Đề số 28 Toefl Primary 2020 Step 2 - Reading (có giải thích đáp án chi tiết)

2/23/2021 3:58:00 PM

This is a radio or TV show in which people answer a series of questions and compete to win prizes. What is it?

  • Quiz show
  • Live show
  • Fashion show

This is a piece of equipment. It is often on the roof of a building and uses light and heat energy from the sun to produce hot water and electricity. What is it?

  • Fossil fuels
  • Solar panel
  • Wind power

This is a natural disaster. It makes sudden, violent shaking of the earth’s surface. What is it?

  • Tornado
  • Hurricane
  • Earthquake

This is a large animal that looks cute. It eats fish and lives partly in the sea and partly on land or ice. It sometimes performs in a circus. What is it?

  • Seal
  • Goose
  • Eel

This is a tall building near the coast or shore. It has a flashing light at the top to warn ships of rocks or other dangers. What is it?

  • Penthouse
  • Lighthouse
  • Greenhouse

You can feel this when you are happy or pleasant, especially when you have a good life. You feel _____.

  • stressed
  • humorous
  • contented

Parents do this to help their baby sleep. A cat always wants its owner to do this for it. What is it?

  • Cuddle
  • Nibble
  • Scream

This is a way of training by rules or punishments. It makes people follow and more able to control themselves. What is it?

  • Assignment
  • Discipline
  • Schedule

You do this to make your room or your house look better. You do it by adding flowers or pictures to your place. What is it?

  • Memorate
  • Celebrate
  • Decorate

Read the letter. Then answer the questions.

Hi Fiona,

It's good to hear from you again. Thanks for inviting me to the science camp. Unfortunately, I won't be able to come.
At the beginning of August, my family is going on a holiday to Spain. I have never been abroad before, so I'm really looking forward to it. But it means I won't be back until 12th August, so there's no way I can join your camp.
I'm really disappointed I'll miss this. I hope you are having a good time anyway. Let's meet up sometime soon.

See you soon,


Why did Brenda write to Fiona?

  • To send an invitation to the science camp
  • To tell that she couldn't attend the camp
  • To ask her when the camp began

What is Brenda going to do?

  • Join a team at the camp
  • Meet up with Fiona on 12th August
  • Have a family trip to Spain

Read the letter. Then answer the questions.

Dear Michelle,

How are you? My sister and I are very happy because we've got a new house in the country. It's in a very beautiful and quiet place about three kilometers from town, so I am not far from college at all. It is a modern two-storey house and has got lots of appliances. It has got a huge living room, a modern kitchen and dining room, and three bedrooms. It is more comfortable than our old flat in town. The master bedroom is on the ground floor and mine is on the first floor. I've got a lovely view of the sea from my room. It's fantastic!



How far is it from Charlotte's house to town?

  • It is so far from college.
  • It is about 3 kilometers.
  • It is quite near the sea.

Where is Charlotte's bedroom?

  • On the ground floor
  • On the first floor.
  • On the second floor.

Read the poster. Then answer the questions.

Beverly's Bulletin Board

Which information is TRUE with the Martial Arts advert?

  • It opens every Tuesday from 4:00 - 5:00 pm.
  • The coach is well-trained.
  • Call Preston for more details.

If you want to buy a tracksuit and a jersey, you have to pay _____.

  • £10.30
  • £13
  • £30

When is the most suitable time for you to buy some workout clothes?

  • Every 21st
  • Only Monday
  • 21st February

Which is NOT true from the purple box?

  • Tickets are available online.
  • Sports Awards begins at 17:00.
  • The fee for entry is £2.00.

Read the poster. Then answer the questions.

These workshops are for _____.

  • adults
  • elderly people
  • children

What can be benefited from these workshops?

  • Create their own films
  • Get tips and a certificate
  • Bring materials home

How long does the course last?

  • 11 am - 12:30 pm
  • 6 weeks
  • On Saturday

Read the story. Then answer the questions.

Joe made the world a better place. He got the idea to do that at school. He watched a video there. It was about a factory. This factory produced a lot of trash and put it in a river. The trash and water were a bad mix. People populated the area by the river and drank its water. This made them sick. Many of them needed medicine and made regular visits to doctors.
But the video wasn’t all bad news. It showed ways to pick up trash and why it’s important to do this. It said people can make a difference to their environment. The video’s important features made Joe associate trash with hurting people.
One day Joe walked through a park. He recognized some of the problems from the video. One instance of these problems was the trash in the pond. It was full of plastic cups. There was too much trash. Joe didn’t want it to hurt anyone.
He told his grandfather about the park. His grandfather said, “You know, it’s a tradition in our family to help people. That’s why we give food to poor people. Maybe you can help people by cleaning the park.”
Cleaning the park would involve hard work. Joe decided to organize a group to help him. He chose a wide area of the park. It had the most trash. He asked his family and friends to come. On Saturday, he gave everyone a sharp stick. They wondered why. He said, “You use the stick’s tip to pick up trash. This makes it easier.” They worked for six weeks. Different people helped each time, but Joe was always there.
In that period of time, Joe saw a range of results. There was no trash in the water. People could swim in it. Joe knew that was a good sign. He was happy because he helped his environment.

What is the main idea of this story?

  • A grandfather teaching traditions
  • An instance of videos helping students study
  • A boy helping the environment

When did the boy decide to clean the park?

  • After he saw a video about a factory harming a river with its trash
  • After he saw a range of people cleaning it
  • After he associated trash with harming people

Why did the people in the video get sick?

  • A factory put trash in a river.
  • They populated too near parks.
  • They had no medicine for a long period.

Why was it easy to pick up the trash?

  • It did not involve hard work.
  • They used the tips of sharp sticks.
  • The people had a good mix of tools to use.

Read the story. Then answer the questions.

Old Archie needed some money. He decided to sell his donkey. So he and his son Tom went to town. It was situated many miles away.

Soon, they met a woman. “Where are you going?” she asked.

“To town,” said Archie.

“Any smart person would ride the donkey,” she said.

“What are you implying?” Archie asked. “I’m very smart!” Archie wanted to look smart. So he climbed onto the donkey. Then they continued in the direction of the town.

Further along the road, they met a farmer.

“Hello,” said Archie. “We want to sell this donkey. Do you want to buy it?”

“I don’t need a donkey,” said the farmer. “But if you want my advice, don’t ride it. The donkey needs to be in good physical condition.”

“Good idea,” said Archie. “Tom, I want you to ride it. You’re lighter.”

“Neither you nor your son should ride it. It looks very tired. You should carry the donkey.” suggested the farmer.

“You’re right,” said Archie. “Come on, Tom! We’ll carry it for the final few miles!”

The donkey was very heavy, and they couldn’t maintain a good speed. They didn’t arrive until late in the evening. At last, they walked into the town. But there they attracted the attention of some teenage boys. They laughed at Tom and Archie. They started to throw stones at them. The donkey reacted by kicking. Tom and Archie dropped the donkey. It fell on the ground and then ran away. Archie lost his donkey. He went home with no money.

What does this story teach us? We cannot please everyone in our society. Don’t take everyone’s advice, but set your own standards. Prove to everyone that you can make decisions by yourself. Otherwise, you may end up with nothing at all.

What is the main idea of this story?

  • You should always take the advice of older people.
  • You should set your own standards.
  • You should neither ride nor carry a donkey.

Why did Archie get on the donkey?

  • The woman implied that he wasn’t smart.
  • The town was situated further away than he had thought.
  • His walking speed was too slow.

Why did the farmer suggest carrying the donkey?

  • To attract people’s attention
  • To keep the donkey strong
  • To prove that Archie was healthy

Why did the donkey start kicking?

  • It didn’t want to go in the direction of the river.
  • It reacted badly to a group of teenage boys’ teasing.
  • It became very angry at Archie and Tom.

Read the story. Then answer the questions.

There was once a very big spider. If a bug got into his web, he would examine it. However, he didn’t eat the bug right away. He asked the bug a question first. It was always quite a difficult puzzle. If the bug’s answer was correct, he let it go. If not, he ate it.

One day, a small bird on a journey flew into the spider’s web. The spider couldn’t imagine eating a bird. It was so big! But his hunger was too great. He said to the bird, “If you cannot give me a specific answer, I will eat you.”

The bird laughed. “I could eat you!” But the bird was actually scared. She had used all her energy trying to get out of the web. And a spider’s bite can be very effective in killing animals.

“Please don’t eat me,” the bird said. “I would rather make a deal with you.”

“OK,” the spider said. “If your answer is right, I will let you go. If not, you must give me a gift. It must be something of great value.”

The bird said, “You can pick anything you want to eat. I will find it for you.” The spider agreed.

“Where can you take a trip to the coast, the desert, and the mountains at the same time?” the spider asked.

The bird asked, “Does this place have earthquakes?” But the spider did not say anything. “I can see those places when I fly. Is the ‘sky’ the right answer?”

“False!” said the spider. “The answer is Hawaii! Now you must find some bugs for me.”

The spider climbed on the bird’s back. They flew and ate bugs together. They took a tour of the forest. Then the bird took the spider home. From that day on, they were friends. And they never tried to eat each other again.

Why does the bird make a deal instead of flying away?

  • Her wings are quite effective in the web.
  • She is too tired from trying to get out of the web.
  • She cannot fly because of her hunger.

What will be the bird’s gift to the spider?

  • A tour of the coast
  • Anything the spider wants to eat
  • A trip to anywhere

Which is NOT part of the spider’s puzzle?

  • The coast
  • An earthquake
  • A mountain

What is the spider’s response to the bird’s answer?

  • Your answer is incorrect!
  • No deal!
  • That has no value!

Read the text. Then answer the questions.

The Scottish Kilt

A kilt is a knee-length garment, like a skirt, which men wear in Scotland. Scottish men first wore kilts in the 16th century. Originally, they wore them daily, but now they wear them on special occasions such as weddings, funerals, and national holidays. Kilts are usually made from woolen cloth. They almost always have a tartan pattern and there are many different varieties. For example, many Scottish families and regions have their own special tartan pattern. Usually, men wear kilts with long socks (called hose) and a sporran. This is a small leather or fur bag for personal items that hangs from the waist.

The kilt is a Scottish costume for _____.

  • men only
  • women
  • All genders

Which occasion is the kilt worn now?

  • Weddings
  • Birthdays
  • Fairwell

Read the text. Then answer the questions.

The Rising Tide sculpture was created by Jason deCaires Taylor. It was put in place in 2015. The work shows four horses, standing on the riverbed of the Thames in London. Each horse has a rider - two are men in suits, the other two are children. When the tide is out, the statues are visible, but when it comes in, they are slowly covered. At high tide, the horses are covered completely and only the rider's heads and shoulders can be seen above the water. The artist himself has said that he wanted to show how climate change will make the sea levels rise and cover us. The men on the horses are shown with eyes closed and arms crossed, ignoring the problem. The future is represented by the children, who look sad. The piece is trying to show how humans are hurting themselves by destroying the planet. 

Where is the Rising Tide sculpture?

  • England
  • France
  • America

What message does the artist want to transfer?

  • How the art works accuse the political issues.
  • How climate change makes the sea levels rise.
  • How humans are hurting the planet.