TOEFL Junior Practice Test 12 - Reading Comprehension (có giải thích đáp án chi tiết)

12/11/2019 10:55:00 AM

Đề thi gồm 6 bài đọc hiểu với 42 câu hỏi, theo đúng cấu trúc chuẩn của bài thi Toefl Junior.

Read the email and answer the questions.

Hi Simon,

Sorry I haven’t written till now. Since I got here I’ve been really busy with the course and making new friends. I’m speaking English all the time and going out in the evenings with my classmates. We’re a real mix of nationalities. We all talk in English but I’m learning loads about other languages and countries too.

My host family is really nice. The parents are very friendly and kind. The children are both in primary school and are very sweet but they can be a bit annoying too. If I have to watch the film Frozen with them one more time, I’m going to go crazy! I know all the songs by heart now. Ahhhh!

We live pretty near the school so I walk there every day. It’s only a short bus ride from Edinburgh city center, and there are loads of shops and cafés there. There’s an ancient castle too and we’re going there on a school trip next week. Edinburgh is a really interesting place to be and there’s a festival on at the moment. It’s awesome but a bit expensive for us students, so we’ve been hanging out in the streets matching the free street performances from actors and musicians. Yesterday I saw a magician doing card tricks - it was so much fun!

I’ll send some photos of Edinburgh Castle next time. Take care and let me know how you are doing.


(Adapted from “Foreign exchange emails”, Learn English Teens - British Council)

The word "here" in paragraph 1 refers to _____.

  • London
  • Edinburgh
  • Edinburgh Castle
  • Simon’s family

Who does Fran spend evenings going out with?

  • His host family’s children
  • Actors and musicians
  • His classmates
  • A magician

What are the host family’s children like?

  • Pleasant and attractive
  • Angry and disturbing
  • Bothersome but distractive
  • Adorable but a little irritating

Edinburgh city centre has a great number of _____.

  • Shops and cafés
  • Ancient castles
  • Festivals
  • Card tricks

Fran thinks the street performances are _____.

  • a bit expensive
  • really interesting
  • so much fun
  • free of charge

Read the announcement and answer the questions.

All students,

Our season of giving will now gear up for Christmas but will be a little shorter this year because we only have two Fridays in December to collect money and gifts for our Christmas Toy Drive.  For our Christmas Toy Drive, we will once again partner with St. Peter’s Church to help less fortunate children have a brighter Christmas. Our outreach will be to families and children from south-central LA and Tijuana, Mexico who St. Peter’s Church has identified as being in particular need this Christmas.

To participate in our Christmas Toy Drive you just need to donate $5.00 this Friday or next Friday or bring a new unwrapped toy to school that you believe a child would like to receive. In appreciation for your $5.00 donation or a new toy, all those who make a donation on Friday can enjoy the privilege of dressing casually and being out of uniform on Friday. Once again, for our Christmas Toy Drive we have just 2 Fridays, so consider donating this Friday as we help others this Advent season.

(Adapted from an announcement of Cathedral High School)

The word "gear up" in the first sentence is closest in meaning to _____.

  • get ready
  • stay tuned
  • speed up
  • narrow down

Why is the school appealing for money and gifts?

  • to prepare for Christmas Eve at school
  • to help less fortunate children in south-central LA and Tijuana
  • to donate to St. Peter’s Church
  • to enjoy the privilege of dressing casually

We can infer from the sentence: "...we will once again partner with St. Peter’s Church to help less fortunate children have a brighter Christmas." that _____.

  • the school was located near St. Peter’s Church
  • the school’s students go to St. Peter’s Church on Friday
  • the school used to require St. Peter’s Church to help people in need
  • the school used to associate with St. Peter’s Church in helping people in need

The word "that" in paragraph 2 refers to _____.

  • the school
  • next Friday
  • a new unwrapped toy
  • $5.00

It can be inferred from the sentence "..., all those who make a donation on Friday can enjoy the privilege of dressing casually and being out of uniform on Friday." that _____.

  • the school’s students enjoy being in uniform
  • donating on Friday is a privilege
  • the school’s students can donate their uniforms on Friday
  • the school’s students dislike wearing the uniform

Read the passage then choose the best answer to each question.

School days should be a happy time in a young person’s life. What can make people’s lives a misery during this time, then? I personally believe there is one word which answers this question – bullying.

Unfortunately, bullying is quite common in schools where I live. It can affect students of any age, and both boys and girls. A friend of mine had a very negative experience at school last year as an older boy continually called him names and sometimes used to post nasty messages about him on Facebook. Obviously, my friend felt upset about this and it affected his self-confidence. Some days, he didn’t want to come to school at all.

What can people do to stop this problem? First and foremost, teachers need to be aware that bullying may be happening in their classes and be very strict when they have a case of bullying. Another thing teachers could do is prepare lessons to talk about the problem with their pupils, which might make bullies realize how badly they hurt their victims. As for students, if they find out a classmate is being bullied, they should support them as much as possible and let a teacher know.

Bullying can be a nightmare but there are things we can do to prevent it. Hopefully, one day all students will be able to go to school without fear of being bullied.

(Adapted from “A magazine article ”, Learn English Teens - British Council)

What title best summarizes the main idea of the passage?

  • The happiest days of your life
  • The bullied victims
  • Schools with no bullying
  • Bullying at school: tackling the problem

The word "misery" in paragraph 1 is closest in meaning to _____.

  • paradise
  • luxury
  • unhappiness
  • joyfulness

What does the writer think about a person’s school life?

  • It can be made miserable by bullying.
  • It’s never really happy.
  • It’s the happiest time in one’s life.
  • It can be a nightmare.

What best describes the writer’s attitude toward bullying?

  • He thinks bullying is funny and relaxing.
  • He thinks bullying is rude and upsetting.
  • He thinks bullying is distressing for the bullies.
  • He thinks bullying is inevitable in school life.

The word “nasty” in paragraph 2 is closest in meaning to _____.

  • tasty
  • moral
  • unhealthy
  • unpleasant

How did bullying affect its victim, in the writer’s friend’s experience?

  • It made him feel unconfident.
  • It encouraged him to study harder.
  • It stopped him from posting on Facebook.
  • It supported him as much as possible.

The writer mentions all of the following to stop bullying EXCEPT _____.

  • Teachers need to be very strict when bullying happens in their classes.
  • Lessons about bullying should be prepared and delivered.
  • Teachers should be reported about bullying cases.
  • The bullied victims may support their classmates in preventing the problem.

Read the story and answer the questions.

“Mom, you won't believe it!” Rosi shouted as she burst in the door. “What's all the fuss?” Rosi’s mom asked.

“Remember the contest I entered? I sent a letter to VMS about why I should be able to meet Johnny Corazon!”

“VMS? That music video station?”

“Yes - VMS.”

Her mom's eyes grew wide as boiled eggs.“So you won?”

“Not yet,” said Rosi, “but I'm a finalist! Now I have to make a video. If they pick mine, I'll get to meet him - in person!”

“That's wonderful! But you'd better get started, honey. Call me if you need help.”

Rosi set up a video camera in her room. She turned on the camera and sang a song, and danced. She tried over and over again until she got it right. Then she watched the best version several times. But something didn't seem right. Rosi showed the video to her sister Anita.

“What do you think?” Rosi asked.

“Well, your routine is good,” Anita answered, “but it seems sort of boring. Maybe it's because the camera stays in the same place all the time.” Rosi sighed.

“I have an idea,” Anita said. Rosi did her routine again. But this time, Anita held the camera and moved around. The new video was much better.

Rosi went next door to her friend Albert's house. She showed him the video.

“Well?” she asked.

“It pretty cool, I guess,” Albert began, “but -”

“But what? Tell me!”

“I’ll guess it seems weird that it's all in your room.”

“Oh, no.” Rosi moaned.

“I can help,” Albert said.

The three of them made a stage set in Albert's backyard. They used some old curtains and painted cardboard. Finally, they shot the video again.

“That's it,” said Rosi when they were done. “That's as good as it's going to get.”

Everyone wished her luck, and she sent the final version of her video. Three days later, Rosi got a call. It was from Johnny Corazon.

“Congratulations!” he said. “Your video was great! No one else put as much thought into camera angles and sets !"

Rosi was quiet for a moment. “Mr. Corazon, that's very kind,” she began sadly. “But I can't accept.” She explained that she had got a lot of help.

“Don’t worry about that" Johnny said, “I get a lot more help than you did.”

(Adapted from Achievement Test -

What would be the best title for this story?

  • Rosi Learns to Dance
  • Rosi Gets Some Help
  • Learning Camera angles
  • Loving Johnny Corazon

When the author writes in paragraph 6 that "her mom's eyes grew wide as boiled eggs", the author means that Rosi’s mom _____.

  • was very surprised
  • did not understand her
  • was very scared
  • did not care

How did Rosi become a finalist in the contest?

  • Her video was picked by VMS.
  • She wrote a letter to a music video station.
  • Her letter was picked by Johnny Corazon.
  • She appeared in a music video program.

Why does Anita think Rosi's video is boring when she first sees it?

  • Her routine is not very good.
  • The camera never moves.
  • She thinks Rosi's song isn't right.
  • The different versions all seem the same.

What can be inferred about Mr. Corazon?

  • He always puts much thought into camera angles and sets.
  • He received lots of assistance in his career.
  • He was worried that Rosi got so much help.
  • He didn’t think Rosi could win.

All of the following people worked on Rosi's video EXCEPT _____.

  • Albert
  • Rosi
  • Anita
  • Rosi's mom

Read the passage and answer the questions.

All pet owners will happily explain to you their dog’s or cat’s character traits - probably in far more detail than you ever wanted to know. However, the idea of animal personality is not one that’s been formally studied all that much.

A new study has classed a species of birds into groups of more or less aggressive males. Researchers gauged the response of male collared flycatchers to female birds, to a strange object, and to other males. They found that each type of individual displayed consistent behavior in each of these situations.

However, they also found that the birds more likely to take risks were the ones most likely to be trapped - and thus studied further - raising important questions about the skewed sample set present when researchers base their findings on animals caught in traps. It’s kind of like when a talk show host says, “95% of 13-year olds (who responded to our online survey) are smoking pot!!!”, leaving out the part about it really is 95% of the particular 20 teenagers who felt like responding to the survey.

(Adapted from TOEFL Junior Practice Tests, New Oriental Education & Technology Group)

What is the passage mainly about?

  • An analysis of animal personality
  • The types of collared flycatchers
  • A new kind of bird - collared flycatcher
  • One online survey

In paragraph 2, the word “classed” is closest in meaning to _____.

  • sorted
  • claimed
  • proved
  • discovered

In paragraph 2, the word "gauged" is closest in meaning to _____.

  • judged
  • agreed
  • accepted
  • gave

What does the author want to tell the readers in the second paragraph?

  • Other birds like the collared flycatcher
  • More findings on birds
  • Situations where collared flycatchers behave consistently
  • How the collared flycatcher lives in the forest

In the last paragraph, the word “ones” refers to _____.

  • birds
  • risks
  • findings
  • studies

Who is more likely to write the passage?

  • Biologist
  • A traveler
  • An artist
  • An online investigator

What can be inferred from the last paragraph?

  • Birds are less likely to be trapped if they do not take risks.
  • 95% of teenagers are smoking pot.
  • A skewed sample can be problematic.
  • 20 teenagers participated in the talk show.

The article is likely to be selected from the magazine ____.

  • Nature
  • National Review
  • Pets
  • Online survey

Read the passage and answer the questions.

It is common knowledge that spiders use their webs to trap insects. And many people believe spider webs are all basically the same. However, scientists know this is not entirely true. Some spiders have developed other uses for their webs. One such spider is the European water spider, which uses its web to breathe underwater.

The European water spider spends most of its life underwater. It mates raise its young and feed on aquatic insects below the water's surface. However, since it needs to breathe, the spider carefully stores a supply of air inside its web. This is what allows it to stay underwater for long periods of time.

The web is shaped like a balloon with a hole in the bottom. This design traps a large bubble of air inside the web, while still allowing the spider to enter and exit through the bottom to catch nearby insects. In fact, the water spider's web works much the same as a diving bell, an early type of submarine. Diving bells were basically large metal bells supplied with air from a hose running to the water's surface. The air kept the water from filling up the bell, and divers could enter and exit through the open bottom. Because of this similarity, water spiders are sometimes known as  ̈diving bell spiders.”

The water spider's web also makes breathing underwater possible by acting as a kind of filter. Like humans, spiders breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. Also like humans, carbon dioxide is harmful to spiders. Thus, the water spider cannot breathe the same air continuously. Its web is specially designed to let carbon dioxide escape while allowing oxygen in from the surrounding water. This extends the supply of oxygen within the web. 

Although the web allows water spiders to stay underwater for long periods of time, some trips to the surface are necessary. When the web needs more fresh air, the spider tips the web and lets the old air escape. Then, it swims to the surface to collect a fresh air bubble. The spider traps the bubble of air beneath its stomach and holds it with its legs and a special layer of hair. Then it dives back down to the web and refills it.

(Adapted from Achievement Test -

What is the passage mainly about?

  • When spiders use different web designs
  • Why water spiders need to breathe oxygen
  • What scientists find interesting about spiders
  • How a spider uses its web to breathe underwater

In paragraph 2, the word “stores” is closest in meaning to _____.

  • finds
  • keeps
  • loses
  • finishes

In paragraph 2, the word “This” refers to _____.

  • the spider’s web
  • the air inside the web
  • the spider
  • the aquatic insects

What does the design of its web allow the water spider to do?

  • Breathe air from the water's surface
  • Come and go through the bottom
  • Blow it up like a balloon
  • Trap aquatic insects inside it

In paragraph 3, the word “supplied” is closest in meaning to _____.

  • made
  • spent
  • mixed
  • filled

Why does the author mention diving bells?

  • To illustrate how the spider's web works
  • To explain how early submarines worked
  • To note that water spiders have a new name
  • To point out that metal bells are no longer used

According to the passage, why can't water spiders breathe the same air continuously?

  • The oxygen stays on the web.
  • The carbon dioxide will hurt them.
  • The web does not let oxygen out.
  • The air becomes too heavy.

In paragraph 4, the word "extends" is closest in meaning to _____.

  • increases
  • delays
  • removes
  • uses

Why are the spider’s trips to the surface important?

  • To let the old air out
  • To breathe out carbon dioxide
  • To raise the spider’s young
  • To get more fresh air

In paragraph 5, the word “it” refers to _____.

  • the spider
  • the spider’s stomach
  • the bubble of air
  • the spider’s web

When its web needs fresh air, the water spider does all of the following EXCEPT _____.

  • dives down to the web and puts new air in it
  • breathes in oxygen and breathes out carbon dioxide
  • holds the air bubble with its legs and stomach hairs
  • gathers a bubble of air at the water's surface