TOEFL Junior Practice Test 11 - Language form and meaning

11/19/2019 8:16:48 PM
Bài thi thử Language form and meaning theo đúng mẫu chuẩn của kỳ thi Toefl Junior, gồm 42 câu hỏi.

Choose the word or words in each blank that correctly completes each sentence. 

    To get better grades, many 7th graders (1)... for tutors. They want tutors in all subjects and want (2)... by 8th grade students. If you are an 8th grade student who is interested in (3)... a tutor, then visit Mrs. Devins in Room 22. She will find a 7th-grade student for (4)....


  • looking
  • are looking
  • were looking
  • will have looked


  • tutoring
  • being tutored
  • to be tutored
  • to have been tutored


  • become
  • becoming
  • to being become
  • having been become


  • 8th-grade tutor
  • 8th-grade tutor every
  • every 8th-grade tutor
  • every 8th-grade tutors

Read the following set of instructions.

    (5)... on the school picnic you will need a few things. Bring a lot of food that you like. Remember that you will be sharing (6)... There will be 20 students on the trip, who will eat a lot of food. It's always best to bring some sunscream in case the sun is too bright. You don't want to get (7)... Also, you might bring a Frisbee or a ball (8)... you can play games with your friends.


  • Go
  • To go
  • Going
  • Having gone


  • you bring
  • what you bring
  • that you bring it
  • you are bringing


  • hurt
  • well
  • tired
  • burned


  • since
  • although
  • so that
  • whether

Read the following e-mail from a student to a teacher.

Dear Mr. Hadley,

   I know I don't usually send e-mail to you, but I want to say sorry for my bad behavior this week. I know I was talking too much in class. When you asked me (9)..., I didn't. I was (10)... At the time, I thought it was funny, but now I realize that it wasn't. I am sorry for making (11).... I hope you will accept my (12).... It is from my heart.




  • stop
  • stopping
  • to stop
  • to be stopped


  • been selfish
  • being selfish
  • selfish been
  • to being selfish


  • it hard for my friends learn
  • hard to learn for my friends
  • it hard for my friends to learn
  • it is hard for my friends to learn


  • regret
  • decision
  • apology
  • punishment

Read the following student essay.

    There are many different kinds of bridges in the world. A bridge is a (13)... that is built across an area that is difficult for people to cross. Bridge is often built across water and over roads. Suspension bridge is (14)... of the most beautiful structure in the world. They look very (15)... from any other bridges. Suspension bridges have two large columns support the bridge (16)... cables. It looks as though the cables (17)... beautiful, but they are actually supporting the bridge. If (18)... a bridge over it, a river must be crossed by a board. Travel is made easier by bridges.


  • place
  • device
  • structure
  • masterpiece


  • one
  • each
  • those
  • another


  • differed
  • different
  • differently
  • having differed


  • use
  • using
  • to using
  • to have used


  • mean to be
  • are mean to being
  • are meant to be
  • could have meant to be


  • not having
  • not had
  • not having had
  • not its having

Read the following article from a magazine about modern technology.

    We often forget that people didn't always have digital cameras. Today when a photographer takes a picture, he or she can see what it looks like (19)... afterward. Before the use of digital cameras, people used (20)... that had no photo viewers. Photographers had to guess (21)... or not pictures were good without seeing the photos they took. (22)..., they had to carefully adjust their cameras to make sure they were getting a good picture. They considered the light, the subject, and background (23)... taking a shot. The photographers had to learn (24)... these cameras. If you think about it, film cameras were very inefficient compared to today's cameras. Still, some of these older photographs are more beautiful than photographs (25)... with new fancy cameras. It is only recently that digital cameras (26)... so popular. Many photographers still choose to use older cameras.


  • normally
  • annoyingly
  • indirectly
  • immediately


  • simple camera film
  • film cameras simple
  • simple film cameras
  • a simple film cameras


  • that
  • what
  • when
  • whether


  • Instead
  • To conclude
  • For example
  • Nevertheless


  • after
  • before
  • despite
  • regarding


  • working
  • to worked
  • how to work
  • what to work


  • take
  • taken
  • taking
  • been taken


  • will become
  • had become
  • have become
  • will have become

Read the following passage from a book about languages.

   Until the 1600s, Native Americans occupied North America. When the English came they brought their own language and their own names, (27).. to make America an English land. These English settlers and explorers named the places they found depending on (28)... the new place reminded them of. They named new places with thoughts of places they (29)... before. Sometimes they considered names that were used by natives, but usually, they did not. The places that held native names (30) names. The English names became more important. (31) spreading the English language (32)... not the only way (33)... the English were able to triumph. They also had good weapons and (34)... diseases which killed the natives. Soon English, for better or worse, became the most important language in North America.


  • both helps
  • each helped
  • both helping
  • each having helped


  • what
  • that
  • which
  • whether


  • were
  • had been
  • have been
  • will have been


  • give
  • gave
  • was given
  • were given


  • That should note
  • It should be noted that
  • This should be noted that
  • There should be noted that


  • is
  • was
  • were
  • have been


  • who
  • that
  • what
  • which


  • deadly
  • curable
  • effective
  • worrisome

Read the following passage from a history textbook.

     A pizza is a flat bread covered with tomatoes, cheese, and a variety of (35)... Today, pizza is one of the most popular foods in America, but this (36)... the case. Pizza came to America with Italian immigrants during the late 19th century. People sold it on the street like they (37)... do in Italy. A few pizzerias opened in New York City in the early 20th century, but these were (38)... popular with Italian immigrants. (39)... World War II that pizza became truly popular. American men that had been (40)... in Europe, particularly in Italy, had found out about pizza. When they came home, they wanted to continue eating it. This made American pizzerias extremely popular. Pizza, (41)... originally made in Italy, is now one of the most important foods in America. Americans feel lucky (42)... eating pizza!


  • any topping
  • one toppings
  • other toppings
  • another toppings


  • was always not
  • always wasn't
  • wasn't always
  • always not was


  • can
  • might
  • should
  • used to


  • so
  • far
  • that
  • only


  • It isn't until
  • It wasn't until
  • There isn't until
  • There wasn't until


  • studied
  • married
  • relaxed
  • stationed


  • that was
  • which was
  • that were
  • which were


  • starting
  • to start
  • to have started
  • having been started