TOEFL Junior Practice Test 1 - Language Form and Meaning

10/20/2019 10:53:42 PM
Đề thi thử phần Language Form and Meaning (Grammar và Vocabulary) của Toefl Junior, gồm 7 đoạn văn đục lỗ, tổng số chỗ trống cần chọn từ thích hợp để điền là 42.


In this section of the test, you will have 42 questions found in seven different texts. Within each text are blanks that contain four possible ways to complete a sentence. Choose the word or words in each box that correctly completes each sentence. 

Choose the word or words in each box that correctly completes each sentence. 

Dear Amy,

I heard from one of our friends that you (1)_____ very well today. I hope that you do not have anything serious and that you will be able to go back to school tomorrow. The teachers (2)_____ us a lot of homework in all of our classes today. Did anyone from school let you know about (3)_____?

If you want to know about anything, just write me back. I would be glad to assist you so that you can get your work done on time. I can drop by your house later in the evening if you want. Give me a (4)_____ to this email whenever you get the chance.

Your friend,



  • will not feel
  • are not feeling
  • cannot feel
  • must not feel


  • reserved
  • approved
  • requested
  • assigned


  • What you need to do?
  • Which you need to do?
  • That you need to do?
  • How you need to do?


  • Respond
  • Response
  • Responsive
  • Responder

Choose the word or words in each box that correctly completes each sentence. 

Tomorrow after lunch, all classes are going to be cancelled. Instead of going to your classrooms, students should report to the school auditorium no later than one fifteen. The school is proud (1)_____ that Mayor Randolph Jefferson has accepted our offer to come and speak with the student body. Mayor Jefferson will chat about his experience (2)_____ and then he will take a few questions. Please wear (3)_____ clothing tomorrow and be sure to (4)_____ as well. We expect you to be good representatives of our school and to treat the mayor with the respect he deserves.


  • announce
  • announcing
  • will announce
  • to announce


  • run to the city,
  • running the city,
  • of running in the city,
  • to run the city,


  • appropriate
  • approximate
  • approachable
  • approving


  • being the best behaved
  • behave like the best
  • be on your best behavior
  • behavior of the best

Choose the word or words in each box that correctly completes each sentence. 

If you are looking for something fun to do this summer, why don't you visit the community center? The community center, (1)_____ at 49 Maple Street, is going to be sponsoring numerous activities. For instance, there will be art, music, language classes at the center throughout the summer. (2)_____ the center is going to sponsor a soccer league and a baseball league for students in middle school and high school. We (3)_____ all young people to participate. We know that the events this year are going to be (4)_____ those in any past years.


  • what is locating
  • which is located
  • where the location
  • how it was located


  • In addition to those,
  • As well as they,
  • So with those,
  • Apparently with those,


  • demand
  • approve
  • invite
  • consider


  • the best
  • much better than
  • as well as
  • just as good that

Choose the word or words in each box that correctly completes each sentence. 

Dear Mr. Thompson,

I would like to apologize to you (1)_____ in your class during the exam yesterday. I am so sorry that I looked in my textbook while I was taking the test. I feel terrible about (2)_____ on the test. I know that this is not an (3)_____ excuse, but I did not have enough time to study for the test because I had a basketball game the night before it. I was so tired that, (4)_____ I took a shower and went to bed (5)_____ When I woke up, I remembered the test and tried to study.

However, I only managed to do that for about fifteen minutes.

Still, there is no (6)_____ for cheating. I will accept (7)_____ you decide to give me without complaint. I will also do my best to work hard in your class and to be (8)_____ for the remainder of the semester.


Peter Wilson


  • with the action
  • for my actions
  • by my action
  • at the action


  • completing
  • researching
  • practicing
  • cheating


  • accept
  • acceptance
  • accepting
  • acceptable


  • the moment I arrived home,
  • momentarily arriving at my home,
  • to arrive in a moment at my home,
  • I arrived home in a moment,


  • apparently
  • decisively
  • immediately
  • dramatically


  • consideration
  • justification
  • ramification
  • criticism


  • whoever punishes
  • whatever punishment
  • whichever punishes
  • however punished


  • a student with more possibilities
  • possibly a better student
  • the best of the possible students
  • as good a student as possible

Choose the word or words in each box that correctly completes each sentence. 

Dear Nathaniel,

I am looking forward to graduating in a month. I can't believe we have almost finished our schooling. It has been a long four years, but high school is (21) _____. On one hand, I am relieved that I am going to get started on (22)_____, On the other hand, the past four years have been a great experience. I shall miss everyone as we (23)_____ for different colleges. Anyway, I want you to know that my family is going to be (24)_____ a graduation party at my house. I am inviting many of our classmates. It should be a lot of fun. You, your parents, and the rest of your family (25)_____ We live on a farm, so there will be plenty of room for everyone. Just let me know if you can make it and who will be (26)_____. My parents need to know how many people to expect.

Talk to you soon.




  • practical and over
  • practically over
  • over practically
  • over practical


  • the next chapter in my life
  • my life in the next chapter
  • the next life with a chapter
  • a chapter of the next life


  • start
  • depart
  • aim
  • enter


  • host
  • hosts
  • hosted
  • hosting


  • invited me to my house
  • inviting to my house
  • will invite them to my house
  • are invited to my house


  • attending
  • graduating
  • resisting
  • requesting

Choose the word or words in each box that correctly completes each sentence. 

One of the largest and most luxurious palaces in the world is the Palace of Versailles (27)_____ Paris, France, the palace has more than 2,000 rooms, (28)_____ are extravagantly decorated. Versailles was constructed (29)_____. Its original use was as a hunting lodge for King Louis XIV. However, he and his successors constantly expanded it until it became a massive palace. Versailles became one of (30)_____ symbols of the French monarchy, and it served as the royal court from 1682 to 1789. (31)_____ the French Revolution, the palace was (32)_____ into a museum. Today, Versailles (33)_____ thousands of works of art, including paintings, drawings, engravings, and sculptures. Due to its art and the beauty of the palace itself, it is a prime tourist attraction at the present. As a result, millions of people visit the palace (34)_____.


  • is located near
  • locating near
  • having located near
  • located near


  • every which
  • all of which
  • that are all
  • what all


  • during the seventeenth century
  • for all seventeen centuries
  • throughtout seventeen centuries
  • the seventeenth century onward


  • the most prominent
  • more prominent
  • much more prominent
  • most of the prominent


  • Followed by the events of
  • The events, following
  • Following the events of
  • Events were following


  • designed
  • constructed
  • rehabilitated
  • transformed


  • contain
  • contains
  • is containing
  • will contain


  • permanently
  • consistently
  • continually
  • annually

Choose the word or words in each box that correctly completes each sentence. 

Most birds build nests in which they lay their eggs, but the emperor penguin has no need of them. This bird lives in Antarctica and must endure (35)_____ weather than anywhere else in the world. In order to (36)_____ that its eggs are not harmed and that its chicks (37)_____ the emperor penguin takes care of its eggs in a unique manner. An emperor penguin female lays a single egg. Once she lays the egg, the male penguin takes it and puts it (38)_____ There, the egg (39)____ by a layer of stomach fat that the penguin rests above the egg. Since emperor penguins lay their eggs right as winter begins in Antarctica, it is (40)_____ that the eggs remain (41)_____ Therefore, for the next two months, the males incubate the eggs until the chicks finally hatch. During this entire (42)_____ the males look after the eggs while hardly even moving.


  • harsher
  • the harsher
  • as harsh as
  • much of the harshest


  • ensure
  • promise
  • recall
  • trust


  • are hatching with them,
  • hatched from them,
  • are theirs to hatch,
  • may hatch from them,


  • on top of its feet
  • with its feet at the top
  • by the top foot
  • at the foot of the top


  • protects
  • is protecting
  • is protected
  • will protect


  • basic
  • significant
  • partial
  • vital


  • by protection of the elements
  • protected from the elements
  • protecting the elemments
  • for the protection of the elements


  • period
  • periods
  • periodical
  • periodically