TOEFL Junior Practice Test 9 - Language form and meaning

10/31/2019 10:30:00 AM
Bài thi thử Language form and meaning theo đúng mẫu chuẩn của kỳ thi Toefl Junior, gồm 42 câu hỏi.

In this section of the test, you will answer 42 questions found in seven different texts. Within each text are boxes that contain four possible ways to complete a sentence. Choose the word or words in each box that correctly completes each sentence. 

Here are two sample question:

Ever since Gutenberg (1)……. movable type in the 1400s, printed works have been the primary source of reading material for most people. But, (2)….. more and more people are reading material that is not printed on paper nowadays.

  1. (1)

(A): invents

(B): invented

(C): inventing

(D): has invented

  1. (2)

(A): thanks to the Internet,

(B): thanking the Internet,

(C): having thanked the Internet,

(D): with the thanks of the Internet,

The correct answer to sample 1 is (B), “invented”. The correct answer to sample 2 is (A), “thanks to the Internet”.



Read the following article in the school newspaper.

     The students (1)..... their ballots and then left the room. Two teachers began counting the votes. The students had just voted for the school student body president. There was a two-way race (2).....  Most students expected Caroline to win because she was one of the most popular girls at school. However, Mark gave a speech (3)..... Previously, people had only known him as a comedian. Now, they realized how (4)..... he could be. The principal's voice came on over the loudspeaker. He said, "Students, I'm proud to announce the new student body president this year is ... Mark Crawford."


  • sent
  • threw
  • cast
  • wrote


  • for Caroline and Mark.
  • with Caroline or Mark.
  • against Caroline or Mark.
  • between Caroline and Mark.


  • which the student body was amazed.
  • that amazed the student body.
  • where the student body was amazed.
  • who amazed the student body.


  • concerned
  • serious
  • ambitious
  • considerate

Read the following announcement.

French Club Members:

     Next Tuesday evening, we will hold French Culture Appreciation Night. The event will be in the school cafeteria from seven to nine. We are going to do several exciting activities. First, we are going to enjoy a potluck party (5)...... If any of you can bring some food - either by cooking or purchasing it - please let Mrs. Richardson know at once. (6)..... we will watch a short film about French culture. Finally, we will have a special (7).....  Henri Francois from the French Embassy has volunteered to speak to us about France and will answer questions, too. (8).... for this special event. 




  • consisting of French food.
  • that consisted of French food.
  • consistent with French food.
  • of French food, of which it consisted.


  • After dinner followed,
  • Dinner, which followed,
  • If it follows dinner,
  • Following the dinner,


  • guest
  • movie
  • program
  • dessert


  • Surely having signed up
  • Be sure to sign up
  • They are sure to sign up
  • Signing up, they are sure

Read the following email.

Dear Caroline,

    How have you been? I hope you are doing all right. You heard I was hospitalized for a few days, right? I got horribly ill last week, so my parents (9)..... me to the emergency room. Anyway, I am back home now and feel (10)..... But I have a small problem: I need the class notes for both science and social studies. I know you (11)..... so would you mind (12).... yours to me? I could photocopy them and return them to you the next day. How does that sound?

 Your  friend,



  • rush
  • are rushing
  • rushed
  • have rushed


  • the better
  • much better
  • better than
  • the best


  • take great notes,
  • were great at taking notes,
  • have great notes to take,
  • are taking some great notes,


  • lending
  • telling
  • borrowing
  • transferring

Read the following letter.

Dear Students,

      Congratulations on signing up for a one-week tour of South America during spring break. (13).... I will be responsible for looking after you while we are (14)... So I need everyone to do a few things before our (15)... First, please make sure your passports are renewed and will not expire within the next six months. Next, enclosed with this letter is a list of the vaccinations you (16)... Please make sure you get these from your family doctor. Finally, you will find two more lists. The first is of items that you must bring with you. The second is a list (17)... In my opinion, you should bring (18)..... Doing so will (19).... that you have everything you could possibly need. I imagine this is the first trip to another country for most of you. So please do not (20)..... to contact me if you have any questions.


Jason Howard


  • As your chaperone,
  • Having been chaperoned,
  • Chaperoning them,
  • For the chaperone,


  • trip.
  • flight.
  • abroad.
  • country.


  • depart.
  • departs.
  • departure.
  • departed.


  • have had.
  • should have.
  • could have.
  • will have.


  • of recommended  items.
  • with the items recommended.
  • for some recommended  items.
  • by the items recommended.


  • every item on both lists.
  • a few items on the lists.
  • all of the items on one list.
  • no items on either list.


  • regard
  • promise
  • await
  • ensure


  • remember
  • think
  • hesitate
  • attempt

Read the following announcement.

To students and parents:

     The school is pleased to announce the start of a new program.  Several private local businesses have agreed to employ our students as (21).... during summer vacation. Students will not receive financial (22)..... for their work, yet they will gain valuable experience by working in a number of different fields. (23)..... we have confirmation from thirty-seven companies that they will accept one or two students each as interns. We (24)..... negotiations with more than fifty other firms, many of (25)..... to take on interns as well. (26)..... we will provide you with more information. Please be aware that this program is not (27)... Students may feel free to ignore it. However, in the current economic climate, we feel that gaining business experience may give students an advantage over the (28).... after they graduate.


  • interns
  • interning
  • internships
  • interned


  • contracts
  • money
  • compensation
  • currencies


  • At this point in time,
  • Pointing out this time,
  • When there is an appointed time,
  • During the time appointed,


  • conduct
  • conducted
  • are conducting
  • were conducted


  • whom we expect
  • what can expect
  • whose are expecting
  • which are expected


  • Having been settled,
  • When there will be settling,
  • If this matter settles,
  • Once everything is settled,


  • requested.
  • mandatory.
  • implemented.
  • deliberate.


  • competition
  • applications
  • interviews
  • registration

Read the following essay.

      While many people prefer to play outdoor sports, including soccer and baseball, my preferences (29)... Among the indoor sports I like to (30).... in are volleyball and basketball. There are several reasons I favor indoor sports over ones played outdoors. The first is that I can play these sports all year long. In other words, the weather conditions do not determine when I can enjoy volleyball and basketball since (31)..... This is not the case for baseball, which is primarily a summer sport played in the sun. (32)..... it is simply impossible to play a baseball game. Another reason that I like indoor sports is that the playing areas are smaller. Football fields, for instance, are 100 yards long while soccer fields are similar in (33)... Volleyball and basketball courts are much smaller in comparison. Thus players are more (34).... on the playing surface rather than being spread out.


  • rely on indoor sports.
  • lied about indoor sports.
  • were relied on by indoor sports.
  • lie with indoor sports.


  • join
  • play
  • contribute
  • participate


  • they are played in a gymnasium.
  • the gymnasium is where they played.
  • I tried to play in the gymnasium.
  • we will play in the gymnasium.


  • There is some inclement weather, so
  • Having been implemented due to the weather,
  • During times of inclement weather,
  • Inclement weather, which happens,


  • long.
  • length.
  • lengthy.
  • lengthen.


  • concentrated
  • focused
  • stressed
  • adorned

Read the following article.

     When most people hear the name Alcatraz, images of a prison or a bleak, desolate island often (35)... These thoughts are rather justified.  Alcatraz is an island (36).... near San Francisco, California. For many years, the U.S. Army (37).... the island as a military facility. Then, from 1934 to 1963, it was employed as a federal high-security prison. Some of the most (38)....  criminals in the country, including Al Capone and George "Machine Gun" Kelly, were imprisoned there. The prison, nicknamed 'The Rock," was considered impossible to escape from even though (39)... In every case but one, the attempted escapees either died or were quickly (40).....  The prison closed in 1963 due to the high cost of maintaining it. These days, it is a historic landmark which is (41).... many famous places in San Francisco. In addition, the island and the remnants of the prison serve as the (42).... for numerous movies and television shows each year.


  • come to their minds.
  • minded that which came.
  • is coming into the mind.
  • mind what comes.


  • of that location
  • which is located
  • who has a location
  • what was located


  • uses
  • is using
  • will use
  • used


  • relevant
  • notorious
  • uncaught
  • harmless


  • it was never attempted.
  • attempts will be made.
  • there were several attempts.
  • he made an attempt.


  • condemned.
  • executed.
  • rehabilitated.
  • recaptured.


  • more popular than
  • the most popular of
  • among the most popular
  • more popularity with


  • focus
  • destination
  • setting
  • location