TOEFL Junior Practice Test 8 - Language form and meaning

10/31/2019 9:51:05 AM
Bài thi thử Language form and meaning theo đúng mẫu chuẩn của kỳ thi Toefl Junior, gồm 42 câu hỏi.

In this section of the test, you will answer 42 questions found in seven different texts. Within each text are boxes that contain four possible ways to complete a sentence. Choose the word or words in each box that correctly completes each sentence.

Here are two sample question:

     Ever since Gutenberg (1)……. movable type in the 1400s, printed works have been the primary source of reading material for most people. But, (2)….. more and more people are reading material that is not printed on paper nowadays.

  1. (1)

(A): invents

(B): invented

(C): inventing

(D): has invented


  1. (2)

(A): thanks to the Internet,

(B): thanking the Internet,

(C): having thanked the Internet,

(D): with the thanks of the Internet,

 The correct answer to sample 1 is (B), “invented”. The correct answer to sample 2 is (A), “thanks to the Internet”.

Read the following announcement.

To All Students:

    It is time once again to begin working on your annual history projects. This year, you (1)...... to work on teams. Teams may consist of up to four students. You may also work alone if you desire (2)...... All students should let me know with whom you will be working no later than next Monday, March 22. Once you have made your choice, you may not (3)....... it in any manner. All decisions are final. This year, the way in which you may do your history project is slightly different from that of previous years. Please see the attached papers for some examples of (4)......

Genevieve Mason

History Teacher


  • were allowed
  • will be allowed
  • are allowing
  • will have been allowed


  • to do so.
  • for doing such.
  • to have done so.
  • by doing such.


  • alter
  • cancel
  • rearrange
  • postpone


  • when your projects looked alike.
  • why the project looks like that.
  • which projects have looked like it.
  • what your projects should look like.

Read the following diary entry.

Dear Diary,

   It is almost time to start thinking about which college I am going to (5)...... after I finish high school. (6)...... to enroll at the same school my father went to a couple of decades ago. However, I am not particularly interested in that place, especially since it does not have a good computer science program, which is what I want to study. (7)..... are a couple of out-of-state schools. But, unless I (8)...... a scholarship, they are both too expensive for my family. I suppose I ought to improve my grades if I want to go to either of those places.


  • apply
  • register
  • attend
  • consider


  • Wanting me, my parents
  • My parents want me
  • I would like my parents
  • My parents and I want


  • My interest is great
  • My great interest
  • The greatest interest of mine
  • Of greater interest to me


  • am awarding
  • am awarded
  • was awarded
  • will award

Read the following advertisement.

Work at the Sunnyville Summer Camp This Summer

    How would you like to make some extra cash? If you have at least an A average, then you are qualified to apply for a position at the Sunnyville Summer Camp. At Sunnyville, we (9).... camp counselors who are not only good with younger children but who are also (10)...... in their classes. That is why you need good grades to get a job with us. We also prefer students who (11)..... and being active. We pay well and provide our counselors with great experiences throughout the entire summer. If you would like to (12).... your horizons and work for us this summer, then call 555-1991 and ask for Mary or Jason.


  • remove
  • enforce
  • stress
  • value


  • better students
  • the best students
  • one of the best students
  • better than more students


  • enjoy spending time outdoors
  • are enjoying their time outdoors
  • have enjoyed spending time outdoors
  • being outdoors, enjoy their time


  • stretch
  • broaden
  • attempt
  • test

Read the following letter.

Dear Paul,

    I hope you do not mind, but I need to get some(13)...... from you. There is something that has been on my mind a lot recently. (14)..... if I should join the basketball team or get a part-time job. Coach Dobbins is putting a lot of pressure on me (15)..... I was on the team last year and had fun. Overall, (16)...... However, my parents have cut off my (17)...... They say I am old enough to earn my own spending money. Since I am planning to buy a car once I get my driver's license, I need to come up with some extra cash. What would you do in my (18)..... I trust advice from you (19)..... from any of my other friends. Please tell me (20)... I ought to do.

Your friend,



  • advice
  • advise
  • advisement
  • advisory


  • I am trying to decide
  • I, having decided, am trying
  • I decided to try
  • I will try for a decision


  • playing.
  • to play.
  • will play.
  • have played.


  • I am gaining more experience.
  • it was a great experience.
  • the experience will be great.
  • I have a lot of experience.


  • allowance.
  • scholarship.
  • endowment.
  • grant.


  • condition?
  • resumption?
  • situation?
  • imposition?


  • more advising
  • more than advice
  • the most advice
  • than the most advising


  • who thought that
  • what we thought
  • who is thinking
  • what you think

Read the following biography.

    One of (21)..... inventors in the world was Thomas Edison. (22)..... in 1931, Edison held more than 1,000 patents and had revolutionized the world with his inventions, which included the light bulb and phonograph. Yet few who knew Edison in his youth would have (23)..... he was destined for greatness. As a child, Edison became sick and developed hearing problems as a (24)..... result of his illness. Eventually, he became deaf in both ears. He was also (25)..... Due to his hyperactive behavior, his schoolteachers disliked him. Some thought he was unintelligent and would never (26).... anything. Fortunately for Edison, his mother, (27)..... began to homeschool him when he was eleven. Edison quickly gained an appetite for learning, and, by studying by himself, he became self-educated. It was due to his desire to learn and to teach himself new things that he (28)...... an interest in becoming an inventor.


  • great
  • greater
  • greater than
  • the greatest


  • Dying in time
  • By the time he died
  • After having died
  • Since the time of his death


  • replied
  • treated
  • approached
  • predicted


  • direct
  • directive
  • direction
  • directly


  • children with some problems.
  • a problem with his children.
  • probably a child.
  • something of a problem child.


  • accomplish
  • regard
  • approach
  • instruct


  • herself being taught by him,
  • having taught him herself,
  • who was a teacher herself,
  • who will teach him by herself,


  • portrayed
  • developed
  • satisfied
  • structured

Read the following newspaper article.

    The Beaumont Academy is about to start (29).... that will result in the school undergoing a great deal of change. (30).... of two million dollars from a recent alumnus, the Beaumont Academy is going to (31)..... the entire campus. Work on the main building has already started since the students are currently on summer vacation. The school also intends to work on its gymnasium as well as its library. (32)..... the school will construct an entirely new (33)..... It will contain a number of state-of-the-art classrooms that should improve the learning environment at the school. According to school president John Sanders, the faculty, students, and parents are all eagerly anticipating how the school will look. "Everything won't be (34)..... until about ten months from now," said Mr. Sanders. "However, we think the campus will be much improved by that time."


  • a projected ambition
  • projecting its ambitions
  • an ambitious project
  • the projection of ambition


  • He donated thanks to
  • Thankfully, his donation
  • After giving thanks for a donation
  • Thanks to a donation


  • reprove
  • restructure
  • renovate
  • renege


  • Will there be funds left over,
  • With the leftover funds,
  • After using the leftover funds,
  • With no funds left over,


  • cafeteria.
  • facility.
  • stadium.
  • library.


  • apparent
  • ordered
  • financed
  • complete

Read the following essay.

      A mural is a large painting done on a wall, ceiling, or side of a building. There are several different (35)..... of murals. (36)..... frescoes were among (37)..... of murals. To create a fresco, the artist first (38)..... wet plaster to the surface of the wall or ceiling. Then, paint was layered on top of the plaster. Because the plaster dried so quickly, the artist could only paint a small area at a time. Thus frescoes often took a long time (39)......  For that reason, many artists actively (40).... making frescoes. Those who wanted to do murals more quickly (41)..... to using other techniques.  Painting on pieces of canvas and then attaching those pieces to a wall was another way (42)...... A more modern technique is to make murals with photographs that have been printed on large sheets.


  • creators
  • families
  • examples
  • styles


  • There were a variety of times in the past,
  • In the past with various times,
  • During various times in the past,
  • Before various times had passed,


  • the most popular types
  • as popular as types
  • more popular types than
  • the popularity of more types


  • applied
  • dried
  • painted
  • mixed


  • completing.
  • will complete.
  • have been complete.
  • to be completed.


  • enjoyed
  • avoided
  • requested
  • planned


  • attempted
  • studied
  • resorted
  • trained


  • of making murals.
  • murals will be made.
  • to make your mural.
  • making a mural.