TOEFL Junior Practice Test 3 - Reading Comprehension

10/24/2019 5:40:39 PM
Bài thi thử Reading Comprehension số 3 theo đúng mẫu đề chuẩn của TOEFL Junior, gồm 6 bài đọc hiểu với 42 câu hỏi.

In this section of the test, you will read six tests and answer 42 questions. Choose the correct answer to each question.

Before you start, read the sample text and the sample question below.

Sample text

Erosion is one of nature's most powerful forces. It can happen in many ways, including through the wind, rain, snow, and ice, Erosion frequently takes place over a long period of time. This is how canyons and deserts are often created. Yet it is also possible for erosion to take place overnight.

Sample Question 1

What is this text mostly about?

(A) How deserts are created

(B) A natural force

(C) Canyons and deserts

(D) Wind erosion

The correct answer is (B), "A natural force."

Sample Question 2

Which of the following is true regarding erosion?

(A) It can happen in many ways

(B) Water most commonly causes it

(C) It can create deserts overnight

(D) It is stronger than anything in nature

The correct answer is (A), "It can happen in many ways"


Read the following advertisement.

Visit Carter's Department Store!

     It's that time of the year for school to start again. So that means you need to start stocking up on the supplies you need for the school year. Fortunately, you don't have to visit four or five different stores to get everything necessary. Instead, take a trip to Carter's Department Store. We've got everything that a student could possibly need.

    We have all kinds of standard school supplies: pens, pencils, notebooks, rulers, and more. We also carry art supplies, such as paint, paintbrushes, and easels. You can purchase all sorts of electronic equipment, including calculators, desktop computers, and notebook computers. We even sell musical instruments.

   And here's the best part: From now until the beginning of the school year, we are having a back-to-school sale. Everything we carry that is related to school is on sale for at least 25% off. Art supplies are 30% off while electronic goods are available at 40% discounts. And be sure to visit our boys' and girls' clothing departments, where you will find savings up to a whopping 60% off. You simply can't beat Carter's Department Store for quality and price.


 Which headline best summarizes the advertisement?

  • Big sale at Carter's Department Store
  • Are you ready for school?
  • Let's go shopping at Carter's
  • Carter's: The newest store in town

 In paragraph 1, the phrase stocking up on is closest in meaning to 

  • utilizing
  • considering
  • purchasing
  • saving

 The author uses paint, painbrushes, and easels as examples of

  • supplies that all students need
  • items selling for more than half off
  • some of the store's newest items
  • art supplies available at the store

 Which of the following statements is true regarding Carter's Department store?

  • It is located nearby the train station
  • It sells a wide range of school items
  • It has domestic and imported goods
  • It is open everyday of the week

 What is the discount on a notebook computer?

  • 25%
  • 30%
  • 40%
  • 60%

 In paragraph 3, the word whopping is closest in meaning to  

  • surprising
  • unlikely
  • reduced
  • enormous

Read the following announcement from a science teacher. 

To all students enrolled in any science laboratory class:

     There have been a couple of alterations in all of our science laboratory classes since the beginning of the semester.

     To begin with, the laboratory fee for each class has changed. Students enrolled in biology classes must now pay $250 per semester, physiology students must pay $275, and chemistry students must pay $325. Physics students only need to pay $100 since they rarely use the lab. The reason for this is that there has been a general increase in the prices of the supplies needed for each class. The lab fees must be paid in full no later than Friday, September 29.

     In addition, all students must purchase the requisite safety gear for their classes. In the past two weeks, four pairs of safety glasses and two lab coats have gone missing. The school simply cannot afford to continue replacing this equipment, so now all students must have their own items, which they will be expected to hold on to. While it may not seem fair to punish everyone for the actions of a few, this is the only option we seem to have.

Doris Williamson

Head of the Science Department

 Which is the note mainly about?

  • The performance of some students in their classes
  • Some changes concerning the school's science classes
  • The reason that students must purchase safety gear
  • A change in how laboratory classes will be taught

 Which class require the payment of a $275 fee?

  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Physiology
  • Chemistry

 Which of the following statements does paragraph 2 support?

  • Lab supplies cost more, so the lab fees for students have increased
  • There has been no change in the price physics students must pay
  • All students must pay their lab fees wihtin the next two weeks
  • Students in the biology class get to pay the least expensive lab fees

 In paragraph 4, the word requisite is closest in meaning to

  • safest
  • minimum
  • obligated
  • necessary

 In paragraph 4, the word which refers to 

  • the school
  • this equipment
  • all students
  • their own items

 Which can be inferred from the note about the school's lab equipment?

  • Some of it has been stolen
  • It needs to be updated
  • It is of fairly high quality
  • Most students dislike using it

Read the following letter.

Dear Parents,

     It's that time of the year to start thinking about our annual spring festival. As you know, the school holds the festival for a couple of reasons. The first is to engender a sense of community between the school and the residents of the neighborhood. The second is to help raise money for the school to use in a variety of manners.

     This spring, the festival will run from April 3 to 5 (Thursday to Saturday). All of the festival events are going to take place on the school campus. They will primarily be held in the school gym and auditorium as well as on the football field. This year, we have a large number of special activities planned. Please consult the attached sheet to see the events that have been scheduled.

     Since we have so many activities planned, we are counting on you, our students' parents, to assist us. We need at least twenty-five volunteers to help out during the festival. If you can spare even one or two hours of your time, we would appreciate it. Please contact Mrs. Voss at 555-1212 if you can lend a helping hand at the festival.


Jeanie Richards


Milton Academy

 What is the purpose of the letter?

  • To let the parents know how their children are performing
  • To describe an event to be  held  in the fall
  • To praise the parents for their devotion to the school
  • To  provide  information related to the festival

 In paragraph 1, the word engender is closest in meaning to

  • amplify
  • appreciate
  • clarify
  • create

 Based on the letter, what is probably true about Milton Academy?

  • It is located in a residential area
  • It charges a high amount of tuition.
  • It is an all-boys school.
  • It has a large amount of debt to repay.

 In paragraph 2, the word consult is closest in meaning to

  • edit
  • check
  • regard
  • print

 According to the letter, the festival will be held in all of the following locations

  • the auditorium
  • the gym
  • the classrooms
  • the football field

 What does the letter ask the parents to do?

  • Be more involved in their child ren 's school lives
  • Donate some money to the school
  • Volunteer to work during the festival
  • Give some goods to the school as donations


Read the following passage

     Coral reefs are rocklike protrusions that extend from a coastline into the ocean. They are made from coral, a living organism. Coral polyps appear to be small plants to many people, but they are in actuality a type of marine life. They grow in clusters and secrete a substance made of calcium carbonate that protects their bodies. This substance, in turn, forms a rocky structure that creates the reef itself.

     Coral reefs form some of the ocean's most unique ecosystems. They are vibrant places that attract a wide variety of marine plants and animals. There are a couple of reasons that many sea creatures, particularly fish, live in coral reefs. The first is that the reefs are rich in nutrients, so there is an abundance of food for them to eat. The next is that coral reefs provide protection from large predators. The hard, rocky reefs can wound large fish, such as sharks, that try to enter. Due to the absence of many voracious predators, smaller fish often lay their eggs in coral reefs. When the fish hatch, the reefs act as sanctuaries for them as they become adults.

     Unfortunately, many of the planet's coral reefs are in danger of disappearing due to both natural and manmade reasons. Coral requires ideal conditions to live. It can only survive in warm water, which means that it is virtually only found in a tropical location. The water that coral resides in must also be shallow since it needs access to sunlight in order to survive. Yet the ocean is not static but is in a constant state of change. Sometimes the water temperature in a place where coral grows may become too hot or too cold. This can result in the destruction of an entire reef.

     As for manmade problems, there are two major ones. First, pollution caused by humans - such as the dumping of chemicals in the water - can kill coral, which is quite sensitive. Second, some humans actively destroy coral reefs. Many are fishermen. Some of them eschew nets in favor of dynamite. They kill numerous fish with explosives but damage the reefs in the process. On a smaller scale, some people cut off coral from reefs to make jewelry from or to use for home aquariums. All of these factors combine to endanger many of the world's coral reefs.

 What does the author imply about coral polyps?

  • Some people think they are vegetation.
  • They grow rapidly early in their lives.
  • They usually live among ocean plants
  • It takes a lot of food for them to grow

 Which of the following statements does paragraph 1 support?

  • Coral polyps survive by consuming small plants
  • Coral reefs are sometimes located deep in the ocean
  • Coral polyps produce a substance that protects them
  • Coral can live on shore so long as it is near the coast

 In paragraph 2, the word them refers to 

  • a couple of reasons
  • many sea creatures
  • the reefs
  • nutrients

 In paragraph 2, the word voracious is closest in meaning to

  • stealthy
  • gigantic
  • ravenous
  • vicious

 In paragraph 2, the word sanctuaries is closest in meaning to

  • havens
  • estuaries
  • aquariums
  • containers

 According to the passage, which is necessary for coral to survive?

  • salt water
  • nutrients
  • sunlight
  • deep water

 In paragraph 4, the word eschew is closest in meaning to

  • employ
  • prefer
  • demean
  • avoid

 Which of the following is NOT mentioned as a way that humans are harming coral reefs?

  • They are fishing in some coral reefs
  • They are polluting the water the reefs are in
  • They are catching many live fish for aquariums
  • They are destroying some of the coral in reefs

Read the following passage and answer the questions.

There have been many famous detectives in literature. But one of the first -and certainly the most famous - is Sherlock Holmes. Holmes was created by the British writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in the late nineteenth century.

Sherlock Holmes made his first appearance in the work A Study in Scarlet, which was published in 1887. Holmes instantly became a popular literary figure with the general populace, who demanded that Doyle write more stories involving him. Doyle complied and eventually wound up writing fifty-six short stories and four novels that featured Holmes. While he took a break of several years from creating stories about Holmes, Doyle continued to write Holmes stories until 1927. Among the most famous of all the works featuring Holmes are The Hound of the Baskervilles, The Blue Carbuncle, and A Scandal in Bohemia.

One of the reasons that Sherlock Holmes was so popular concerns the method he employs to solve his cases: logic. Together with his partner, Dr. Watson, Holmes uses his powers of observation to detect clues that can help him solve the cases he accepts. Holmes has an incredibly sharp mind that enables him to determine who the guilty party is or what the problem is. Holmes also is a master of disguise, which he proves many times, and he is skilled at boxing as well as sword fighting.

While Holmes often solves cases that are unrelated to one another, he has a nemesis with whom he comes into both direct and indirect conflict in several stories. That person is Professor Moriarty, the leader of a crime ring In London. In one of the stories, The Final Problem, Holmes and Moriarty fight one another and fall to their deaths by plunging down a steep cliff near a waterfall. When he wrote that story, Doyle had tired of Holmes and wanted to kill off the character. He then refrained from writing about Holmes for many years, but public demand for more stories induced him to bring Holmes back from the dead and to continue writing detective stories.

 What is the best title for the passage?

  • A brief biography of Sherlock Holmes
  • Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson
  • Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: The creator of Sherlock Holmes
  • The most famous detectives in the world

 What does the author say about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle?

  • He considered becoming a detective in his youth
  • He was a bestselling author during his life
  • He created more detective stories than any other writer
  • He wrote stories about Sherlock Holmes for decades

 Why does the author mention The Hound of the Baskervilles?

  • It was the first novel he wrote involving Sherlock Holmes
  • The story is one that involves Professor Moriarty
  • It is the title of one of his well-known Sherlock Holmes stories
  • Dr. Watson makes his first appearance in that work

 According to the passage, which is true about Sherlock Holmes?

  • He was fluent in sevaral foreign languages.
  • He often resorted to fighting during his investigations.
  • He relied upon logic to solve various mysteries.
  • He encouraged Dr. Watson to become more observant.

 In paragraph 4, the word nemesis is closest in meaning to _______.

  • competitor
  • peer
  • partner
  • rival

 In paragraph 4, the phrase refrained from is closest in meaning to _______. 

  • stopped
  • resumed
  • postponed
  • continued

 What does the author imply about Professor Moriarty?

  • There is an unknown reason why he engaged in a life of crime.
  • He fails to encounter Holmes in some stories he is involved in.
  • Critics consider him to be the greatest literary villain in history.
  • Sherlock Holmes and he are related to one another.

 Why did Doyle kill Sherlock Holmes in one of his stories?

  • It was too difficult for him to come up with new story lines.
  • His fans demanded that Holmes be killed off.
  • He had no desire to write about Holmes anymore.
  • Killing Holmes would help Doyle increase his sales.

Read the following passage.

     Earth orbits the sun while the moon orbits Earth. Occasionally, all three of them become aligned with one another. When this happens, an eclipse occurs. There are two types of eclipses: solar and lunar. Both are rare events simply because, due to the movement of all three celestial bodies, the times when they line up with one another are infrequent.

     Solar eclipses are easily the more spectacular of the two. For a solar eclipse to occur, the moon's orbit must take it between Earth and the sun. While the sun is much larger than the moon, the relative nearness of the moon to Earth makes it appear to be the same size as the sun when viewed from the ground. Thus, when the sun, Earth, and moon are perfectly aligned, the moon appears to cover the entire sun. This is a solar eclipse. A solar eclipse may be either total or partial. When a total eclipse happens, the sun is completely obscured by the moon. The sky darkens, and it appears to be nighttime. However, most solar eclipses are partial ones. When they take place, the sun is only partly covered by the moon.

     When a solar eclipse happens, it is observable from a fairly small area on the planet. Thus, when there is a solar eclipse in North America, it is highly unlikely that it will be visible in Africa or Australia. A solar eclipse only lasts for a few minutes since all three heavenly bodies are in continual motion. People must also take care when viewing a solar eclipse since looking directly at it can cause damage - including blindness - to their eyes.

     Lunar eclipses happen when Earth moves directly between the sun and the moon. When this occurs, the planet blocks sunlight from reflecting off the moon. Lunar eclipses take place at night. During one, the moon appears very orange and is practically red in color. There are two different types of lunar eclipses. Taken together, the result is that lunar eclipses happen more frequently than solar eclipses. In addition, lunar eclipses may last for hours and can be seen from a wider area on the planet. There is no harm in directly observing a lunar eclipse either, so looking at one will not damage a person's eyes.

 What is the passage mainly about?

  • How eclipses have affected history
  • Two types of eclipses
  • The problems eclipses cause
  • Solar eclipses

 In paragraph 2, the word spectacular is closest in meaning to

  • distinct
  • impressive
  • lost lasting
  • common

 In paragraph 2, the word it is in meaning to 

  • The moon's orbit
  • The sun
  • The moon
  • Earth

 In paragraph 2, the word obscured is closest in meaning to

  • transposed
  • illuminated
  • perceived
  • blocked

 Why is the moon able to cover the sun during a solar eclipse?

  • Because of its large size
  • Because of its brightness
  • Because of its closeness to Earth
  • Because of its rotation

 Which of the following is NOT mentioned about solar eclipses?

  • How they can harm people
  • How long they may last
  • How much of the sun cannot be seen during them
  • How often they happen

 Which of the following is true regarding lunar eclipses?

  • They occur more often than solar eclipses
  • They are hard for astronomers to predict
  • They result in the moon disappearing from slight
  • They last for a shorter time than solar eclipses

 What can be inferred from the passage about lunar eclipses?

  • It is possible to see them from every-where in the world.
  • They are less dangerous to people than solar eclipses.
  • Superstitious people believe they bring bad luck.
  • During a full moon, they can be extremely bright.