TOEFL Junior Practice Test 7 - Language form and meaning

10/31/2019 8:50:00 AM
Bài thi thử Language form and meaning theo đúng mẫu chuẩn của kỳ thi Toefl Junior, gồm 42 câu hỏi.

In this section of the test, you will answer 42 questions found in seven different texts. Within each text are boxes that contain four possible ways to complete a sentence. Choose the word or words in each box that correctly completes each sentence. 

Here are two sample questions:

   Ever since Gutenberg (1)……. movable type in the 1400s, printed works have been the primary source of reading material for most people. But, (2)….. more and more people are reading material that is not printed on paper nowadays.

  1. (1)

(A): invents

(B): invented

(C): inventing

(D): has invented

  1. (2)

(A): thanks to the Internet,

(B): thanking the Internet,

(C): having thanked the Internet,

(D): with the thanks of the Internet,

The correct answer to sample 1 is (B), “invented”. The correct answer to sample 2 is (A), “thanks to the Internet”.



Read the following email.

Dear Jessica,

   Are you going to try out for the swim team this year? I hope you intend (1).... that. I have been working out all summer long, so I think I should make the team. It would be fantastic if (2)..... this year. I wonder if you have any pointers that you can give me. I know you have been on the swim team for a couple of years, but this is my first attempt to participate in (3).... sports. I am a little nervous, so any (4).... or other information you can provide me with would be appreciated.





  • do
  • doing
  • will do
  • to do


  • we could be teammates
  • they are teammates
  • some of them are teammates
  • the teammates are us


  • individual
  • organized
  • respected
  • extended


  • evidence
  • tips
  • clues
  • prompts

Read the following essay. 

    I strongly believe that all students should do some kind of volunteer work. I especially feel that they should work with individuals who are poor or homeless. Many of us live (5).... lives. After school every day, we go back to our nice homes and enjoy (6).... we can eat. We are fortunate, but not everyone is so lucky. By volunteering at a homeless shelter or a food bank, (7).... some other members of society live. I truly feel that we could learn a lot (8).... in this kind of volunteer work.


  • unfortunate
  • scholastic
  • apparent
  • sheltered


  • as much food as
  • the most food
  • a greater amount of food
  • more food


  • we could see that
  • what we see is
  • we can see how
  • seeing how, we can


  • which engages
  • by engaging
  • to engage
  • if they engage

Read the following advertisement.

     Are you the (9)... of students who enjoy studying? Do you like it when your teachers spend extra time with you in the classroom? Are you interested in getting (10)... If you answered yes to these questions, then you should consider applying to Lakeview Academy. We are a private school that educates elementary, middle, and high school students. (11).... we provide the best education possible for our students. If you think you have (12).... to be a Lakeview student, call 555-6543 and set up an appointment with us today.


  • style
  • type
  • individual
  • category


  • out of your education from most?
  • your education is the most?
  • your education, which is the most?
  • the most out of your education?


  • Situated on top of Henry Mountain,
  • In a situation on top of Henry Mountain,
  • On Henry Mountain, there is situated,
  • What was situated at the top of Henry Mountain,


  • what it takes
  • which was taken
  • who we take
  • where it was taken

Read the following email.

Dear Sally,

    I just had a talk with David (13).... the group project we are doing for our science class. According to him, we are very far behind (14).... and need to start working (15).... (16).... we only have ten more days before everything is supposed to be turned in. David told me that most of the other groups have almost finished their work, but (17)... Anyway, he wants you and me to do some (18)... at the library tomorrow after school. He gave me a list of books for us to find and get some data from. Do you have time to go to the public library after school tomorrow? I cannot recall (19)...... If you do not have it, how about meeting at three twenty? But, if you have practice, go to the library when it is over. I am planning to head there (20)...  Let me know what your situation is.

See you tomorrow.



  • concern
  • concerned
  • concerning
  • to concern


  • schedule
  • scheduled
  • scheduling
  • schedules


  • as fast as.
  • faster than.
  • much faster.
  • the fastest.


  • Whimsically,
  • Periodically,
  • Consequently,
  • Apparently,


  • we have barely even started
  • barely starting, we have.
  • having started, we had barely.
  • barely had we even started.


  • assignment
  • exams
  • experiment
  • research


  • basketball practice, whether it is.
  • what is at basketball practice.
  • whether you have basketball practice.
  • how we are having basketball practice.


  • thus having finished school.
  • before I finish school.
  • once school finishes.
  • if school is going to finish.

Read the following magazine article.

    People use figures of speech to make their writing (21).... to readers. Two of the most common of these are similes and metaphors. However, there are a large number of other figures of speech (22)... One of these is personification. When a writer uses it, he or she gives an animal or thing human characteristics. For instance, a person might write, "The sun smiled down on the land." By claiming that the sun is smiling, the writer is (23)... Two more common figures of speech are alliteration and assonance. Alliteration is the repetition of consonant sounds (24).... assonance is the repetition of vowel sounds. Therefore "five fierce friends" is an example of alliteration, and "every excited elephant" is (25)... By employing these figures of speech and others in their works, writers can make (26).... prose much more interesting to the people reading it.


  • more appealing
  • the most appealing of
  • appealing than
  • of the most appealing


  • how these are used.
  • what are used.
  • which they will use.
  • that they can use.


  • giving the sun a human ability.
  • a sun with human abilities.
  • given an ability by the sun.
  • able to give the sun abilities.


  • because
  • whereas
  • therefore
  • moreover


  • examples of assonance.
  • one of assonance.
  • the assonance.
  • some assonance.


  • superb
  • creative
  • long
  • dull

Read the following notice.

To all students:

   I would like to (27)..... the girls' volleyball team for qualifying for the state tournament last week. The girls' team defeated Walker High School, which (28)..... them to make the (29).... state tournament. This year's competition will be held this weekend. It starts on Thursday and (30).... on Saturday evening when the final game to determine the state champion is played. Our girls' team is currently (31)..... number three in the entire state, so we have an outstanding chance of playing in the final game. The girls need your support though, so I encourage as many students as possible to attend the tournament. The games will be held in Davenport, (32)..... The girls' first game is on Thursday evening at six o'clock. We have reserved two buses to take students to the game. Please let your homeroom teacher know (33)... Be sure to (34).... the members of the girls' team luck when you see them.

Sandy Nelson



  • reciprocate
  • appreciate
  • renovate
  • congratulate


  • enables
  • enabled
  • has been enabled
  • is enabling


  • upcoming
  • arriving
  • various
  • recent


  • coming for the end
  • came to its end
  • will end when we come
  • will come to an end


  • rank
  • ranks
  • ranked
  • ranking


  • that is in twenty minutes.
  • for about twenty minutes.
  • which is twenty minutes away.
  • when there are twenty minutes.


  • how they attended.
  • if you can attend.
  • why you should attend.
  • when they are attending.


  • appeal
  • wish
  • grant
  • say

Read the following essay.

    The myths and (35)..... of various cultures often include stories involving magic and monsters. Many people in the past believed that some individuals could do magic and that monsters existed. In my opinion, people cannot do magic, and there is (36)..... In that case, why did people believe so strongly in them? One reason is that people lacked the knowledge (37).... the world around them. For instance, people did not know (38).... when the moon moved in front of the sun. They thought it involved (39)..... Since they did not know about astronomy, they could not explain that the movement of the planets and other heavenly bodies caused (40)..... to occur at times. As for monsters, one reason people thought they existed had to do with a dinosaur (41)..... People who found these (42)..... bones believed they came from dragons and other large monsters. As a result, they thought there were monsters on the planet.


  • legends
  • civilizations
  • art
  • sculptures


  • a monster, not a thing.
  • not a monster in that thing.
  • not any kinds of monsters.
  • no such thing as monsters.


  • understanding
  • to understand
  • having understood
  • being understood


  • what caused an eclipse
  • the cause of that eclipse
  • when the eclipse happened
  • which kind of eclipse caused


  • some sort of magic.
  • magic, which has some.
  • sorting magic.
  • the sorting of magic.


  • eclipse
  • eclipses
  • eclipsing
  • eclipsed


  • eggs.
  • samples.
  • fossils.
  • studies.


  • gigantic
  • extreme
  • miniature
  • underground