Toefl Junior Practice Test 2 - Listening

11/7/2019 2:19:00 PM
Bài thi thử Listening số 2, theo đúng mẫu chuẩn của kỳ thi Toefl Junior, gồm 42 câu hỏi.

In this section of the test, you will hear talks and conversations. Each talk or conversation is followed by one question. Choose the best answer to each question. You will hear each talk or conversation only one time.

What happens to the girl's smartphone?

  • One of her friend broke it.
  • Her parents took it away from her.
  • She left it on the bus.
  • It stopped working for no reason.

Why does the teacher suggest that the girl write for the school newspaper?


  • He thinks that she is a skilled writer.
  • It would be a good experience for her.
  • She can improve her research skills by doing that.
  • He believes it could help her writing improve.

What are the speakers mainly discussing?

  • The boy's stolen bike.
  • Their upcoming lunch.
  • The various thefts at the school.
  • How unsafe the school has become.

What will the boy probably do next?

  • Check on Tim’s condition.
  • Refuse to give the teacher an answer.
  • Continue eating his lunch.
  • Tell the teacher who the bullies are.

What does the girl imply about the boy?

  • He gets low grades in his classes.
  • He sometimes fails to tell the truth.
  • He needs to improve his memory.
  • He ought 10 apologize to Ms. Winkler.

What are the speakers mainly discussing?

  • How good they are at spelling.
  • Their school experiences.
  • The spelling bee.
  • Their third-period class.

What does the teacher ask the students to do?

  • Consider becoming exchange students.
  • Have lunch with her that day.
  • Make friends with the new student.
  • Hang out after school for a while.

Why does the announcer mention Dr.Lewis Farber?

  • To introduce him to the program.
  • To name him as the author of a new book.
  • To praise his most recent theory.
  • To compare his work with another author's.

What will the teacher probably do next?

  • Start a class discussion.
  • Talk about the Romans.
  • Describe who the Vikings were.
  • Discuss Christopher Columbus.

Now you will hear longer talks or conversations. Each talk or conversation will be followed by three or more questions. Choose the best answer for each question. You will hear each talk or conversation only one time.

Listen and answer the questions.

What is the boy’s role in the student newspaper?
  • He is a reporter.
  • He is a photographer.
  • He is a typesetter.
  • He is an editor.
What does the boy imply when he says: “But she had to quit for some reason”?
  • The student was unhappy when she quit.
  • He is unaware of why the student quit.
  • He did not want the student to quit.
  • He dislikes when people quit their jobs.
How does the boy know that the girl is a good writer?
  • He has read her writing before.
  • He knows that she gets good grades.
  • He has heard her teachers compliment her.
  • The girl told him that she writes well.
Why does the boy mention the football game?
  • To tell the girl who the team is playing.
  • To advise the girl not to attend it.
  • To instruct the girl to cover the game.
  • To let the girl know that Jim is writing about it.

Listen and answer the questions.


Why does the boy want to do the project?
  • To satisfy his curiosity.
  • To get some bonus points.
  • To impress the teacher.
  • To complete his homework assignment.
What does the boy imply about Mr. Thompson’s class?
  • He has been late for it before.
  • It is the hardest of all his classes.
  • He finds it to be interesting.
  • It is the least exciting class.

Why does the teacher suggest that the boy visit the library?


  • To check out a book she mentions to him.
  • To find a quiet place to complete his work.
  • To read some past lab reports by students.
  • To get some ideas on the experiment he will do.
What will determine how many points the boy gets on the project?
  • The type of experiment he does.
  • The results of his experiment.
  • How well he does the assignment.
  • How quickly he submits his work.

What does the teacher imply when she says: “The bell is about to ring.”?

  • She wants to continue their talk later.
  • School is going to end in a few moments.
  • The boy is going to be late for class.
  • She is going to give a test in her next class.

Listen and answer the questions. 

What are the speakers mainly talking about?
  • What being on the baseball team is like.
  • How hard getting chose for the baseball team is.
  • When baseball tryouts are going to begin.
  • Which teams are the toughest to play.
What happened to the baseball team last year?
  • It won more games than it lost.
  • Two of its top players graduated.
  • The team made the state playoffs.
  • It played most of its games at other schools.
How close are most of the away games?
  • Less than thirty minutes away.
  • Less than an hour away.
  • Less than two hours away.
  • More than two hours away.
What can be inferred about Jimmy?
  • He is a player of average ability.
  • He wants to be the team’s pitcher.
  • He does not have a part-time job.
  • His grades have gone down this year.

Listen and answer the questions.


What are the students mainly talking about?
  • The work that the boy has to do.
  • The girl's desire for an easier schedule.
  • The girl's extracurricular activities.
  • The boy's interest in being on the yearbook committee.
What does the boy imply about extracurricular activities?
  • He is doing too many of them.
  • He wants to take part in them.
  • He is thinking about quitting one of them.
  • He is going to start doing a new one.
According to the girl, which is her busiest extracurricular activity?
  • The basketball team
  • The school newspaper
  • The yearbook committee
  • The math team.
What does the girl say about the yearbook committee?
  • It will become busier next semester.
  • She goes to meetings for it twice a week.
  • It is not as exciting as the math club.
  • She has to write one article a week for it.

Listen and answer the questions. 

What is the subject of the discussion?
  • The Earth’s oceans
  • The Gulf Stream
  • Where currents flow
  • Currents and climate
Why does the boy mention the Gulf Stream?
  • To bring up an important point
  • To ask what exactly it is
  • To answer the teacher's question
  • To prove that he knows where it flows
Why does the water in the Gulf Stream become progressively cooler?
  • Because of the action of the wind
  • Because of the cold water, it flows through
  • Because of the changing seasons
  • Because of the depth that it flows
What will the teacher probably do next?
  • Continue talking about currents
  • Dismiss the class for the day
  • Assign the students the same homework
  • Ask the students another question.

Listen and answer the questions.

What is the main topic of the teacher’s talk?
  • The desire of many Texans to be independent
  • The war between Texas and Mexico
  • Some famous Texans at the Alamo
  • The battle that happened at the Alamo
What does the teacher imply about the Mexicans?
  • They lost a war that they easily could have won.
  • They were right to be upset with the Texans.
  • Their leader, Santa Anne, was not effective.
  • They never should have sent an army to Texas.
Why does the teacher mention James Bowie and Davy Crockett?
  • To give a brief biography of each man
  • To name two famous men at the Alamo
  • To compare their leadership with Santa Anna’s
  • To claim that they were the Texan's leaders

Listen and answer the questions.

What is the purpose of the lecture?
  • To provide some facts about the dingo
  • To prove that the dingo is a unique animal
  • To compare the dingo with the dog
  • To note the dingo’s eating habits
What does the teacher suggest about the dingo?
  • It is a relatively small mammal.
  • It is not native to Australia.
  • It can run faster than most humans.
  • It lacks the ability to swim.
According to the teacher, what is true about the dingo?
  • It can weigh up to twenty kilograms.
  • It reproduces once every few years.
  • It is active at night and sleeps in the day.
  • It hunts other animals and eats them.
How is the dingo similar to the wolf?
  • It hunts animals bigger than it.
  • It has short fur.
  • It mates frequently.
  • It travels in packs.

Listen and answer the questions. 

What is the teacher mainly discussing?
  • The solar system
  • The sun
  • The planets
  • The galaxy
Why does the teacher talk about the outer planets?
  • To compare them with the inner planets
  • To focus on their compositions
  • To note their quick rotations
  • To stress how far from the sun they are
What is another name for the inner planets?
  • The Venusians
  • The Jovians
  • The terrestrial planets
  • The gas giants
According to the teacher, which planet has the most moons?
  • Jupiter
  • Saturn
  • Uranus
  • Neptune
What can be inferred about Saturn?
  • It is nearly as large as Jupiter.
  • it is considered a gas giant.
  • It has a core chat that is rocky.
  • It orbits the sun in fewer than ten years.