TOEFL Junior Practice Test 16 - Reading Comprehension (có giải thích đáp án chi tiết)

6/13/2020 8:44:00 AM

Read the following announcement.

Reading Festival  

    On Friday, March 6, Sullivan School will have a Reading Festival. Grade 6, 7, and 8 students will all participate in special activities. 

Time Grade 6 Grade 7 Grade 8
10:00-11:00 A.M Book Sharing Snacks with a Writer Speed Reading
11:15 A.M-12:15 P.M Snacks with a Writer Speed Reading Radio Bookblast
12:30-1:30 P.M Speed Reading Book Sharing Snacks with a Writer

*The special lunch will be held in the cafeteria.

*Activity leaders will travel from homeroom to homeroom.

*All activities will happen in students' regular homeroom classrooms. 

At what time will the sixth-graders do the speed reading activity?

  • 10:00 A.M.
  • 11:15 A.M.
  • 12:30 P.M.
  • 1:30 P.M.

Where will the special lunch take place?

  • In the school theater
  • In the school cafeteria
  • In the homeroom classrooms
  • At the Snacks with a Writer event

Who will get to do the Radio Bookblast activity?

  • Sixth-graders
  • Eighth-graders
  • Seventh-graders
  • All of the above

Where will the activities happen?

  • In the school theater
  • In the school cafeteria
  • In the homeroom classrooms
  • At the Snacks with a Writer event

Read the following e-mail.

    Dear Anthony, 

    I watched the video you sent me last week. You look like a great soccer player and I would love to have you on my team. However, there are some questions I have for you. It is important that we know enough about you before you get here so that we can find the perfect place for you. First of all, how long have you been playing soccer? Second, what is your favorite position?

    Also, I am going to need a copy of your middle school grades. Academics are very important at Gramling Soccer Academy. We are only interested in athletes who are serious about school. We believe that if you work hard in school, then you will work hard on the soccer field too. I'd like you to know that we assist all of our players when applying to high school. We also know a lot of soccer coaches all over the country.

   Thanks again for sending me your video. I look forward to meeting you. I hope you enjoy the rest of your soccer season, and I will let you know when I get the rest of the information I need. 


   Coach McMahon 


Why did Coach McMahon write the email?

  • To help a player get into a good high school
  • To find the best students for his soccer school
  • To tell a player he is interested in having him on the team
  • To ask for a video of the player competing around the country

In paragraph 2, the word athletes is closest in meaning to

  • good students
  • favourite teams
  • sports players
  • musical instrument players

In paragraph 2, the word assist is closest in meaning to

  • give
  • help
  • test
  • teach

What does Coach McMahon say he does for his soccer players?

  • He helps them get into good high schools.
  • He assists them with their soccer techniques.
  • He makes them videos to show their friends and family.
  • He finds them good jobs when they are done with camp.

 Read the following article.

    Last week, one teacher from Newark Middle School, Miss Helen DeBow, was given a Teacher of the Year award. The awards are given out by the State Department of Education to excellent teachers. Teachers win because of their students who write into the contest. The award was given to Ms. DeBow on Saturday, June 6, in Wilmington, Delaware.

    Ms. DeBow is a history teacher at Newark Middle School. She teaches history to seventh-graders and loves teaching about the history of the United States. "I like teaching American history best because it helps students understand their own lives." Ms. DeBow enjoys teaching other histories too. "Studying ancient history is also very interesting. I always have my students study Mesopotamia," she said.

    It was Carla Ross and Michael Hubbard who wrote to the department for Ms. Debow. "She's a wonderful teacher and I really wanted her to win this award," said Carla. Michael agreed and added, "Ms. DeBow is one of the best teachers at this school. I'm happy that they chose her." 

What would be the most suitable headline for the article?

  • Ms. DeBow likes teaching history
  • Studying the USA and Mesopotamia
  • Newark history teacher wins award
  • Carla and Michael at Newark Middle School

What is suggested about Ms. DeBow?

  • She always wins this award.
  • She is a very good teacher.
  • She has lived in Mesopotamia.
  • She used to work at another school.

Based on the article, who decided to give Ms. DeBow the award?

  • Newark Middle School
  • Carla Ross and Michael Hubbard
  • Students in Ms. Debow's classes
  • The State Department of Education

In paragraph 1, the word award is closest in meaning to

  • prize
  • school
  • money
  • excellence

In paragraph 2, the word ancient is closest in meaning to

  • Asian
  • modern
  • very old
  • Egyptian

What is Ms. DeBow's favorite subject to teach?

  • Ancient history
  • American history
  • Delaware's history
  • Mesopotamian history

Read the following passage then choose the best answer to each question below.

Rain pounded down on the roof. I was trying to read but the sound was too loud. I couldn't help myself from being a little grumpy. I wanted to be outside playing, but the rain was keeping me inside.

My mom had gone to the grocery store, and my dad was spending Saturday at the office. I had planned to spend the day hiking, but Mother Nature decided that today was the perfect day for rain. It meant that I would have to entertain myself. I spent most of the morning playing with my stuffed animals and reading. I was sitting next to the window staring out when I got a strange idea: why not just go outside anyway?

I put on my boots and a big raincoat and stepped out into the wet world. It was raining hard but it wasn't cold. All I could hear were raindrops and the wind. I decided to go on my hike anyway. My feet didn't make any sound on the wet ground and the forest seemed different. I went to my favorite place and sat down. In the summer, my best friend Ellen and I would come here and sit for hours. It was our special place. All of a sudden, I thought I heard someone shouting my name. I turned and saw Ellen walking up behind me.

"Oh my Gosh! It's really you, Martha!" she said. "I can't believe that you are out here right now. I thought I would be the only person crazy enough to go for a walk in the rain." I was very happy to have some company. We decided that hiking in the rain was just as fun as hiking in the sunshine. We planned on hiking in the rain again. 

What is the best title for the story?

  • Rainy day work
  • A rainy day hike
  • A rainy day indoors
  • Rainy day homework

What was keeping Martha inside?

  • The heat
  • Her parents
  • Bad weather
  • Lots of homework

What does Martha mean when she says "It meant that I would have to entertain myself"?

  • She was tired.
  • She was feeling sick.
  • She had to find something to do.
  • She was bored with doing homework.

In paragraph 7, the word company is closest in meaning to

  • time
  • space
  • friend
  • business

What did Martha think about being outside?

  • It was too hot.
  • It was too cold.
  • It was very nice.
  • It was too wet to walk.

What will Martha and Ellen probably do next time it rains?

  • Stay inside
  • Do homework
  • Go for another hike
  • Go to their friend's house

 Read the following passage.

    The stars are beautiful in the night sky. They are far away, farther away than most people can imagine. Even though they are light-years away, they can still light up the sky. For thousands of years, people have been interested in stars. They have been used as fortunetellers, calendars, and maps. Travelers often used the stars to help them find their way.

    Before there was electricity, the stars and moon were the brightest things in the night sky. People spent hours staring up and wondering what the little, twinkling lights were. Back then, the stars were easier to see because there weren't any other lights at night.

    Not many ancient people realized that the sun was a star. The sun and moon were thought of as father and mother of Earth in some ancient cultures. The stars were thought of as lesser gods or the souls of people who had died.

    Greek philosophers 2,300 years ago started to try to unravel the mystery. A man named Anaxagoras thought that the sun was a giant ball of metal burning in the center of our universe. He was thrown in jail and sentenced to death because this idea conflicted with people's religious beliefs.

    Even so, people did not stop trying to understand the sun. Scientists still study it today. Large telescopes take pictures of the sun almost every day as we try to learn more about it.

What would be the best title for the passage?

  • The Sun
  • Stars in the sky
  • The exploration of space
  • A history of Greek thought

Why were stars useful to people? 

  • They kept people safe.
  • They were beautiful.
  • They showed people the way.
  • They burned up dangerous gases.

Which of the following is NOT mentioned?

  • Stars as fortune-tellers and maps
  • Anaxagoras going to jail for his ideas
  • The sun and moon as father and mother
  • Telescopes taking pictures of the planets

In paragraph 3, the word realized is closest in meaning to ______.

  • found
  • destroyed
  • unearthed
  • understood

In paragraph 4, the word unravel is closest in meaning to ______.

  • dream
  • solve
  • imagine
  • look for

Why was Anaxagoras thrown in jail?

  • He did not believe in God.
  • He was not a good philosopher.
  • His ideas were not the same as other people's.
  • He found out that the sun was the same as all the other stars.

Read the following passage.

    In the late 1840s, a potato famine struck Europe. In 1845, 50 percent of the potato crop in Europe was lost to blight. In 1846, the number went up to 75 percent. The famine came to all of Europe, but it was the worst in Ireland.

    The Irish people were dependent on potatoes for food, which is why the potato famine was so serious in Ireland. Potatoes grow well in cold climates and do not need too much space while they grow, which made them an ideal crop in Ireland. Living under British landlords, Irish peasants could grow potatoes for their families cheaply and conveniently. So, when the disease called “potato blight” came to Ireland, many starved.

    During this time, one million Irish people left Ireland to live in other countries. Many of them went to America where there was work. That’s why America has many people of Irish descent today. Another one million people died of hunger.

    Ireland lost about 25 percent of its population because of this potato famine. It is sometimes believed that the British government could have done something to help the Irish, but it didn’t. Ireland was never the same after the famine. With this great loss came big changes.

What would be the best title for the passage?

  • The Sadness of 1845
  • Losing a Big Population
  • The Poor People in Ireland
  • The Potato Famine in Ireland

What caused the potatoes famine?

  • The Irish people
  • The Irish government
  • The Irish moving to America
  • A disease called potato blight

What does the author say about the British government?

  • They had a bad famine.
  • They ate a lot of potatoes.
  • They were kind neighbors.
  • They could have helped the Irish.

In paragraph 1, the word it refers to

  • Europe
  • the number
  • the potatoes
  • the famine

In paragraph 2, the word peasants is closest in meaning to

  • farmers
  • citizens
  • royalties
  • criminals

In paragraph 4, the word loss is closest in meaning to.

  • death
  • terror
  • sorrow
  • accident

Why was the potato famine worst in Ireland?

  • Ireland had more poor people.
  • Europeans didn’t like potatoes.
  • Potato blight only came to Ireland.
  • The Irish were living on potatoes.

Why did some Irish people move to America?

  • It was beautiful.
  • There were jobs there.
  • It had healthy potatoes.
  • They had families there.

Read the following passage. Then answer the questions.

Books and reading are a very important part of education. If you go into someone's house in the modern world, they will usually have some sort of bookshelf full of books that they like to read. Some very educated or book-loving people have large rooms full of books.

Nowadays, you can have many books without needing a room to store them. The Internet is making it more efficient for people to read. Web sites now make it easy for people to buy books. Thousands of books are available online. You can buy used books or new books. Now you can even buy electronic books. The Kindle, released by the web site Amazon, allows people to download books online and read them on the device. People can download hundreds of books at a time and put them on this small, handheld e-book reader.

The personal libraries of the past still look good and many people still like to have paper books, but e-book readers like the Kindle are changing things fast. Now people can carry huge libraries with them anywhere. People can read books for a lot cheaper as well. Books bought electronically are inexpensive because they do not have to be printed. They are stored in files and sold straight to the device. The Kindle and other reading devices are going to change book-buying and reading forever.

What would be the best title for the passage?

  • A New Age of Writing
  • Libraries Lost and Forgotten
  • Changes in the Reading Culture
  • Electronics Replacing Written Literature

The author mentions all of the following EXCEPT

  • carrying huge libraries everywhere.
  • the Internet making it easier for people to read.
  • books and reading as an important part of education.
  • where to buy inexpensive books in North America.

Why does the author mention “the Kindle”?

  • To imply that soon libraries will not exist
  • To suggest that every book is now electronic
  • To show that there are few regular books now
  • To give an example of an electronic reading device

In paragraph 2, the word efficient is closest in meaning to

  • hard
  • safe
  • happy
  • handy

What do the Kindle and other e-book readers allow people to do?

  • Read faster
  • Read books with friends
  • Travel with more books
  • Buy more books in stores

In paragraph 3, the word "They" refers to

  • books.
  • people.
  • libraries.
  • readers.

What are the Kindle and other reading devices going to do to reading?

  • Destroy it
  • Make it difficult
  • Make it different
  • Make people stop reading