Toefl Junior Practice Test 4 - Listening

11/7/2019 6:51:07 PM
Bài thi thử Listening số 4, theo đúng mẫu chuẩn của kỳ thi Toefl Junior, gồm 42 câu hỏi.

In this section of the test, you will hear talks and conversations. Each talk or conversation is followed by one question. Choose the best answer to each question. You will hear each talk or conversation only one time.

What are the speakers talking about?

  • The topics of their English papers
  • How to do research at the library
  • A report for their history class
  • Why they have so much homework

What is the girl going to do tomorrow morning?

  • Have a meeting with her teacher
  • Give her homework to Mr. Patterson
  • Complete her homework assignment
  • Introduce her mother to Mr. Patterson

According to the boy, why did his parents buy him a bike?


  • They wanted him to get more exercise.
  • He got good grades in the previous semester.
  • They gave it to him for his birthday.
  • It was a reward for getting an A* in math.

What does the girl imply about her grade on the test?

  • It is lower than the boy’s grade.
  • It is her best grade for the semester.
  • It will make her parents proud of her.
  • It is better than she had expected.

What are the speakers mainly discussing?

  • Where the girl lives
  • How the girl will get home
  • What time school finishes
  • What the boy’s parents do

What does the teacher suggest about the girl?

  • She needs to act better in class.
  • Her attitude is getting better.
  • She does not pay attention to him.
  • Her test scores have not improved.

What is the purpose of the announcement?

  • To provide some information about the science fair
  • To encourage the students to come in their topics
  • To cell the students about last year’s science fair winner
  • To warn the students about forgetting to submit a topic

What is the subject of the announcement?

  • How to join the cross-country team
  • The need for the students to run more
  • The formation of a new sports team
  • The new coach of the school’s athletic teams

What does the teacher say about chemical changes?

  • They happen by adding chemicals to a substance.
  • One example is boiling water to make steam.
  • They change the molecules that are inside objects.
  • It is difficult to make them actually take place.

Now you will hear longer talks or conversations. Each talk or conversation will be followed by three or more questions. Choose the best answer to each question. You will hear each talk or conversation only one time.

Listen and answer the questions. 

What are the students mainly discussing?
  • The importance of voting in all elections
  • What the girl intends to do as school president
  • How they can make the school a better place
  • The upcoming election that the girl is involved in

Why does the girl mention Randy?

  • To say she had expected to lose to him
  • To talk about how popular he is
  • To note his friendship with the boy
  • To complement the campaign that he ran
What does the boy say about the food in the cafeteria?
  • Its taste has improved.
  • There is a wide selection.
  • Its price is too high.
  • It is not very good.
What does the girl imply when she says this: “I don’t want to do too much at once”?
  • She wishes she had lost the election.
  • Being president will keep her very busy.
  • She would like the boy to give her some help.
  • She wills only focus on the cafeteria at first.

Listen and answer the questions.

What does the teacher say about the boy's recent homework?
  • It has been better than she had expected.
  • He has failed to turn it in most of the time.
  • He has not been doing well on it.
  • It has been some of his best work.
What does the teacher suggest about the study group?
  • It will help the boy’s math scores improve.
  • It will teach the boy some new concepts in math.
  • It will make the boy more attentive in class.
  • It will prepare the boy for the upcoming classes.
What is the boy going to do after lunch today?
  • Speak with his football coach
  • Submit his math homework
  • Go to a study group meeting
  • Study one-on-one with the teacher

Listen and answer the questions.

What is the main topic of the conversation?
  • The topic of the paper the girl needs to write
  • The work the girl missed in the teacher’s class
  • The girl's recent performance in the teacher’s class
  • The most recent topic that the teacher covered
Why was the girl absent from class?
  • She was in the hospital.
  • She broke her leg.
  • She was in a car accident.
  • She had an illness.
What does the girl imply about Mark?
  • He is her lab partner in science class.
  • He is one of her closest friends.
  • She often studies with him after school.
  • She will ask him for his class notes.
What does the teacher give the girl?
  • An assignment sheet
  • A test paper
  • A permission slip
  • A report that she wrote
What will the girl probably do next?
  • Submit her assignment
  • Take a makeup exam
  • Attend her next class
  • Ask the teacher a question

Listen and answer the questions. 

Why is the girl talking about doing another extracurricular activity?
  • She wants to learn a new skill.
  • Her parents want her to do that.
  • It will give her something else to do.
  • She has a lot of free time.
What does the boy mean when he says this: “It seems like your plate is already full”?
  • The girl is doing a large number of activities.
  • The girl ought to listen to her parents.
  • The girl should stop eating so much food.
  • The girl needs to ask someone for advice.
Why does the boy talk about the track team?
  • To complain about his last track meet
  • To say that he is the captain of the team
  • To claim that it takes up a lot of time
  • To advise the girl to try out for it
Which extracurricular activity does the girl decide to do?
  • The track team
  • The computer club
  • The softball team
  • The band

Listen and answer the questions.

Why does the professor mention Watertown?
  • To note the location of a cave
  • To describe a Native American tribe from there
  • To name the place where the three boys live
  • To say it is where he teaches
According to the professor, when was the newly discovered art most likely made?
  • One century ago
  • Five centuries ago
  • One thousand years ago
  • Several thousand years ago
What was found along with the art?
  • Jewelry
  • Pottery
  • Weapons
  • Bones
What is probably true about the recent discovery?
  • It occurred thanks to research done by the professor.
  • Archaeologists from all over the country are studying it.
  • It is one of the most important archaeological finds in the region.
  • Many of the paintings are currently in poor condition.

Listen and answer the questions.

What is the teacher mainly discussing?
  • Mathematical formulas for the laws of motion
  • The life of Sir Isaac Newton
  • Sir Isaac Newton’s three laws of motion
  • The research that Sir Isaac Newton did
What can be inferred about the teacher?
  • He used to conduct research on optics.
  • He wrote his master’s thesis on Sir Isaac Newton.
  • He would rather be teaching a math class.
  • He is familiar with Sir Isaac Newton’s achievements.
How does the teacher demonstrate the first law of motion?
  • By writing a formula on the board
  • By rolling a ball on his desk
  • By showing a rocket taking off
  • By talking about a car accelerating
What is the third law of motion?
  • There is an equal reaction for every action.
  • An object at rest stays at rest.
  • All objects move in straight lines.
  • Force equals mass times acceleration.
What will the teacher probably do next?
  • Have the students ask some questions
  • Conduct a science experiment
  • Talk about Sir Isaac Newton's life
  • Have the students watch a video

Listen and answer the questions.

Why does the girl mention her sister?
  • To say that her sister gives her stress
  • To claim that her sister is unaffected by stress
  • To explain how her sister reacts to stress
  • To note that her sister gets stressed out by the school
What does the teacher imply when she says this: “Be serious, Brad”?
  • She is going to kick the student out of class.
  • She is pleased with the student's answer.
  • She wants the student to be quiet.
  • She thinks the student is making a joke.
According to the teacher, how can traffic jams cause stress?
  • They give people a sense of helplessness.
  • They can cause people to get physically ill.
  • They make people late for their appointments.
  • They force people to waste a lot of time.
Why does the teacher suggest that the students should do their homework early?
  • To recommend it as one way to save time
  • To name a way they can get rid of their stress
  • To encourage them to stop delaying their work
  • To claim that it will improve their grades

Listen and answer the questions.

What is the teacher explaining?
  • The way that a train operates
  • The development of railways
  • George Stevenson’s role in the history
  • The inventing of the steam engine
How were carts that ran on wooden tracks moved?
  • By oxen
  • By steam engines
  • By horses
  • By electric power

What did George Stephenson do?

  • He made a train engine.
  • He worked as a miner.
  • He designed a railway line.
  • He invented the steam engine.
What is probably true about railroads?
  • They could transport goods faster than automobiles could.
  • It was cheaper to make them than to build steamships.
  • People in countries other than Britain learned to make them.
  • Some of them were dangerous and caused accidents.