TOEFL Junior Practice Test 6 - Language form and meaning

10/31/2019 8:25:00 AM
Bài thi thử Language form and meaning theo đúng mẫu chuẩn của kỳ thi Toefl Junior, gồm 42 câu hỏi.

In this section of the test, you will answer 42 questions found in seven different texts. Within each text are boxes that contain four possible ways to complete a sentence. Choose the word or words in each box that correctly complete each sentence.

Choose the word or words in each box that correctly completes each sentence.

 Due to demand by both students and parents, the school has decided (1)_____ starting next semester. All three of these classes are (2)_____ and accordingly not required for students to graduate. In addition, the classes are limited in size to twenty-five students. If there fewer than twenty-five students who register for each class, then all of those individuals may (3)_____ in them. If, however, more than twenty-five students try to sign up, a lottery will be held to determine (4)_____

The new classes and their instructors are:

Class Instructor Time
Economic Mr. Chandler 9:00-9:50
Computer Programming Ms. Estevez 1:00-1:50
Ethics Mr. Augustine 2:00-2:50



  • adding three new courses
  • to add three new courses
  • with the adding of three new courses
  • on three new courses added


  • necessities
  • workshops
  • electives
  • majors


  • enroll
  • register
  • enlist
  • participate


  • with whom students will take them
  • why students can take them
  • when students are taking them
  • which students can take them

Choose the word or words in each box that correctly completes each sentence.

On Friday, April 10, school headmaster David Jones announced that (5)_____ the renovation of both its science laboratories over the summer. The school realizes the need to modernize the lab equipment to take its students (6)_____ with those individuals at other area schools. Thanks to a grant from the Wilson Foundation, the school now has access to enough financial (7)_____ to accomplish this goal. The renovations are set to take place during the summer, and they (8)_____ before students return to school for the start of the fall semester.


  • the school has planned to
  • having planned, the school
  • the school has plans for
  • with planning, the school has


  • more competitive
  • the most competitive
  • as competitve as
  • so competitive that


  • resources
  • materials
  • abilities
  • skills


  • will complete
  • must have completed
  • should be completed
  • are complete

Choose the word or words in each box that correctly completes each sentence.

To all students,

The school has decided to (9)_____ its policy on how students can make up any examinations they miss due to being absent from an illness.

According to the new policy, if someone cannot take a test because he or she is sick, the student must provide a note from a (10)_____ doctor. Failure to provide a note will result in the student's excuse not being accepted. Then, the student must work with the class instructor to find a mutually acceptable time (11)_____. However, (12)_____ within one week of the student's return to school.


  • alter
  • attune
  • administer
  • arrange


  • license
  • licenses
  • licensed
  • licensing


  • making up an examination
  • taking a made-up examination
  • to take a makeup examination
  • take an examination to make up


  • all tests must be completed
  • you are completing all the tests
  • tests are all being completed
  • completing all of the tests

Choose the word or words in each box that correctly completes each sentence.

Dear students,

(13)_____ to start another school year, and I hope all of you are (14)_____ the faculty, staff, and I are. There have been a few changes at the school that you need to be aware of. To begin with, we have (15)_____ an extra member of the faculty. Bruce Thompson is our (16)_____ math instructor, and he will teach both calculus and geometry. We believe that all of you (17)_____ taking classes with Mr. Thompson, Secondly, you will all be pleased to see that we have added a computer laboratory to the main building. The laboratory has twenty state-of-the-art computers, which I am (18)_____ everyone will put to good use. (19)_____ we have added more than 500 new books to the school library. These books were donated by Julie Johnson, a school alumna, (20)_____


Robert Bailey



  • We have nearly time
  • It is almost time
  • There is some time
  • They have the time


  • more excited
  • the most excited
  • the most excited of
  • as excited as


  • interviewed
  • transferred
  • attained
  • hired


  • newer
  • newer than
  • newest
  • the newest


  • enjoy
  • are enjoying
  • will enjoy
  • have enjoyed


  • positive
  • concerned
  • aware
  • alert


  • Lastly, for all,
  • Lastly, with all,
  • Last in all,
  • Last of all,


  • who graduated in 1987
  • that will graduate in 1987
  • which was graduate in 1987
  • when it was 1987, graduated

Choose the word or words in each box that correctly completes each sentence.

Since the usage of the Internet became widespread in the 1990s, it has (21)_____ a number of advantages for people. For example, people use the Internet to communicate with others, to find information, to make purchases, and (22)_____. Unfortunately, some people use the internet for illegal purpose. (23)_____ without paying for them is one of (24)_____ illegal activities people utilize the internet for. The main things that people illegally download are music, movies, TV programs, and books. This internet piracy, (25)_____ costs the makers of these products billions of dollars a year. In the past decade, sales of music CDs and movie and TV program DVDs have (26)_____ considerably. Many people simply download TV shows and watch them (27)_____ Some TV shows have been canceled due to the resulting low ratings. Thus far, most (28)_____ at stopping internet piracy have failed.


  • discovered
  • provided
  • approved
  • resulted


  • to entertain
  • to entertaining
  • to be entertained
  • to be entertaining


  • Downloading files from the internet
  • The internet and the downloaded files
  • They, after using the internet to download files
  • By using the internet to download files


  • as common as
  • more common
  • most common
  • the most common


  • which they are called,
  • what it was called,
  • as it is called,
  • how it was called,


  • manufactured
  • staggered
  • removed
  • declined


  • whenever they want.
  • whomever we want.
  • whichever they want.
  • however we want.


  • requests
  • attempts
  • demands
  • challenges

Choose the word or words in each box that correctly completes each sentence.

Dear Karen, 

I am so sad you were absent today and thus (29)_____. You will not believe how much fun we had at the science museum. I know we had both thought it would be boring, but it was actually the complete (30)_____. First, we got to admire the museum's rock collection. The museum had a huge exhibit (31)_____ such as diamonds, emeralds, and rubies. After that, we saw a display on the Serengeti in Africa. We learned about the unique ecosystem of that area and (32)____ on the animal migrations that take place there (33)_____. Lastly, we saw an exhibit that was called Birds of the Americas. (34)_____ of various species of birds, and the museum also had some original prints that were made by John J. Audubon. I really wish you had been able to attend. You would have loved it.

Your friend,



  • are scheduled to go on a field trip
  • could not go on our field trip
  • the field trip, which was gone on
  • had to go on the field trip


  • agenda
  • opposite
  • excitement
  • guidance


  • in precious gems,
  • not precious gems,
  • and precious gems,
  • with precious gems,


  • got to watch a movie
  • will get to watch a movie
  • the movie got wathced
  • a movie was being watched


  • annually
  • separately
  • considerably
  • typically


  • Displays, of which there were many,
  • There were all kinds of displays
  • He had many kinds of displays
  • They will have lots of displays

Choose the word or words in each box that correctly completes each sentence.

The city council just announced that it (35)_____ one of the high schools in the city because of a lack of (36)_____. Hopewell High School will shut its doors for good on May 31 this year. The school has been plagued by (37)_____ numbers of students and only has 268 currently enrolled whereas it had more than 50 years ago.

According to Derrick Burgess, (38)_____ students have been leaving Hopewell for a number of reasons. The (39)_____ it is located in has seen its population decline as (40)_____ to the newer areas in the city. In addition, poor public transportation in the area makes it difficult for many students to get to school and back home. The city council promised (41)____ for the faculty and staff members who will be affected by the (42)_____.


  • closes
  • has closed
  • had closed
  • is going to close


  • interest
  • funding
  • attendance
  • facilities


  • falling
  • steady
  • regular
  • receding


  • the city council's member
  • a member of the city council,
  • on the city council,
  • in memory of the city council,


  • neighbor
  • neighbors
  • neighboring
  • neighborhood


  • more people have been moving
  • people will move more
  • people, having moved,
  • more people and their moves


  • which new schools will be found
  • finding that new schools
  • that it will find new schools
  • the new schools that it has found


  • close
  • closed
  • closeness
  • closure