TOEFL Junior Practice Test 14 - Reading Comprehension (có giải thích đáp án chi tiết)

4/12/2020 5:54:00 PM

Đề thi gồm 6 bài đọc hiểu với 42 câu hỏi, mô phỏng bài thi Toefl Junior chuẩn.

Read the e-mail and answer the questions.

Dear Dixie,

I got the flowers you sent to me, so I'm sending you this e-mail to tell you how thankful I am. Being in the hospital is so boring. I have been very sad and lonely since my operation. Sometimes I see my family, but they are very busy with school and work. So, when I got your flowers, it cheered me up right away. I know I will only be here for another week, but I miss you and the rest of our friends a lot.

I wish I'd never gone on that school snowboarding trip. Then, I could still be at school with you guys. Can you thank Mary and Hannah for writing on the card for me, please? Their messages were really cute. Thanks again for everything, and I hope I can see you all soon.



What would be the best title for this e-mail?

  • A Letter of Thanks
  • My Stay at the Hospital
  • An E-mail to You and Melanie
  • Why I Am Not at School Today

Why is Melanie in the hospital?

  • To work
  • To have an operation
  • To do something for her school
  • To take some medicines

What sport did Melanie play?

  • Skiing
  • Snowboarding
  • Skating
  • Ice hockey

What did Mary and Hannah send to Melanie?

  • Flowers
  • A card
  • A snowboard
  • Nothing

Read the following announcement and answer the questions.

This is Monday's exam schedule for students in grades 7-8. All grade 7 students will take their tests in the gym. All grade 8 students will take their tests in the cafeteria. Please make sure you go to the right place on time. Doors will be locked ten minutes after the times written below. Each exam is one hour long. All students will get a lunch break from 11:30  A.M. to 1:00 P.M. and a fifteen-minute rest between exams.

Note: If a student cannot make it to an exam for emergency reasons, please bring a letter to the school office. All missed exams will be taken on Wednesday.

What is this announcement mainly about?

  • Monday's exam schedule for all students
  • Monday's exam schedule for the eighth-grade students
  • Monday's exam schedule for the seventh-grade students
  • Monday's exam schedule for the seventh- and eighth-grade students

Where can this announcement be found?

  • In library
  • In front of school office
  • In dormitory
  • At school gate

Which of the following is true?

  • Students can come to the test location right before or 10 minutes after it starts.
  • Each exam has a 15-minute test at the middle.
  • Students can't take the test if they don't arrive 10 minutes early.
  • Each exam lasts from one hour to one hour and fifteen minutes.

The seventh-grade students have an exam at all times EXCEPT

  • 9:00 A.M.
  • 2:30 P.M.
  • 1:15 P.M.
  • 10:00 A.M.

Which of the following is NOT true?

  • Each exam is one hour long.
  • The seventh-grade students take exams in the gym.
  • Students get a fifteen-minute break between exams.
  • The eighth-grade students have four exams on Monday.

Students who cannot take the exam for emergency reasons

  • have to relearn in another term.
  • have to submit a letter to school and will take another one.
  • cannot take any exam any more.
  • bring a letter to the school office on Wednesday.

Read the following newspaper article and answer the questions.

Students across the country were disappointed and angry to learn that all eighth-grade students must now take a standardized test. A government official said the test will be used to see if children are ready for the challenges of high school, such as the bigger workloads and more difficult class topics. He also mentioned that any student who fails the test cannot move onto the next grade.

Mr. Richards, the Briscoe Middle School principal, was quoted saying, "There will be a big problem if too many students fail." When asked why, Mr. Richards explained that there will not be enough class space for new eighth-grade students if too many old eighth-graders are held back. "We do not have the space for extra students," he added. 

The test will be given to all eighth-graders this coming May. It will be a three-hour test that focuses on math, science, history, reading, and writing. Teachers and students are concerned that the test was written for too many students at too many different schools. With each school having a different curriculum, some schools may have an advantage.

What would be the best headline for this article?

  • Students Fail New Test
  • Official Explains New Test
  • New Test Unwelcome in Schools
  • Test to Judge Middle School Readiness

In line 1, the word disappointed is closest in meaning to

  • delighted
  • satisfied
  • saddened
  • overjoyed

According to a Government official, why do students have to take a standardized test?

  • To evaluate themselves before entering high school
  • To get better marks at school
  • To test the level of difficulty of class topics.
  • To be in readiness for challenges at high school

What is the big problem if too many students fail the test?

  • School will have no space for them.
  • Old eighth-grade students will move to another school.
  • New eighth-graders will have not enough class space.
  • There will be no space for both new and old students

The word We refers to

  • Old eighth-graders
  • New eighth-graders
  • Briscoe Middle School
  • Classes

Which subject does the test NOT focus on?

  • Science
  • Math
  • English
  • History

What are teachers and students concerned?

  • The test is too difficult.
  • Students have to take the test in three hours.
  • Many different schools may not know about the test.
  • Too many students at many different schools take the same test.

What is the best title for the story?

  • A Beast Finds True Love
  • The Prince Meets the Witch
  • The Beast Holds a Big Birthday Party
  • The Girl Marries the Handsome Prince

When will the prince's curse end?

  • When he finds true love.
  • When he learns to be kind.
  • When he turns 29 years old.
  • When he turns 30 years old.

Why was the prince turned into a beast?

  • He scared the girl.
  • He put the girl in jail.
  • He had a greedy nature.
  • He was unkind and mean.

The word rushed down is closet meaning to

  • went down in a hurry
  • slowly went down
  • looked down
  • pulled down

What did the prince do badly?

  • He kept the girl in jail.
  • He found the girl in the hallway.
  • He let the girl walk around the castle.
  • He found himself doing kind things for the girl.

What did the girl think about the prince before she returned home?

  • She fell in love with him.
  • He was heartless due to keeping her in prison.
  • She missed him.
  • He did kind things for her.

What did the prince look like on his birthday when the girl arrived?

  • He was more handsome.
  • He was unchanged.
  • He was less handsome.
  • He looked like a real beast.

What is the theme of the story?

  • A person who is mean and cruel may be transformed to a beast.
  • Kissing is a good idea to lift the curse.
  • Personality of a person is far more important than his/her appearance.
  • Beauty is on the outside of a person.

Read the following passage and answer the questions. 

Many American children spend part of their summer at summer camps. Some of these camps are day camps, but many are places where children stay overnight for one week or more. At some camps, the campers sleep in tents. At others, the campers sleep in cabins. Some camps are all boys or all girls, while some are co-ed. Some summer camps have themes. Children can attend a week of horseback riding, drama, or sports camp. The most common summer camps, however, are general camps on a lake.

Americans believe that sending their children to summer camp will help them gain independence and make friends. At camp, they learn to swim, sail, canoe, and snorkel in the water. They also learn many sports and learn about surviving in nature. Some camps create organized events such as a color war. During a color war, the camp is divided into different colors. These different colored teams compete against each other in various events. It's usually very exciting for the campers and the staff.

Children that have gone to camp repeatedly say that it was one of the best experiences of their lives. Even though some campers get homesick, they usually go to camp for more than one summer. Many return year after year and keep their camp friends for a very long time.

What is the passage mostly about?

  • Sleeping in tents and cabins
  • Making friends at American camps
  • Overcoming homesickness at camp
  • Summer camps in America

According to the passage, which of the following is true of American summer camps?

  • Children sleep in tents in almost all summer camps.
  • A summer camp usually lasts less than one week.
  • Campers only come to the camp location during day time.
  • Types of summer camps and campers' genders are various.

According to the passage, which of the following is NOT true of American summer camps?

  • They never have horseback riding.
  • They have many different activities.
  • They are good experiences for children.
  • They can be attended for a week or more.

What are the most common summer camps?

  • camps on ice
  • camps on a lake
  • camps on a field
  • camps on a mountain

What is one of the advantages of summer camps?

  • Children being less independent
  • Children being homesick
  • Children being more active
  • Children creating more relationships

The author mentions all of the following EXCEPT

  • camps organizing color wars.
  • children learning water activities.
  • staff members teaching about hiking.
  • campers staying in tents and cabins.

Children usually _____

  • go to summer camp once.
  • attend summer camp without coming back.
  • hate going to summer camps.
  • return summer camp at least once.

What is probably the writer's attitude in the passage?

  • Critial
  • Different
  • Neutral
  • Supportive

Read the following passage and answer the questions. 

    Freak waves are giant walls of water that happen in deep, stormy oceans. Sometimes they can reach up to 100 feet high, which is as high as a ten-story building. The waves are very dangerous and have been known to sink very large ships.

    For years, scientists thought that freak waves were only in stories. Sailors would tell stories of these huge, 100-foot killer waves, but many people did not believe them. That all changed one day when an oil rig was hit by a wave of an impossible size.

    It happened in the ocean near Norway. The Draupner oil rig was hit by a wave that was nearly 100 feet tall. The oil rig was measuring the height of all the waves when suddenly a huge wave rose up from the ocean and smashed it. That was one of the first pieces of evidence that the sailors might have been right. Freak waves only happen in very deep water so people have not had many chances to see them.

    Normal waves are predicted using a mathematical equation called the linear effect. This math equation says that a wave that big is possible once every ten thousand years. But these waves happen a lot more than that. In the waters off of South Africa, these waves happen a lot. Since 1990, twenty ships have been hit by waves that seemed too big to be real. These massive waves do exist and have proved a lot of scientists wrong. 

What is the main idea of the passage?

  • Freak waves
  • Ocean Tsunamis
  • Giant oil rigs and ships
  • The history of waves in the ocean

What name can "freak waves" be replaced by?

  • rogue waves
  • normal waves
  • quick waves
  • angry waves

How high a freak wave can be?

  • 100 meters
  • A building with 10 floors
  • Can not be measured
  • A high building

Before the Draupner oil rig being hit, people _____.

  • were afraid of freak waves.
  • didn't believe in appearance of freak waves.
  • thought freak waves could be real.
  • saw freak waves in Norway.

What country was the Draupner oil rig in?

  • It was in Korea.
  • It was in England.
  • It was in Norway.
  • It was in America.

The word "suddenly" means _____.

  • slowly and strongly
  • quickly and unexpectedly
  • variously and gradually
  • differently and quickly

The word "it" refers to _____.

  • a sailor
  • the oil rig
  • an evidence
  • a huge wave

What can be inferred from the last paragraph?

  • All scientists' predictions are wrong.
  • 20 ships have been hit since 1990.
  • Large waves like freak waves don't appear regularly.
  • Not all scientists' predictions are right.

Which of the following does NOT happen because of a freak wave?

  • Ships are hit and then sink.
  • Scientists are proved wrong.
  • Houses along the coast are destroyed.
  • Oil rigs and other floating machines are destroyed.