Toefl Junior Reading Practice 2

8/21/2019 8:24:05 PM
Một bài đọc hiểu mẫu (độ khó: B1) của phần thi Reading Comprehension trong Toefl Junior. Nguồn: ExamEnglish.
Read the passage and answer the questions. For each question, choose the answer which you think fits best according to the text.
   Most city parks are places where you can escape from big, ugly structures of metal and stone. The Manhattan High Line is different. Raised 25 feet above the ground, this massive metal structure once supported a rail line. The line opened in 1934 to bring trains directly into factories and warehouses. It was hardly used after the 1960s, and much of it was torn down. However, one stretch remained in a region of Manhattan called Chelsea. Chelsea was becoming more and more upmarket as restaurants, art galleries, and apartments were built, but the ugly railway structure remained as a dead weight. Everyone knew that at some time, it would have to be removed. 

   But the High Line was not destroyed. In fact, now the old rail line serves as one of the most peaceful places in the city. It holds an elevated park, with carefully tended gardens, a promenade, and great views of the city. The idea to convert the rail line into a park came from Joshua David and Robert Hammond. In 1999, they attended a community meeting to decide the fate of the High Line. David and Hammond were the only people at the meeting interested in saving the historical structure. Later on, when they asked railway officials to take them up to look at the High Line, they saw a mile and a half of wildflowers growing in the middle of the city, and they realized that the High Line had the potential to become a park. There was growing interest in improving urban centers, and so the project quickly gathered momentum and funds for construction were easily obtained. 
   The first section of the High Line opened in 2009 and immediately became popular with tourists and locals alike. Each part of the park has a different atmosphere. Some areas are like balconies with wonderful city views. Where the rail line goes between buildings, trees are densely planted. Other sections have wide lawns and walkways planted with wildflowers. Only the final section remains the way it has been for the last fifty years – a railway line overgrown with weeds.

What is the passage about?
  • The closure of a train line.
  • Improving city transport.
  • An unlikely place for a park.
  • Restoring a historical monument.
Which of the following is NOT true about the High Line?
  • It is situated above ground level.
  • Only part of the line remains.
  • It is now a popular park.
  • Trains still use the line.
A dead weight (paragraph 1) is…
  • something useless which slows progress.
  • something with potential to be better.
  • something with historical interest.
  • something which is a danger to people.
According to the passage, why did David and Hammond originally want to save the High Line ?
  • They thought it had historical value.
  • They thought it would make a good park.
  • They wanted to reopen the train line.
  • They were interested in improving the city.
Why were people easily persuaded by David and Hammond’s idea ?
  • They wanted to see the wild flowers too.
  • They wanted to make cities nicer places.
  • They realised the High Line was historically important.
  • They knew that funds were available.
The last paragraph emphasizes that the park is…
  • popular with tourists.
  • varied in its design.
  • similar to how it used to be.
  • like natural countryside.