Toefl Junior Practice Test 3 - Listening

11/7/2019 2:39:31 PM
Bài thi thử Listening số 3, theo đúng mẫu chuẩn của kỳ thi Toefl Junior, gồm 42 câu hỏi.

In this section of the test, you will hear talks and conversations. Each talk or conversation is followed by one question. Choose the best answer to each question. You will hear each talk or conversation only one time.

Which picture set does the girl say she will purchase?

  • The simple set
  • The standard set
  • The deluxe set
  • The all-inclusive set

What will the teacher probably do next?

  • Change the girl's grade
  • Give the girl back her homework
  • Punish the girl
  • Read the student's paper

What are the speakers mainly discussing?

  • Rock music
  • Their school lives
  • Volleyball
  • The new student

How does the principal punish the boy?

  • By giving him detention
  • By suspending him from school
  • By making him pay a fine
  • By having him clean off the wall

Why does the teacher mention that it is the first week of school?

  • To encourage the student
  • To get the student to change classes
  • To advise the student not to fall behind
  • To praise the student for her work

Why is the boy talking about the school picnic?

  • To warn the girl to be sure not to miss it
  • To tell the girl what she missed the day before
  • To remind the girl that it will happen soon
  • To ask the girl what she wants to do then

What is the purpose of the announcement?

  • To instruct the students on how to do their work
  • To congratulate the students on their achievement
  • To advise the students on which classes to take
  • To complement the students on their choice of schools

What does the man suggest about a recession?

  • It does not last as long as a depression.
  • It is a period of economic hardship.
  • It can result in decreasing unemployment.
  • It affects the middle class the most.

What will the teacher probably do next?

  • Ask the students a question
  • Continue describing the periodic table
  • Tell the students what an element is
  • Give an explanation of hydrogen

Now you will hear longer talks or conversations. Each talk or conversation will be followed by three or more questions. Choose the best answer to each question. You will hear each talk or conversation only on time.

Listen and answer the question. 

What are the speakers mainly discussing?
  • The girl's failure to contribute to the class.
  • The grade that the girl is currently getting.
  • The girl's inability to remember any answers.
  • The fact that the girl speaks too much in class.
What can be inferred about the girl?
  • She is one of the top students at the school.
  • She enjoys speaking with her teachers,
  • She is quiet in all of her classes.
  • She has not been studying much lately.
What does the girl say about herself?
  • She can get nervous in class at times.
  • She rarely knows the answers in the teacher's class.
  • She will study harder in the future.
  • She thinks she understands the material well.
What is the teacher going to do in their next class?
  • Give the students a test
  • Ask the girl a direct question
  • Have the girl give a presentation
  • Ask the students to speak more often

Listen and answer the question.

What did the boy stop doing this year?
  • All of his extracurricular activities
  • Participating in the soccer team
  • His part-time job
  • All of his club memberships
How does the teacher probably feel when she says this: “Focus on your grades?”
  • She is surprised.
  • She is disappointed.
  • She is impressed.
  • She is concerned.
What is probably true about the boy?
  • He is a star athlete.
  • He works harder than most students.
  • He is an outstanding student.
  • He works part-time at weekends.
Why does the teacher talk about the best colleges in the country?
  • To encourage the boy to apply to several of them
  • To say that they offer scholarships
  • To note what they look for when students apply to them
  • To state that applying ta them is a waste of the boy's time
What will the student probably do next?
  • Continue studying in the library
  • Meet with Coach Patterson
  • Complete his college application
  • Inquire about some club memberships

Listen and answer the question. 

What does the girl mean when she says this: “Spill it"?
  • The boy needs to be more careful in the future.
  • She wants the boy to tell her what happened.
  • She thinks that the boy is trying to avoid her.
  • The boy needs to apologize to Ms. Hooper.
What traffic violation does the boy say that he committed?
  • He drove above the speed limit.
  • He ran a red light.
  • He ignored a scop sign.
  • He did not turn his headlights on.
According to the boy, why did Ms. Hooper drive back to school?
  • The weather was too bad for the boy to drive in.
  • She wanted to show the boy how to drive properly.
  • The boy was too frightened to drive anymore.
  • She disliked how the boy drove.
What can be inferred about the boy?
  • He lacks experience driving a car.
  • He is going to graduate this year.
  • He is close friends with the girl.
  • He is afraid to talk to Ms. Hooper again.

Listen and answer the question. 

What are the speakers talking about?
  • Why the boy's grade on his paper is low.
  • How the boy can improve his writing.
  • When the boy needs to submit his paper.
  • How the boy can get a higher grade.
According to the teacher, what did the boy do wrong on his book report?
  • He wrote about the wrong book.
  • He did not follow the proper format.
  • He had many writing mistakes.
  • He wrote a paper that was too short.
What is the boy going to do after school today?
  • Rewrite his paper.
  • Do some research.
  • Meet with the teacher.
  • Study grammar.

Listen and answer the questions.

What is the main topic of the discussion?
  • Renewable resources
  • How to save energy
  • Alternative energy sources
  • How to preserve the environment
What does the girl propose that people do?
  • Walk or ride bikes more often
  • Stop using fossil fuels entirely
  • Avoid using any sources of energy
  • Make more use of solar power
Why does the boy mention using wood to heat homes?
  • To suggest it as a way to avoid wasting energy
  • To show how it would actually harm the environment
  • To say that many people he knows do that
  • To stress how little it would cost most people
What does the teacher suggest about alternative energy sources?
  • They will eventually replace fossil fuels.
  • They are both clean and cheap.
  • More research needs to be done on them.
  • They each have good and bad points.

Listen and answer the questions. 

What is the main topic of the talk?
  • The most well-known deserts.
  • Hot and cold deserts.
  • The world’s largest deserts.
  • The classification of deserts.

According to the teacher, what kind of desert is the Gobi Desert?

  • A hot desert
  • A cold desert
  • An extremely arid desert
  • An arid desert
What does the teacher imply about the Atacama Desert?
  • The weather there is hotter than in the Sahara Desert.
  • Most people consider it to be a semi-arid desert.
  • The desert is one of the driest places on Earth.
  • It is the only desert located in South America.

Listen and answer the questions.

What are the speakers mainly discussing?
  • How diamonds are created.
  • Why diamonds are so valuable.
  • How people search for diamonds.
  • What makes the region rich in diamonds.
According to the woman, what two forces combine to produce diamonds?
  • Pressure and time
  • Gravity and heat
  • Heat and pressure
  • Time and gravity
Why does the woman talk about volcanoes?
  • To describe the last volcanic eruption in the area.
  • To claim that diamonds can be found inside volcanoes.
  • To say that diamonds are often found near them.
  • To suggest that a local volcano may erupt soon.
Why does the man suggest that he can dig for diamonds in the local area?
  • The woman recently dug up a diamond.
  • The region was once volcanically active.
  • There are some diamond mines nearby.
  • The area is very geologically active.
What can be inferred about the woman?
  • She was the man’s teacher in the past.
  • She found the largest diamond in the area.
  • She takes students on digs in the local area.
  • She has dug in many places in the region.

Listen and answer the questions.


What is the teacher mainly discussing?
  • The life of John Wilkes Booth
  • The end of the Civil War
  • The assassination of President Lincoln
  • Robert &. Lee and Ulysses S. Grant
According to the teacher, where was President Lincoln when he was shot?
  • In the White House
  • On the street
  • In a theater
  • On a battlefield
Why does the teacher talk about John Wilkes Booth?
  • To give a physical description of the man
  • To describe his role in President Lincoln's death
  • To argue that he did not act alone in killing President Lincoln
  • To focus on the major events in his life
What does the teacher imply about President Lincoln?
  • He was the greatest of all American presidents.
  • He could have lived if he had gotten medical attention.
  • He had met John Wilkes Booth once in the past.
  • He did not die immediately after being shot.

 What will the teacher probably do next?

  • Show a short film to the students
  • Ask the students for their opinions
  • Continue giving his lesson to the students
  • Have a student read a passage out loud