Crow's words. His father opened the box and gave him a ball. Crow whispered again: "You want to go outside.'' The boy repeated his words so his father took him outside to play. Crow jumped out of his ear and flew back to the North.

When he arrived, Crow dropped its ball on the ground. It broke into many pieces and there was daylight everywhere. The Inuit were very happy! Crow told them that the ball would only last for six months. Then he would have to go back to the South and bring back a new ball. To this day, the Inuit have six months of darkness and six months of daylight.

What did the Inuit children think was good about daylight?

  • People can hunt for a short time in the daylight.
  • People can see wild animals before attacking them.
  • People can have more time to play in the sun.

How did Crow manage to enter the hut?

  • It turned into tiny dust.
  • It jumped into the daughter's pocket.
  • It flew into the hut.

Why did Crow whisper into the boy's ear?

  • To make friends with the boy
  • To trick the boy go outside and take the ball
  • To play with the ball of daylight

Why do the Inuit have only six months of daylight, according to the story?

  • Because they live in the North.
  • Because they live in the South.
  • Because they do not like light.

Read the story. Then answer the questions.

Santa's Time Machine

Hannah and George are friends, they go to the same school and they are in the same class. Today they are in George's house, his mum bought him a new video game about the future for Christmas. George is very excited, he invited Hannah over to play together all evening. The schools are closed for Christmas holidays so Hannah doesn't have any homework! 
Hannah: "This is the most exciting video game I have ever played! Do you think we are really going to have flying cars in the future?"
George: "Well I don't know maybe we will travel with time machines, or have rocker shoes! I know it's going to be more exciting than today!"
The time is twelve o'clock, the children have played for hours. "DING DONG" goes the clock. "It's really late," says George, I think we have to go to bed now" he turns off the game. Suddenly they heard a loud noise "BANG!!!"
Hannah "It came from the living room! Let's go and see!" The children quietly look inside the living room. An old man is coming out of the chimney, he is wearing red clothes, black boots and a huge hat. "It's Santa!!!" shout the children.
Santa: "What are you doing here? Ho, ho ... ho!!!"
"We were playing video games," said the children. "We are going to go to bed," said George "Don't worry Santa we will not tell anyone that you were here but I have to ask you a question! Please!"
Santa: "Oh ho, ho, ho, ho! Questions are my favorite thing in the world! What is it?"
George: "How do you have time to deliver presents all over the world? How can you live forever? How can you sleigh fly in the sky?"
Santa: "Hm, I think that were many questions! Well, it's easy! My sleigh is a flying machine! I come from the future but I travel in the past because I don't want any child to be unhappy at any time in the history of time. I fly with my flying machine in the past I used to have reindeers when my time machine was broken. They helped me carry presents in emergencies! Ho ho ho!"
"So, don't you know what the future will be like?" said the children.
"Ho ho ho! But I don't want to know. You see children in the past is history, the future is a mystery but the present ... The present is a gift, that's why it's called a present! We have to try to make the present beautiful, the best time of all is "now". Don't wait until tomorrow, tomorrow is always tomorrow! It's getting late now! I have to go! You have to go to bed. I will see you next year." Santa went back up the chimney!
The children had an exciting adventure! They were very tired so they went to sleep and had the most amazing dreams.

(Author: MariaPht)

Why doesn't Hannah have homework?

  • She doesn't bring schoolbags to George's house.
  • The schools are closed for Christmas holidays.
  • She wants to play the most exciting video games.

What happened next after they are about to go to bed?

  • There was someone coming from the kitchen.
  • They heard a big sound from the living room.
  • Goerge wanted to wear red clothes to bed.

George excited to ask Santa about _____.

  • how the sleigh fly in the sky
  • how old he is
  • how Christmas is in the future

What is the lesson Santa wants to give to the children at the end of the story?

  • Remember the past
  • Prepare best for future
  • The present is a gift

Read the story. Then answer the questions.

Peter and Richard felt very excited as they set out on the forest hike. It was a beautiful summer morning. The sun was shining and there was a clear blue sky.

After walking for an hour. They decided to stop for a rest. They were happily chatting when Peter smelt something in the air. He looked around and saw bright flames in the trees. Suddenly, there was a wall of fire all around them. It seemed like there was no escape. Richard spotted a small pond nearby. "We have to jump in," he shouted. The water wasn't deep, but it was difficult for them to breathe with the thick smoke from the fire. Then, they heard a loud noise above them. It was a helicopter.

Soon a rescue worker threw down a long rope and the boys climbed to safety. They had never felt so relieved in all their lives. 

Which season did Peter and Richard go their hike?

  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Autumn

What happened when they were taking a rest?

  • The sun was shining and the sky was grey.
  • There was a smell in the air.
  • They decided to swim in the pool nearby.

What made them feel difficult to breathe?

  • The smoke
  • The water
  • The pond

In the end, they were saved by _____.

  • a short rope
  • a rescue worker
  • a new helicopter

Read the text. Then answer the questions.

How much stuff do you throw away instead of recycling? I strongly believe that recycling is very important and that we should all try to do it a lot more.
Firstly, the rubbish we do not recycle goes into landfills. For example, the average family in the UK throws away 40 kg of plastic annually. As a result, these rubbish mountains grow. Secondly, with recycling, we produce less. For instance, when we reuse glass bottles, it means we do not have to make new ones. This means less pollution from factories.
On the other hand, some people argue that recycling sites can be unsafe. For example, the waste produced at these sites can get into water supplies. This could mean pollution in the water we drink.
In conclusion, although recycling can cause problems, to my mind, it does more good than harm. We produce less and throw away less. Isn't it time we all recycled more? 

How many kilograms of plastic does the average family in the UK throw away per year?

  • more than 50
  • less than 50
  • exactly 50

Why do so many people think that recycling sites can not be safe?

  • Because these rubbish mountains grow.
  • Because they do more harm than good.
  • Because they can pollute the water we drink.

Read the text. Then answer the questions.

An Alaskan Cruise

Most people like to go on cruises in warmer regions such as around the Caribbean or Mediterranean Seas, but one of the most popular cruise destinations in the world is in freezing Alaska. Around a million people an Alaskan cruise each year. Alaskan cruises allow passengers to see spectacular scenery! Most cruises travel along the Inside Passage - a 15,000-mile route which passes countless islands, bays and fjords. Passengers can see amazing wildlife from the grizzly bear to the moose and they can also learn about the indigenous people who live here. It's an unforgettable experience!

Where is one of the most popular cruise destination in the world?

  • Caribbean Sea
  • Mediterranean Sea
  • Alaska

What do passengers can see?

  • amazing animals
  • grizzly bear
  • countless people